Entertainment Sabine (Pékin Express): the person with whom she appeared for the casting was not selected by the production!

20:15  23 february  2021
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Excluded. "They were ready to throw the flag in your face!" : tension rises between two Beijing Express teams (VIDEO)

 Excluded. © capture M6 Excluded. "They were ready to throw the flag in your face!" : the tension rises between two teams of Beijing Express (VIDEO) Hated by the candidates of Beijing Express, the black flag makes its return in the adventure this Tuesday March 2 on the occasion of the episode 2. And it will put a quite a mess in the race and be the source of tensions between the teams. Watch the excerpt above.

Sabine (Pékin Express) : la personne avec qui elle s'était présentée au casting n'a pas été retenue par la production ! © Patrick ROBERT / M6 Sabine (Pékin Express): the person with whom she appeared for the casting was not selected by the production! Sabine is part of the Beijing Express pair of strangers who are embarking on the adventure this Tuesday, February 23. But initially, this fifty-something was not to share the adventure with a stranger. We explain to you.

Participating in Beijing Express was his dream! At 51 years old, Sabine takes the start tonight of the famous M6 race headed by Stéphane Rotenberg . And for this exceptional journey - the shooting was interrupted due to the epidemic -, direction Uganda, in the heart of East Africa. When she takes the plane, this music teacher does not yet know who will be her sidekick. Indeed, Sabine is part of the pair of strangers ( discover the eight pairs in our slideshow ). It is on the plane that she will discover with whom she will share this exceptional adventure. This is Loïc, a hen dad of 2 children. If everything seems to oppose them, the duo nevertheless have a common passion: music. Indeed, Loïc dreams of releasing a rap song. When she came to the casting, Sabine was not alone. But his initial pair was not retained by the production. Explanations.

DSDS: misrepresented? Candidate raises allegations against RTL

 DSDS: misrepresented? Candidate raises allegations against RTL The fact that " Deutschland sucht den Superstar " is cut and shortened is no secret for viewers - and the broadcaster does not deny that either. © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Germany is looking for the superstar DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen (67) is never at a loss for a slogan on the show. In the video above, however, it is his Carina who draws attention. She circles her hips.

Perseverance has paid off

" I've always loved the show since the very beginning, I watched with my children. I told my oldest son that one day we would go. And Finally, I traveled a lot with my sister around the world. I said to myself "doing Beijing with my sister, that would be too good ", Sabine tells us. The first castings followed: " we did a first casting in 2018. We were selected for the second stage of the casting and then everything stopped. "But Sabine is the persevering type, she reiterates the following year:" We went back there last year and finally, the casting director called me back to ask me if I was okay with it. be part of the pair of strangers! ", she remembers. Then this music teacher had to share the news with her sister:" I told her straight away and it didn't bother her. "

A time for reflection

Sabine took the time to think about the production's proposal:" Regarding my husband, I asked him if he didn't mind that I ended up with a man. When we do Beijing Express, we have to share the same bed, it's a bit tricky. But my husband trusts me, he told me to go for it! ", she explains.

While waiting for the first episode, we invite you to check your knowledge of the mythical adventure show, through a series of 20 questions! Good luck!

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