Entertainment Laeticia Hallyday: her declaration of love to a man Johnny did not appreciate

15:05  13 february  2021
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Laeticia Hallyday: this difficult separation with Jalil Lespert

 Laeticia Hallyday: this difficult separation with Jalil Lespert © Spread Pictures / ABACA After a real honeymoon that lasted three months, Laeticia Hallyday and her new companion Jalil Lespert had to separate. An obviously temporary separation, imposed by the current health situation.

  Laeticia Hallyday : sa déclaration d'amour à un homme que Johnny n'appréciait pas © Elle

Currently in Saint-Barth with her family with her companion Jalil Lespert, Laeticia Hallyday shared a story which greatly intrigued her subscribers . Indeed, the widow of Johnny published many stories, this February 12, in which she wishes a happy birthday to her brother Grégory Boudou. So far, nothing particularly surprising. Except that Laeticia Hallyday has published many archive images in which we see her brother in the company of his relatives, his daughters, Johnny ... This while the two men were not at all on good terms d 'after Nathalie Baye who was offended by the presence of the man in Johnny's will.

PHOTO - Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday soon reunited? This shot that intrigues

 PHOTO - Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday soon reunited? This shot that intrigues © Agence / Bestimage PHOTO - Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday soon reunited? This cliché which intrigues A few days ago, Laeticia Hallyday left Paris with a heavy heart, leaving behind her companion, Jalil Lespert. While the couple should not see each other for several months, it seems that the actor has found a solution to find his beautiful, evidenced by an intriguing cliché posted on his Instagram account this Friday, January 29. You miss only one being and everything is depopulated.

"We love you"

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"Happy birthday my brother. We love you my Greg ": it was with these few words that Laeticia Hallyday shared her best wishes for her brother's birthday. Surprised, Jade and Joy's mom's followers could not understand why she was sharing photos suggesting that Gregory and Johnny were on good terms. Obviously, Laeticia Hallyday was content to post the photos, without reacting more than that, but this sharing shows that she wishes to appease the complex climate that has reigned since Johnny's death and the stories of inheritance.

Family first.

Did you know? Johnny Hallyday didn't like Laeticia's best friend .
© RACHID BELLAK / BESTIMAGE Did you know? Johnny Hallyday did not like Laeticia 's best friend Day of celebration for Hélène Darroze this Tuesday, February 23. But if she can count on Laeticia Hallyday to think about her birthday, the chef probably did not have the right to the same kindness from Johnny Hallyday. Between Laeticia Hallyday and Hélène Darroze , a strong link has been created.

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