Entertainment Tribes of Europa: where was the series filmed?

17:40  04 march  2021
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We still do not know if Tribes of Europa, available since February 19 on Netflix, will be entitled to a season 2 but one thing is certain: with its 6 episodes, it transported us to a new world. But where was the German series that gives an apocalyptic vision of the future filmed? Spoiler is not in Germany!

Tribes of Europa : où la série a-t-elle été tournée ? © Netflix Tribes of Europa: where was the series filmed?

After the excellent Dark which ended after three seasons and How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), Netflix unveiled last month its new German production: Tribes of Europa . Season 1 has 6 episodes ( the creator is already working on the sequel) and was shot in German and English. We follow, in 2074, three brothers and sisters in a Europe more divided than ever where tribes clash to regain control of the continent. The series is supposed to take place on the territory of Germany but it is not there that it was filmed.

Fear and mourning after attack on South Darfur village

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A series filmed in Eastern Europe

In order to put his ambitious series in a box, the creator Philip Koch was able to count on his team who looked for sets in 13 European countries. While some aerial shots show Berlin, almost all of Tribes of Europa was not filmed in Germany but in Croatia and the Czech Republic. The Origins camp, for example, was entirely built in rocky gorges in the Czech Republic. The scenes supposed to take place in a run-down Berlin - renamed Brathok in the series - were filmed in Prague. This is also where the arena where the Bojs fight is located: it is an old theater that was once flooded. The end scene with Elja and Moses was shot in Pag, an island in Croatia.

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The Crimson Republic Headquarters Really Exist

You might also have wondered if the Crimson Republic Headquarters really existed or if it had been created by special effect. Well this building is real! It is found in Croatia and is located on Mount Petrova Gora. It is in fact a monument that commemorates the resistance and the death of Serbian farmers who fought against Nazism. Built in 1981, it is now dilapidated as shown in the series (which has not altered its appearance on screen).

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In order to avoid the teams having to travel too much, the action linked to the Crimsons and the character of Liv was therefore filmed mainly in Croatia.

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