Entertainment 'The Conners': Lecy Goranson on Becky's Struggle With Sobriety and Going to Rehab (Exclusive)

06:50  08 april  2021
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From the get- go , when lucky Becky ( Lecy Goranson ) gets to be the first person in the family to meet Darlene' s (Sara Gilbert) new love interest, Ben (Jay R. Ferguson), the trio trade digs like old pros. Becky even smiles wide and nods when Ben says, "You seem like a lunatic," which is less a plot point and more a delightfully perfect acting moment I simply think we all should make note of. Things get a lot less delightful for the siblings when later that night, Darlene' s daughter, Harris (Emma Kenney), gets taken home by a cop after she was caught drinking in the woods with a group of friends, apparently

Lecy Goranson : It was an interesting way of explaining in a more in-depth way what has been happening with Becky so far this season and all those, kind of, missing years that are unspoken that are a part of The Conners . It's a really kind of average thing to feel and think about when you're in your forties and just see where you want your life's directive to go and how you've changed. It's funny because as much as Becky ' s directive is changing because she realizes she's been stuck because Mark has died and she's pregnant and realizing, 'Hey, I've got to kind of get it together,' there is still

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As it always does, The Conners tackles intense and poignant issues with love, humor, heart, perseverance and family. Wednesday’s back-to-back episodes, “An Old Dog, New tricks and a Ticket to Ride” and “A Fast Car, a Sudden Loss and a Slow Decline,” revolving around Becky’s sobriety are no different. After previously quitting cold turkey, the Conner sibling relapsed in her ongoing struggle with alcoholism. Speaking with ET, Lecy Goranson breaks down her character’s arc, which sees her headed to rehab, working with Laurie Metcalf and what she hopes audiences get out of watching Becky’s ups and downs.

Crew member dies on set of The Conners

  Crew member dies on set of The Conners A member of the technical crew for 'The Conners' has died on the comedy's set in what has been described as a "fatal medical event."Neither the name nor age of the male crew member has been shared with EW at this time. A spokeswoman for Werner Entertainment, which produces the comedy for ABC, released this statement: "He was a much loved member of The Conners and Roseanne families for over 25 years. As we remember our beloved colleague, we ask that you respect the privacy of his family and loved ones as they begin their grieving process.

The Conners season two finale is one we’ll always remember, and it’ s not only because we’re going to be watching it while in quarantine! The episode, titled “Bridge Over Trouble Conners ” will see Dan share his financial struggles with his girlfriend Louise, as his home is pending foreclosure. At the same time, Becky and Jackie embark on a road trip to take Beverly Rose to meet her father, Emilio, for the first time in Mexico. Actress Lecy Goranson , who plays Becky , spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview ahead of the episode, and reflected on her character’ s evolution throughout the

Lecy Goranson and John Goodman in the new season of “ The Conners ,” which begins Wednesday and will grapple directly with the pandemic.Credit Eric McCandless/ABC. Covid restrictions mean no one can eat or drink onstage, Sara Gilbert said. “Not even water. You have to go up to your dressing room.”Credit Eric McCandless/ABC. Before the cast and crew set foot onstage, they have passed two temperature checks, filled out a symptoms questionnaire and passed a Covid test within, at minimum, the last two days.

“My instinct kind of said that with COVID and everything that’s gone on this year and reading a lot of articles and talking to my friends who have children that I kind of intuited that Becky wouldn’t be able to kind of keep it together with her sobriety,” Goranson says upon learning about Becky’s recent arc, which actually started the previous week during “Money, Booze and Lies,” when she had a glass of wine during dinner with her old friend, Mike (Darien Sills-Evans).

“This is someone that loves her. This is someone that could handle the truth about her. This is someone that probably would say, ‘Oh my gosh, you quit drinking cold turkey?’ Or, ‘What’s been going on? You’re working at the factory?’ This is definitely someone that would have been supportive of her,” Goranson says. “But because of her shame, she chooses to lie.”

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But Becky ’ s ( Lecy Goranson ) pregnancy and childbirth haven’t been easy; the baby’s father has been deported and–SPOILERS ahead for the season premiere–the baby arrived two months early. While childbirth scenes are rarely serene events in sitcoms (just as in real life), Becky ’ s felt different. Goranson added that she had plenty of input from women on the Conners set who wanted to make the scene as true to life as possible. “Of course there’s a bunch of women working on set who said, ‘Well this happened to me,’ so it really did kind of take a village—like people putting glycerin on me

I’m curious how Becky ’ s going to earn money and get herself out of her predicament because she’s really in debt with the hospital bills and she needs to start making a lot of money, so, we’ll see how she gets by with the ton of medical bills and figuring out childcare. Talk about the dynamic of bringing in a Lecy Goranson , John Goodman, Ames McNamara, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, and Emma Kenney in The Conners (Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC). So, how do these themes of healthcare for working-class people, immigration and the challenges of single motherhood, strike you personally

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And it’s that lie that soon spirals out of control and she later becomes overwhelmed with working double shifts while attending community college and not seeing her daughter, Beverly Rose, as much as she would like. Despite initially feeling positive about turning things around, “she feels like she’s too far behind,” Goranson explains. “She is a single mother. She’s working all the time. And she’s just been playing catch up for a long time.”

It doesn’t take long before Becky is at the laundromat sipping on a bottle of booze, upset about her situation before she later passes out drunk in bed leaving Jackie (Metcalf) to take care of Beverly, who has come down with a fever.

And it’s Jackie who calls Becky out on her drinking, refusing to let her near her daughter until she sobers up. In one intense moment, Jackie slams her niece up against the fridge in order to prevent her from driving off, and that's when Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Dan (John Goodman) jump in.

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As Lecy Goranson said, Becky is obviously glad to have a baby at all. She was told that her chances of getting pregnant were actually slim to none not that long ago, but a little (probably ill-advised) nookie with two of her co-workers led to her getting pregnant. When she was able to narrow down the fact My instinct is that Becky ’ s going to want a different kind of guy. She’s going to look for someone who’s more of a support system, more stable, someone who’s good with her baby. And, someone who also makes her feel attractive again. I think she might be worried that her mojo is gone a little bit after

"There was no way that ' The Conners ' wasn't going to be present in the world as it is today and not tackle the virus and where we are," said Laurie Metcalf, "Jackie." "They deal with hard issues and the miraculous feats that the writers are able to do, they make things funny that you otherwise couldn't imagine could be." "' The Conners ' isn't going to miss an opportunity when there is a crisis, they're going to dive right into it, you know that' s what they always do," said Lecy Goranson , " Becky ."

“That was a life-altering moment for her,” Goranson says of the emotional scene, especially for Becky and Jackie. “They’ve had a bond lately on the show. Becky and Jackie’s relationship has really grown, I think from working together at the Lunchbox. They have a pretty fun relationship most of the time.”

She adds, “It’s a testament to their relationship, because I think that they’re real with each other.”

Eventually, a tearful Becky agrees to go to rehab, with Darlene and the rest of the family promising that money will not be an issue nor will helping her take care of Beverly Rose, whose safety is everyone’s main priority.

“Her daughter really is the biggest factor in Becky’s life, she's certainly the most important thing,” Goranson affirms, revealing that Becky feeling like she can’t provide for her or not be “a great mom to her” is “really at the core of her sorrow.”

a group of people sitting at a table: ABC © ABC ABC

With season 3 of The Conners quickly coming to a close, what will this mean for Becky? Next week, her absence will be felt at work as she enters rehab. While Goranson can’t reveal too much about her character’s ongoing battle with alcoholism, she does remind us that “Becky’s pretty stubborn.”

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“The idea of just blindly joining into anything is something that she is going to resist, and also the notion of being away from her daughter is very difficult,” the actress says. “She wants to be close to her and not leave her because that’s part of the whole point of when she was working so much that she was away. And a big thing for her was having to choose to be a mother or have a career, which is something that all women who are mothers struggle with.”

When it comes to filming these last few episodes, Goranson admits that it has been really difficult. “When I would go home from rehearsal during those weeks when we were shooting, I felt sad,” she explains. “I love Becky. I’ve been with her for a long time.”

But she credits the show’s writers for the way it was handled. “It was really powerful. I thought it was very realistic and very tragic,” she says.

And as for what audiences get out of watching these last few episodes, Goranson hopes “people who feel like those parts of ourselves that we feel shame about know that those parts are still worthy of being loved. Those parts are still worthy of being seen. We don’t have to always hide who we are,” she says, while acknowledging “asking for help is very difficult.”

The Conners airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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