Entertainment Decided not to stay in prison, Joe Exotic changes lawyers and calls for a new trial

13:30  03 march  2021
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What to know about Trump's new impeachment trial lawyers, Bruce Castor and David Schoen

  What to know about Trump's new impeachment trial lawyers, Bruce Castor and David Schoen The two new lawyers defending Trump were revealed after multiple outlets reported that some members of his previous impeachment team had departed.Two trial lawyers, David Schoen and Bruce Castor Jr., will head the legal team defending Trump in the Senate against the charge that he incited the deadly invasion of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Joe Exotic, convicted of trying to have his rival killed, has new lawyers who have announced their intention to seek a new trial. The former zookeeper, star of a Netflix documentary, claims he is innocent.

  Décidé à ne pas rester en prison, Joe Exotic change d’avocat et réclame un nouveau procès © USA Today Network / Sipa USA / SIPA

Failing to have succeeded in convincing Donald Trump to pardon him, Joe Exotic wishes to revive the judicial machine. The former zookeeper, who rose to fame thanks to a Netflix documentary, was sentenced in January 2020 to 22 years in prison for trying to have his rival, Carole Baskin, killed. But the man with the mule cut claims his innocence and does not intend to stay behind bars. He has just hired two new attorneys, John Phillips and Amy Hanna, who have announced their intention to file a new federal lawsuit in Oklahoma, they told ABC News .

Opinion: The Senate should do everything it can to avoid a zombie impeachment trial

  Opinion: The Senate should do everything it can to avoid a zombie impeachment trial Tim Naftali writes that with almost 6 in 10 Americans saying they blame President Trump for the January 6 insurrection, is it really inevitable that this dark episode will lead to a zombie Senate trial that mindlessly sleepwalks to an acquittal? Many historians don't like the idea of inevitability, since it denies the important role of individuals and institutions in bucking perceived trends. In that spirit, I believe there are three potential outcomes, not all of which are mutually exclusive, that would be better than where we seemed to be headed now. The Senate trial could be short-circuited now without a verdict.

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The American media recalls that John Phillips was once the lawyer of a former close to Donald Trump with whom she ended up publicly opposing it. "This is not our first rodeo," said the lawyer, aware of the high profile side of Joe Exotic. According to him, the new trial will be able to be based in particular on elements hitherto not yet revealed. "I know for sure that there are things to tap into that will help him," he commented. John Phillips said he began working on the case after advising the family of Don Lewis, the former husband of Carole Baskin who disappeared in 1997. The investigation into Don Lewis remains open. The Netflix documentary on Joe Exotic, like many observers, believe that Carol Baskin, the head of a wild animal shelter, killed her husband and fed him to his tigers. However, she was never charged and has always denied the charges.

Trump’s impeachment trial is imminent. GOP senators are working to cast it as a Democratic plot.

  Trump’s impeachment trial is imminent. GOP senators are working to cast it as a Democratic plot. Republicans claim the trial is constitutionally illegitimate. Most scholars disagree.The dismissals and distraction tactics suggest that after a brief period of uncertainty about whether to censure Trump, Republicans are poised to present a fairly united front in rejecting the case that Trump should be convicted for his role in inciting the January 6 insurrection.

His appeals to Trump went unheeded

In addition to his affair with Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic was also convicted of killing some of his own tigers, whom he reportedly mistreated on a regular basis. The two co-directors of the documentary series also admitted to having cut in the editing of the racist remarks of the star of the program . “We empathize with Joe, but Joe has done terrible things. He committed very serious crimes and he was not only cruel and inhuman to his animals, he was also to the people around him, "they commented, calling his great popularity" worrying. "

Supporter of Donald Trump, he had written several letters to him since last March, evoking the support he enjoys from the public. "If millions of people have seen how unfairly I have been treated in the name of justice, then I hope that President Trump can also make the right decision and pardon me," he wrote in June. In his last request, in September, he said “he wants to make the president, America and the world proud”. "Become my hero, please," he said. He also appealed to Kim Kardashian, who now advocates for the defense of prisoners and for judicial reform , to whom he asked for help. "Please help me by simply taking ten minutes of your life to call President Trump to look at my 257 page pardon. These are all proofs of my innocence and I ask him to sign this document so that I can return home to my husband and my father ”.

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