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Judy Greer says she sometimes forgets she's in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because she doesn't have a superpower

  Judy Greer says she sometimes forgets she's in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because she doesn't have a superpower The actress, who played Maggie in the “Ant-Man” movies, also told Insider that she hasn’t been approached yet about being in the upcoming third film."I don't have a superpower, so sometimes I forget that I'm a part of the Marvel universe," Greer told Insider. "Although, I would love for Marvel to give me a superpower at some point. Come on, guys.

Brace yourselves, Law & Order: Los Angeles fans. The following behind-the-scenes shake - up scoop will shock you… After a slow start this fall, creator Dick Wolf has decided to revamp the NBC spinoff, starting with some huge departures. TV Squad has confirmed rumors that series star Skeet Ulrich will be leaving his role as lead detective in March, and per Deadline, female castmembers Regina Hall and Megan Boone are on their way out as well.

Marvel fans are growing more excited about the upcoming movies in the MCU's Phase Four, particularly Eternals, which boasts an all-star cast. With Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Phase Four is diving headfirst into the MCU’s multiverse. After Spider-Man: Far From Home’s fake-out, the franchise will finally start exploring parallel universes for real. Since the Eternals’ powers are vaguely defined in the comics and will likely be retooled in their adaptation to the big screen, it’s possible they’ll possess the power of interdimensional travel.

The news that Marvel Entertainment has signed a new exclusive distribution agreement for the comic book market, ending a partnership with Diamond Comic Distributors after 24 years, has sent shockwaves through the comic book industry — with some believing that the shift might bring about the collapse of the industry as it currently exists.

The new deal, announced March 25, means that Penguin Random House Publisher Services will become the exclusive worldwide distributor for Marvel’s comic book and collected editions in the specialty comic store market starting Otc. 1. Described by both companies as a “multi-year sales and distribution agreement,” exact terms remain unknown, although PRHPS confirmed to THR that it has created a dedicated Direct Comic Market team to handle the Marvel account, headed by newly promoted associate director, comic market sales, Tyne Daly.

Inside Pregnant Hilary Duff’s 'Special' Baby Shower Ahead of 3rd Child

  Inside Pregnant Hilary Duff’s 'Special' Baby Shower Ahead of 3rd Child Baby bash! Pregnant Hilary Duff shared footage from her shower on Thursday, March 11. Hilary Duff's Baby Bump Album Ahead of 3rd Child's Arrival Read article “My sweet sweet [Sharmeen Bhamani], I can’t thank you enough for planning the most special day,” the Younger star, 33, captioned an Instagram post. “I seriously wasn’t planning on a party like this for baby No. 3 during these times, but you found a way to strong arm everyone into testing haha and honestly the day was so relaxing. I got quality time with many of my L.A. friends who I haven’t been able to see in one setting in so long and deeply missed my tried and trues who live far away. I love all of these women.” The actress thanked her loved ones “for showing up in [her] life through the thick and thin,” adding, “The thick being holy s–t I’m having a third child. Send help!” Lesley Anne Murphy, More Pregnant Stars Celebrate Baby Showers: Party Pics Read article In the photos, the Texas native cradled her stomach in a silky pink jumpsuit. Not only did husband Matthew Koma attend the event, but Duff’s kids — Luca, 8, and Banks, 2 — were there as well. The party featured colorful balloon bunches, star-shaped desserts and dried flower arrangements. During a Friday, March 12, Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance, the pregnant star joked that she feels “about how [she] looks, which is really, really big.” The Lizzie McGuire alum said, “I feel tired. Honestly it’s been the best pregnancy so far.

Your key for reading Marvel Unlimited and Digital Comic purchases across multiple devices. Watch through the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe scenes as they are seen in both the movies and comics ! Below are just a few of the many stores in the comics industry and their offerings. Up up and away comics .

Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. Jeff Watkins’ high school teachers used to punish him for bringing comics into the classroom. But now that he owns his own comic book store , Watkins roams high school hallways at will to give lectures on his favorite spandex-clad heroes. With the uncanny success of the superhero movies from Marvel Comics , beginning with director Bryan Singer’s X-Men (2000) and continuing through Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man (2015), what will happen to their two-dimensional counterparts?

Marvel’s new partnership means that the Disney-owned company is ending an exclusive comic market distribution deal with Maryland’s Diamond Comic Distributors. The move follows Marvel’s biggest competitor, DC, leaving Diamond in June 2020 for domestic distribution, although it remains a Diamond partner internationally. Sources tell THR that Marvel had been searching for some time for a different way to grow the existing comic market.

This isn’t the first time Penguin Random House Publisher Services has dealt with the comic market; it already supplies a number of comic retailers with product as a distributor of collected editions and graphic novels for DC, Dark Horse, Archie Comics and IDW Publishing, although the new deal marks the first time the company will be handling single issue comics. Despite the new arrangement, Marvel’s book market accounts will continue to be serviced by Hachette Book Group. In a statement accompanying the announcement, Marvel president Dan Buckey said, “Comics are the core of the Marvel Universe, and we are confident this new partnership will continue to grow and evolve this resilient industry.”

Matt Kindt Launches NFT Comic With Return of ‘Mind MGMT’

  Matt Kindt Launches NFT Comic With Return of ‘Mind MGMT’ Kindt appears at this stage to be the first artist to have crafted a comic created and distributed as an NFT. But, as with NFTs, there are a few conditions. As the cartoonist notes on his auction page, “While the winning bidder can choose to share the story online, Matt Kindt retains ownership of all intellectual property rights, so with the sole exception of selling the NFT’s themselves, the story can only be shared in a manner that is strictly ‘not for profit.

Rather than taking place after the events of the last Marvel release Spider-Man: Far From Home, WandaVision actually took place before Far From Home in the MCU timeline and it remains to be seen how many other Phase 4 projects take place before that movie . It was already pretty tricky to watch the MCU in chronological order if you were either settling into your first watch or a mammoth rewatch, but we're Having been relatively straightforward for a while, Phase 3 shook things up in a big way by hopping all over the place – and that's before you start thinking of where the Netflix Marvel shows actually fit in the timeline.

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Not everyone was necessarily convinced about that last part, however. Much of the worry on the part of retailers is rooted in financial reality. Many store owners are likely to be financially impacted by Marvel’s shift, with a new 50 percent discount level being implemented on product (meaning that retailer cost is literally half of cover price) regardless of order size, as per PRHPS policy. This is a significant change from Marvel’s current arrangement with Diamond, which offers a sliding rate up to 59 percent, with some retailers estimating the change could negatively impact somewhere in the region of half of Marvel’s U.S. market.

Potentially offsetting the discount drop, all shipping costs will be waived under the new deal, consistent with PRHPS policy for other publishers. However, multiple retailers already dealing with PRHPS have spoken out about the company’s shipping, with items reportedly arriving damaged in some form and raising concern that overall quality of Marvel product available to customers will be impacted beginning this fall. (“Most graphic novels that we receive from PRH do not arrive in anything approaching ‘mint’ condition,” as Californian retailer Brian Hibbs wrote recently, to cite one example.) Both Marvel and PRHPS are said to be aware of the problem, and working towards a solution.

Captain Marvel 2, ANT-MAN 3: Filming dates for Movies Marvel

 Captain Marvel 2, ANT-MAN 3: Filming dates for Movies Marvel While the shooting of "Spider-Man - No Way Home" is coming to an end, the shots of "Captain Marvel 2" and "ANT-MAN 3" should start the same day: May 31st. © The Walt Disney Pictures Captain Marvel 2, ANT-MAN 3: Filming dates for Movies Marvel a year ago, their films were stopped, like the whole cinema, because of the Pandemic of coronavirus. If the health crisis is far from over, Marvel today turns full speed since the shots follow one another for their many projects.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe looks a lot different after Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers: Endgame, but we have some clues about where it's headed now. From films and television series in the works to far-off possibilities drawn from Marvel Comics history and the events of Endgame and Far From Home , here’s where the MCU is (and might be) headed. (Note: There will be discussion of movie plot points here — including key events in Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home — so consider this a spoiler warning if you’re not caught up with the MCU.)

Just a small update to my previous guide on comic cards. Includes comic cards newly released and some cleanup as well as formatting to make this Each player has 5 slots to equip comic cards, and no comic card can be equipped more than once (so you cannot run around with two Loki 17's, for example.) Comic cards have ranks (like obelisks), up to a max of 6*. Each rank brings along a new stat line; so a rank 5 (or legendary) card has 5 stats, a mythic has 6. A sacrifice of 5 cards of the same rank is required to advance a card to the next rank, thus a card of rank (n+1) requires.

In response to the announcement of the new partnership, Diamond Comic Distributors CEO Steve Geppi swiftly released a statement trying to alleviate worries but remaining light on details as to how the company planned to respond to the loss of what was unmistakably its biggest client — although, complicating matters, the statement said that Diamond “will continue selling Marvel products,” neglecting to mention it would do so as a wholesaler with product supplied by PRHPS. Nonetheless, the loss of exclusive Marvel distribution is huge for Diamond: in October 2020, the latest month for which order estimates are available, Marvel made up 62 percent of all comic book product shipped by the company, with closest competitor Image Comics comprising just 12 percent.

The lack of clarity on Diamond’s part is troubling to many inside the industry for one simple reason: if Diamond goes under, so could a significant portion of the comic book industry. Rumors about the financial stability of Diamond had been circulating for some time prior to Marvel’s announcement; the company halted payments to vendors during its COVID-related shutdown last year citing “inconsistent payments from customers,” and former DC president Diane Nelson stated outright that the company “may not even be solvent” when discussing the split between Diamond and DC on social media last summer.  Not only is Diamond the contractually exclusive comic book distributor for some of comics’ largest publishers — including Image, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios, and Dynamite Entertainment — it’s also the sole distributor of a number of smaller independent publishers, as well. The collapse of such a distributor could prove a death blow to many, especially if it owes money to publishers if it goes under.

Marvel unveils the full, surprising lineup of new X-Men team

  Marvel unveils the full, surprising lineup of new X-Men team Fans voted for Polaris, and of course Cyclops and Jean Grey are leading the team. But the rest of the lineup is full of pleasant surprises. At the end of last year's mutant crossover story X of Swords, Cyclops and Jean Grey declared in no uncertain terms they were founding a new team of X-Men to represent the best and brightest that Krakoa has to offer. One slot on this team was determined by a public poll, and yesterday the results revealed that fans had voted Magneto's magnetically-powered daughter Polaris onto the team. Now, Marvel has unveiled the full lineup of the new X-Men...

Hibbs has estimated that as few as six comic publishers might survive such an event, down from the roughly 100 currently represented by Diamond.  Representatives for Diamond told THR via email that it was not planning to renegotiate existing agreements with publishers, although it added that there “are still details to work through,” and retailers should expect more information as soon as possible. As the industry waits for the Marvel/PRHPS deal to kick in, there remains a lot of uncertainty and speculation as to what, exactly, is going to happen over the next six months. Regardless of what happens with Diamond in any larger sense, most industry watchers expect Penguin Random House Publisher Services to add publishers to its comics distribution team beyond Marvel.

Within hours of the Marvel deal being announced, speculation grew that DC would soon be announced as a second comics market partner for the distributor, with many noting that the two companies already have a relationship with PRHPS acting as bookstore distributor for DC collected editions.  For those hoping that this year would bring some stability to a recovering comic book industry after a turbulent, COVID-impacted 2020, it’s become clear that’s not the case.

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' star Emily VanCamp says the big reveal about her character 'made perfect sense' .
The actress, who stars as Sharon Carter in the MCU, spoke to Marvel.com about her character's return on the Disney Plus series."When I found out that Sharon is in fact the Power Broker, it made perfect sense," the actress said in a new interview with Marvel.com. "It really solidifies what all of this means for Sharon.

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