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Platonic Love: Does a Relationship Work Without Sex?

 Platonic Love: Does a Relationship Work Without Sex? Does platonic love really exist? We'll tell you everything about the meaning and what you need to know about this type of relationship. © Provided by COSMOPOLITAN Platonic love: can a relationship work without sex? Platonic love: meaning Platonic love describes a close relationship between two people that does not have any sexual closeness.

10 Weekly Soul Songs, Not Only At Engine Dancing - by Sebastian Zabel

  LIEBE, SEX UND EINE BESSERE WELT © Provided by www.rollingstone.de

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10 Worthning Soul songs, not only for tight dancing - by Sebastian Zabel


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01 Marvin Gaye:

"I Want You", 1976 explains how to howling, what makes someone want to love someone to love.

02 The Staple Singers:

"TRIPPIN 'ON YOUR LOVE", 1981 "I do not Need No Speed ​​Or Weed" to surf the syncopans of this dance floor. Explains what love can.

Japan court calls laws blocking same-sex marriage unconstitutional

  Japan court calls laws blocking same-sex marriage unconstitutional A Japanese court ruled that laws in the nation that block same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. © Provided by Washington Examiner A three-judge panel at the Sapporo District Court ruled that a ban on such unions goes against the nation's constitutional promise of equal protection under the law. "The difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is nothing more than a distinction in sexual orientation that people do not choose of their own will and cannot change," the decision read.

03 Freddie Waters:

"Groovin 'on My Baby's Love", 1975 see 02, minus drug prediction.

04 Al Green:

"Tired of Legg Alone", 1971 no longer alone, immediately! Rarely sounded Al Green more urgent.

05 O. V. Wright:

"That's the way I feel about cha", 1978 O. V. Wright interprets the Bobby Womack classic so devotedly that what he feels, in every breath is shaping, the "that" hardly needs words.

06 Millie Jackson:

"(if loving you is wrong) I do not to be right", 1974 Passionate defense of passionate adhesives.

07 Syreta:

"To Know You Is To Love You", 1972 Cloud tearing duet with Stevie Wonder, driven by violin and affection.

08 Frank Ocean:

"Ivy", 2016 A washed out guitar and ocean lonely singing speak of how love is changing and time is not back.

09 Edwin Starr:

"Running Back and Forth", 1970 in the hamster wheel of feelings. With fanfare, upbeat and excitement.

10 Jackie Moore:

"IF", 1972 From a better world, the song knows significantly more than his text. Nothing sounds naive when Jackie Moore sings it.

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Matt Gaetz is using sex-trafficking allegations to raise money, asking for donations to 'fight back against the fake news' .
It was reported last week that the DOJ was investigating whether Rep. Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her travel.Last week, The New York Times reported that the GOP representative was under investigation for possibly having sex with a 17-year-old girl and paying for her travel, which could be a violation fo sex-trafficking laws.

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