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20:40  24 january  2021
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These results suggesting that collagen is able to stimulate the cell proliferation , adhesion and delaying ageing of cells. Also in case of vaccine production using BHK-21, addition of collagen helps to increasing of cell numbers as well as decreasing of experimental and production cost.

Analyse the lung sections under a fluorescence microscope by quantifying the number of EdU-positive cells. In order to examine cell proliferation in rats , we visualized the incorporation of exogenous EdU to identify cells undergoing DNA replication.

L’étude est menée en partenariat entre la Ville de Paris, le Muséum d’histoire naturelle et l’Inrae de Lyon. (illustration) © LP / Guillaume Georges The study is being carried out in partnership between the City of Paris, the Natural History Museum and Inrae de Lyon. (illustration)

In the 19th century, there was a “rat tail” bonus for Parisians. The proof of their trophy meant there was one less pest in town. If this reward has now disappeared, the tails of dead rats remain very popular today. This time for scientific research.

The City of Paris, which fights against the scourge of these pests that abound in the capital, has launched a study with INRAE ​​(National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment) of Lyon and the Museum of Natural History in Paris (Ve).

Paris Agreement: Biden's chance to restore international standing

  Paris Agreement: Biden's chance to restore international standing Biden administration should re-enter the Paris deal with humility and determination, prepared to take bold and concrete steps to repair U.S. integrity on the international stage. The U.S. has too often played a strong-arm role in United Nations climate negotiations and then failed to follow through on commitments. At the 1997 negotiations in Kyoto, Vice President Al Gore said the U.S. would not ratify a deal unless countries accepted a mechanism for trading greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) credits as one way that industrialized countries could reach their climate goals.

Concept Lattices and Their Applications: Fourth International Conference

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Objective: to better understand the animal, its resistance, its movements ... For this, a collection of rat tails was necessary. To recover these 200 or so tails, the city services sent their agents to collect and bring back the dead rats, to then freeze them.

Rich in

DNA "At the Museum, we recovered the corpses," explains Aude Lalis, in charge of the experiment, rat specialist and lecturer. We thawed them, autopsied them. We cut their tails. " Which were then preserved in alcohol and then sent to the Lyon laboratory.

"The experiment consists of mapping the resistance of the Parisian rat to anticoagulants, which are supposed to eliminate them," explains Virginie Lattard, in charge of this study, veterinarian and researcher at Inrae. From their DNA-rich tails, we are trying to find out whether rodents offer the same degree of resistance to the molecule, from one district to another. "

How to be less anxious at work by learning from rats

  How to be less anxious at work by learning from rats In the workplace, most of us can classify ourselves as anxious rats or chill rats. The anxious rats worry that they’re about to get fired every time their boss schedules a one-on-one. They beat themselves up over small mistakes and lie awake at night wincing as they recall comments they made in meetings. Every project they work on—cheese wedge, open dumpster, entire slice of pizza—is in their minds a secret referendum on whether they are in fact smart and competent. The chill rats experience the same potential stressors at work, but react in markedly different ways.

could proliferate better on the cover slip compared to the collagen scaffolds. In this study, we extracted type I collagen from rat - tail and bovine Achilles tendon, and investigated their characteristics utilizing SEM and the that rat - tail gave a higher yield compared to bovine Achilles tendon.

Understanding the physiology and pathology of an organ composed of a variety of cell populations depends critically on genome-wide information on each cell type. For several genes, the validity of transcriptome analysis was confirmed by qRT-PCR and single cell immunocytochemistry.

Which could give explanations on the way in which populations circulate. To cut short the associations for the defense of rats, Virginie Lattard insists on one point: “This is not an experiment on living individuals. These are rats that are already dead. ”

Many unanswered questions

At the same time, another important scientific project, called “Armagedon”, was launched jointly between the City, the Museum and INRAE. It should last two and a half years and also aims to reflect on a "healthy cohabitation between rat and man".

In Paris, in the Museum's laboratories, three researchers are explaining the theme. "Where is the rat in the capital?" wonders Aude Lalis. Are there several populations? Is the Seine a barrier? Is there a rat from the right bank and a rat from the left bank? How many are they? What are they eating? And are they carriers of diseases like the Covid? For now, we don't know. ”

Paris: A woman at the Elysée? "It will be for the French to decide", answers Anne Hidalgo

 Paris: A woman at the Elysée? The mayor of Paris, who had long repeated that she did not intend to run for the Elysee Palace in 2022, is showing less and less categorical © ERIC DESSONS / JDD / SIPA Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris in office.

to better distribute their body heat and stay cool. Since then over 150 novelizations and 200 spin-off books have been published, including some written by Neil Gaiman. 'Doctor Who' has been an important part of popular culture for over half a century now.

Rat - tailed maggots survive in stagnant, fetid waters which are rich in organic matter Because of their habitat, they breathe through their long tube-like tail – because there is little oxygen in the polluted water. South Africa hit by over 1M Covid cases as mutant strain fuels second wave. GOOD SHOT.

According to Zoopolis, "the rat has emotions, it should not be killed"

In the meantime, some are taking up the cause of the rodent in Paris. This is the case of the association for the defense of animals Zoopolis. "We are in favor of any scientific research that contributes to a better understanding of the rat in Paris, unless this experience ultimately helps to find a more efficient way to kill it!"

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Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder of the structure, recalls that "the anticoagulant used to kill rodents by causing internal bleeding is not only cruel but ineffective. The rat becomes more and more resistant. We are in the third generation of anticoagulant. "

For Zoopolis, “the rat has emotions. He is intelligent. He suffers. We must not kill him! On the contrary, there must be a peaceful cohabitation between him and man. " The association, which met scientists from the Museum, calls on elected officials and asks for "a working group" on the subject.

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