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13:01  13 january  2021
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Trump ally Geraldo Rivera: The president acting 'like an entitled frat boy' since election loss

  Trump ally Geraldo Rivera: The president acting 'like an entitled frat boy' since election loss "For almost 4 years I’ve supported @realDonaldTrump who was assailed by leftist creeps," Rivera said. "Sadly he lost a bitterly contested election."Since his defeat by more than 7 million votes, Trump has refused to concede and has continued to insist the election was "stolen" from him, even as his dozens of legal challenges are thrown out of court and his purported evidence of widespread fraud crumbles under the slightest scrutiny.

YouTube on Tuesday blocked Donald Trump from posting new material. He is banned for seven days as a 'first strike' under their three strikes policy. If a channel receives a second strike within 90 days it

Hey, there is a way to block the ads from the campaign I have seen ten ads of trump straight and I want YouTube allowed the Trump campaign to disable the option to opt out from seeing his sleazy

After Twitter and Facebook, the outgoing US President Donald Trump is losing another mouthpiece: The US video platform Youtube, which belongs to the Google Group, blocked Trump's channel - at least temporarily.

Trump-Kanal bei Youube: Eine Woche lang keine neuen Videos © Arnd Riekmann Trump channel on Youube: No new videos for a week

Donald Trump is becoming increasingly invisible on social media. The current president loses his accounts on one platform after the other. After , Twitter, , Facebook and Instagram, Youtube has now also taken action against Trump. The outgoing US president is not allowed to post any more videos for the time being.

The blockade will be lifted in a week at the earliest, announced the company that is part of the Google concert Alphabet. A video posted on the channel was removed because it violated guidelines that prohibited incitement to violence.

Nashville police bodycam footage shows raw moments of chaos before and after explosion

  Nashville police bodycam footage shows raw moments of chaos before and after explosion Nashville police released bodycam video that captures the moments before and after an RV exploded downtown.The motive for the Christmas morning blast remained elusive, and authorities said it may never be determined. But the actions of the man responsible for the bombing in recent days and weeks suggest he never intended to survive the event that took his life and wounded three people.

Смотрите видео на YouTube без рекламы. There are well over 200 videos on this channel about the Antichrist Donald Trump as he is foretold in the Holy Bible, with many scriptures cited in all videos.

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Trump administration's attempt to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era program that protects

The decision to remove the video was made in view of "fears about the continuing potential for violence", according to Youtube. The comment function in Trump's video channel will be switched off "indefinitely".

As the broadcaster CNN reports, Youtube refuses to give further details about the removed video material. After the one-week ban on new clips, they want to reconsider the decision.

Erstürmung des Kapitols durch Trump-Anhänger (am 6. Januar): Zur Gewalt angestiftet? © Win McNamee / Getty Images Storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters (on January 6th): Incited to violence?

Youtube's guidelines stipulate that after the first violation an account can be suspended for one week, after the second for two weeks. After a third violation there is a risk of permanent closure of the channel.

hours before the statement, activists had asked Youtube to emulate the other major Internet services and block Trump's channel. The activists threatened to boycott the video service.

Fact check: Rev. Warnock sermon on 'whiteness' condemns racism, does not call for anti-white bigotry

  Fact check: Rev. Warnock sermon on 'whiteness' condemns racism, does not call for anti-white bigotry Rev. Raphael Warnock's 2016 comments on "whiteness" decried "racism and sexism and misogyny." He was not attacking white people.“This rhetoric is disgusting and offensive,” Loeffler tweeted in November about an excerpt of one sermon. “We are ALL God’s children.

US President Donald Trump has asserted executive privilege over the Mueller report as House Democrats take aim at Attorney General William Barr.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) on how a federal judge blocked the Trump administration from requiring asylum-seekers to return to Mexico while their cases are

Consequences after storming the Capitol

After the storming of the Capitol in Washington by militant Trump supporters last Wednesday, the online services Facebook and Twitter had already blocked Trump's accounts. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said Trump used his platform to incite his followers to violence.

Like Youtube now, Twitter had initially only temporarily taken Trump's account offline, but shortly thereafter announced that it would be permanently blocked. In contrast to the video platform, there are no more old posts to be seen. Trump's profile picture has also disappeared on Twitter.

After the storm on the Capitol, the text messaging service also deleted more than 70,000 accounts related to the right-wing extremist and conspiratorial ideological QAnon movement. The closures are not without controversy, as they interfere with freedom of expression.

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Impeachment, resignation, 25th Amendment: How Democrats in Congress are trying to remove Trump after Capitol riots .
Democrats in Congress have urged Trump to resign and for the Cabinet to remove him using the 25th Amendment. Now they're preparing for impeachment.They've called for his resignation, urged the Cabinet to remove him under the 25th Amendment and, with those two options looking extremely unlikely, are preparing to impeach the president for a second time.

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