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19:15  30 november  2020
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Romain Grosjean: Change to the IndyCar series is now an issue

 Romain Grosjean: Change to the IndyCar series is now an issue © Motorsport Images Romain Grosjean is now toying with a change to the IndyCar series After Haas split from his driver duo at the end of the current Formula 1 season announced, Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean are considering their future options. While Magnussen was already expressing public interest in changing to the IndyCar series, Grosjean is now following suit. "It's an option," confirms the Frenchman. So far he had been hesitant because he wasn't a fan of oval courses.

Once skeptical of the halo safety device on Formula One cars, Romain Grosjean acknowledged it likely saved his life after a horrific crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix that saw his car split in half and engulfed in flames.

Jean Grosjean emerged relatively unscathed from a huge explosion at the Bahrain GP before Lewis Hamilton went on to win.

Romain Grosjean's desert miracle has confronted the Formula 1 drivers with the constant raging risk for life and limb with full force.

Haas-Pilot wird nach seinem Unfall ins Krankenhaus gebracht. © Hamad Mohammed / Pool Reuters / AP / dpa Haas pilot is taken to hospital after his accident.

“This is a really powerful reminder how dangerous this sport can be,” emphasized record world champion Lewis Hamilton. Like everyone else, the Mercedes superstar breathed a sigh of relief that nothing bad had happened to Grosjean after an unbelievable rescue from the sea of ​​flames at Sakhir.

In a patient's gown and with thickly bandaged hands hung in orange loops, the French Haas pilot sent encouraging messages to his family and fans that night. The 34-year-old is given a race break in order to recover from the shocking seconds on Sunday, while the high-tech industry is determined to push ahead with its safety precautions.

Romain Grosjean walks away from horrific, fiery crash at Bahrain Grand Prix

  Romain Grosjean walks away from horrific, fiery crash at Bahrain Grand Prix Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean was involved in a terrifying accident on the first lap of Sunday's Formula 1 Grand Prix that left his car ripped in half and engulfed in flames, but the French driver was fortunately able to get out of his car and hop over a safety…As drivers jockeyed for position soon after the start of the race, Grosjean veered across the front of Daniil Kyvat, made contact and was turned directly into a barrier at turn 3. Grosjean’s car made contact with the metal barrier and went through it, doing major damage to his car and causing an immediate explosion.

And yet, seconds later somehow Grosjean emerged from the wall of fire behind that shattered fence and climbed to safety with the of a track worker. Though he needed to be assisted into the medical vehicle, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner told ESPN Grosjean is doing ok, suffering from minor

© Clive Mason - Formula 1 / Formula 1 via Getty Images. That wreck on the opening lap of the Bahrain Grand In the high-speed, head-on collision, Grosjean ’s car was cut in half after penetrating the steel barrier and We did not need a reminder of the bravery and brilliance of our drivers, marshals, and

It was only after almost 30 seconds, as the medicine car driver Alan van der Merwe reported, that Grosjean reappeared from the flames after he hit the crash barriers at around 220 km / h. "A guardian angel was watching over him," said Haas team boss Günther Steiner. There could almost be something to it, because his driver, who was leaving at the end of the year, only suffered burns on the back of his hand.

The monocoque bored into the guardrail and the car was torn in two. «The accident was a real shock. We haven't seen anything like it in Formula 1 since the 90s, a car that breaks in two and the fire, ”said Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff after the paralysis.

's wife Marion Grosjean thanked us for the sympathy and help with emotional words. One day after the accident, she wrote, among other things: «Thanks to our children for pushing him to pull himself out of the sea of ​​flames. Thanks to his courage, his tenacity, his strength, his love, his physical constitution, which probably also kept him alive. " The former Formula 1 TV journalist concluded with the words: “It didn't take one, but several miracles yesterday. I kiss you."

Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean escaped a terrifying crash after his car exploded on the first lap of a race

  Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean escaped a terrifying crash after his car exploded on the first lap of a race Romain Grosjean walked away after his car erupted into flames due to a collision with the barrier on the first lap of the Bahrain GP.The crash took place just seconds into the race, with Grosjean getting caught in traffic near the back of the pack. A bit of jostling left Grosjean's car tripping across the track and careening into the barrier.

Lewis Hamilton spoke of the shock of seeing Romain Grosjean 's "horrifying" fiery accident in the Bahrain GP and said it acted as a reminder of the After Romain Grosjean walks away from fireball accident without serious injury, Lewis Hamilton says: "I think it shows an amazing job that Formula 1

“I never expected honestly a Formula 1 car and an armco to generate that kind of crash. “It’s another day where we need to learn as a sport, same as we have to learn from days like Mugello [where there was a massive re-start crash] and the days of Anthoine [Hubert, the F2 driver killed in a crash in

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said: “It's good that the cars are safer than they used to be. The guardrail shouldn't give way and the car shouldn't catch fire this way. " At that fatal point he suggested other safeguards on the route. Because next weekend, Formula 1 is racing again in Sakhir, but on a different layout.

Video: Formula 1: Romain Grosjean after a horror crash - Fittipaldi steps in (Sport1)

"We will carefully investigate the accident, including why the fire broke out and then make further improvements for the race next week", announced Formel -1 sporting director Ross Brawn.

The father of the family, Grosjean, primarily had earthly support. It wasn't just the rescue personnel who acted quickly. "We go through our checklists, do a lot of preparation and talk about scenarios," said medicine car driver van der Merwe, "but that was crazy". The first rescuers had "new, unknown territory" in front of them when they arrived at the scene of the accident.

Formula 1 star Romain Grosjean: "Superhero": This is how his wife Marion explained the miracle to the children.

 Formula 1 star Romain Grosjean: Formula 1 drivers are aware of the enormous danger they expose themselves to in their job. But their families also have to live with fear. Marion Grosjean (38) knows very well what can happen in racing - the journalist once worked as a Formula 1 reporter. The wife of the French-Swiss racing driver Romain Grosjean (34) speaks on Instagram about her husband's shocking accident, which has been moving the world since Sunday (November 29).

The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. News, stories and discussion from and about the world of Formula 1 . Update 3: Grosjean is going to hospital as he has a suspected broken rib / ribs. Update 4: FIA update: Romain is stable and being taken by helicopter to the MDF MC Military

Romain Grosjean jumping out of the wreckage of his torched will be the enduring the image of a Bahrain Grand Prix that will remembered only for Designed by German architect Hermann Tilke, the Bahrain International Circuit is situated in the middle of the Sakhir desert. Unveiled as an F 1 venue in

Then, of course, Grosjean was helped by the "Halo" cockpit protection, this titanium bracket stretched over the cockpit, which has been mandatory since 2018 and is also intended to protect against flying parts. “A few years ago I wasn't in favor of it,” Grosjean admitted, “but without it I wouldn't be able to speak to you today”.

Grosjean would not have survived the “hell of flames”, as the “courier” in Austria called it, without his helmet and fire-resistant racing overalls. These suits, which are made of heat and flame-resistant fibers, weigh just around 700 grams.

They have to prove themselves in various test series on heat and flames. During the heat transmission test, for example, it takes more than twelve seconds for the driver to feel something. This means a slight burn, as one would have with a sunburn. Shoes, gloves and underwear also have to withstand heavy loads.

In 1975, a year before Niki Lauda's flame drama at the Nürburgring, Formula 1 had introduced standards for fire-resistant clothing. Since then, the precautions have been further increased. However, the horror pictures at Grosjean raised fears that five years after the death of Jules Bianchi, a new misfortune would be experienced.

Grosjean should be allowed to leave the hospital again on Tuesday. Haas, who is considered the future employer of Formula 2 driver Mick Schumacher, will use substitute driver Pietro Fittipaldi, the grandson of two-time world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, in the next race.

The warning is included. "Romain Grosjean's accident inferno is a reminder that death is only a second away," wrote The Telegraph in England. "The Guardian" found that Grosjeans' relatively mild accident, "a remarkable testimony to the tireless pursuit of safety in the sport".

“We mustn't stay where we are,” demanded Hamilton, referring to the decades-long safety efforts of Formula 1. “We have to try to keep doing better. That is what makes this sport so great. "

Crash victim Grosjean to miss Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - team .
Romain Grosjean is returning home to Switzerland for treatment on the burns he suffered from his fireball crash in Bahrain and will miss the season-closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, his Haas team announced on Sunday. The drivers are competing in Bahrain for the second week in a row with the Sakhir Grand Prix to take place in the kingdom later Sunday. Reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi, the grandson of double Formula One champion Emerson Fittipaldi, is replacing the 34-year-old Frenchman this weekend.

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