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03:15  26 february  2021
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Mitch McConnell Sparks Backlash Over 'Scorched-Earth Senate' Warning

  Mitch McConnell Sparks Backlash Over 'Scorched-Earth Senate' Warning The Senate minority leader made the comments while arguing the cause for keeping the legislative filibuster. McConnell's remarks swiftly drew criticism, with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court towards the end of President Donald Trump's tenure frequently referenced. Barrett's appointment was pushed through close to election day, much to the dismay of Democrats, despite Republicans having previously opposed former President Barack Obama's attempts to appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in the final year of his second term.

In the ninth season of " The Voice Kids " he is considered the youngest juror! Pop singer Wincent Weiss (28) will finally take part next to Silbermond front woman Stefanie Kloß (36), singer-songwriter Alvaro Soler (30) and Michi Beck (53) and Smudo Place (52) on the red swivel chairs.

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Even if he will be at the side of young musical talent in the popular casting show, the 28-year-old sometimes feels helpless himself. In an interview with "gala.de" the singer spoke openly about one of his low points in life.

surprise at "The Voice Kids"! In the following video we show you the five new coaches.

Political Experts Predict Democrats Will Fight the Ghost of Donald Trump Amid GOP Infighting

  Political Experts Predict Democrats Will Fight the Ghost of Donald Trump Amid GOP Infighting Former President Donald Trump is "pretty much the source of the divide" within the GOP, according to one political expert.When President Joe Biden was elected to replace Trump last November, he entered office as a lifelong politician with a history of working across the aisle with his Republican colleagues. Now that Biden is leading his party from the Oval Office, political experts told Newsweek his path to pursue new legislation through Congress is made difficult by a slim Democratic majority and a splintered GOP that hasn't yet figured out what it wants the post-Trump era to look like.

Wincent Weiss: "Many of my colleagues are afraid of it"

Especially in his new album "Maybe Irgendwann" Wincent speaks openly about a depressive phase that he experienced last year. The musician said to "gala.de": "Fortunately, this topic is no longer a taboo subject. (...) It is easy for me to talk about it myself, because I generally talk about everything. I started my career committed to answering honestly to all questions I am asked. Many of my colleagues are afraid of being asked private questions in interviews because they try to bypass them or provide meaningless answers. "

Surprisingly honest words! About his depressive phase, the 28-year-old said: "I didn't really have these ups and downs in a career. For me, from the first song on, it only went up steeply and for practically three years from concert to concert. The hole after This whole time was all the greater because a lot had built up and it was only after these three years that I even realized what was actually happening. It was kind of a continuous sprint. In these three years I planned things that I wanted for one A period of 15 years: the first song, then an album, at some point a tour. Of course that does something to you. "

Political Experts Predict Democrats Will Fight the Ghost of Donald Trump Amid GOP Infighting

  Political Experts Predict Democrats Will Fight the Ghost of Donald Trump Amid GOP Infighting Deshaun Watson should go to 49es or Bears; talks Mahomes

Wincent Weiss: "The first thing I did was talk to my mother about it"

The singer then sought help and learned an important lesson for life, as he revealed in the "gala.de" interview: "I learned in therapy that everything you touch takes time and doesn't go overnight. Feelings also need time. When I notice that I fall back into old behavior patterns that I actually want to put aside I am not under pressure. " Wincent Weiss added: "I tell my friends that too when I misbehave towards them: 'I want to change it, but please give me time!' It is important to talk about all of this regularly and not to indulge or hide the feelings. "

In conclusion, the 28-year-old admitted: "This sentence 'Just talk about it' is of course easy to say. (...) It's an intimate topic that you don't want to talk about with the first person you come across Mother talked about it, who approached me at some point and said: 'I don't recognize you anymore. Where has the son gone, whom I let out into the wide world and who is totally off the track after three years?' When the family points out something like this to you, there is usually something to it. "

Donald Trump 'Doesn't Care About the Future' of the GOP, Former Mike Pence Adviser Says

  Donald Trump 'Doesn't Care About the Future' of the GOP, Former Mike Pence Adviser Says Olivia Troye insisted the former president is only involved in the GOP "for his personal gain," ahead of his impending Senate trial.Olivia Troye, who served as Pence's homeland security advisor, said she was baffled to see some Republican figures still "pandering" to Trump after his treatment of Pence in the final days of their time at the White House.

She elegantly plays away the frustration! In the following video you will find out which therapy Alessandra Meyer-Wölden uses against the pain of separation.

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