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"Goodbye Germany" -star Daniela Büchner: After the relationship-out with Ennesto: "I have enough lovesicky"

 the separation of " Goodbye Germany " star Daniela Büchner (43) and hit singer Ennesto Monté (45) is only recently officially. The Love-from seemed to be no surprise for many, because between the two, it was supposedly crisped for a while. But the widow of hit singer Jens Büchner († 49) holds on her motto : "Head Hall, Crown, and keep it up!" Also enough tears have flowed - so Dani in their current Insta-Story.

Great Britain and the Royal Family are in deep grief. On Friday (April 9), Prinz Philip († 99) died at Windsor Castle. The husband of Queen Elizabeth (94) did not allow much collapse around his death. And so on Saturday - in compliance with Corona rules - in the presence of 30 people a funeral card held.

Harry und Meghan: Ohne Meghan wird Harrys Versöhnung mit der Royal Family leichter © imago / ppe Harry and Meghan: Without Meghan, Harry's reconciliation with the Royal Family lightweight

in the video above speaking the adel experts Laura Schäfer and Stefan Leaf on the approaching reunion between the Royal Family and the Sussexes. The fate can strengthen the family gangs.

Prince Harry (36) has already arrived from California, but without wife Meghan (39). She is pregnant in the eighth month and, according to Buckingham Palace, did not get a travel release from her doctors. It is no secret that the fronts after the retreat of the Sussexes in March 2020 and their detailed interview with Oprah Winfrey (66) are hardened last month. The Duchy couple had partly practiced hard criticism in the behavior of the royal house and the family. Now at least Harry of the kinship meet at the tomb of the beloved grandfather. It's a chance to peace.

"The Dream Ship" star Florian Silbereisen: From the hit singer to the actor: So he has changed over time

 Schlagerstar Florian Silbereisen (39) is a real all-rounder. His first appearance in the "Musikartenstadl" he already had 1991, Germany-wide knownness of the TV he celebrated in 1999 after an appearance at Carmen Nebel (64) - and then was no longer stopping . Not only as a singer, the native Passauer convinces, also as a moderator of numerous hit formats he enthuses his fans.

The first of the royal family, Prince Charles appeared on the weekend before the cameras. Deep moved, the heir to the throne spoke about his father, as you see in the video below.

Prince Harry does everything for Meghan Markle

Harry's protector instinct is huge when it comes to his family. In 2016, his new relationship with the actress Meghan Markle is known for a week, as the prince reaches drastic measures. He lets his speaker spread a statement, where he goes into court with the press and social media users. "Last week a border was exceeded," says the message. The actress was the subject of "chicke and insults". You have found sexist and racist subtones in comments. Harry "deeply disappointed that he was unable to protect her".

NWSL 2021 season preview: Who to watch, new kits, key questions and more

  NWSL 2021 season preview: Who to watch, new kits, key questions and more The league is kicking off its season Friday with the 2021 Challenge Cup, a four-week tournament that will transition into the regular season beginning in May. The Houston Dash are the reigning champions, having won last summer's inaugural Challenge Cup amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be the first to take the pitch in 2021. This year's campaign features a new squad, a relocated team, out-of-this-world kits, new faces in new places, and plenty of storylines to carry through the scheduled championship match on November 20. When does the 2021 Challenge Cup start? The Challenge Cup is a 21-game tournament beginning with group play and ending with the cup final.

before Meghan has lost Harry two partners he loved because they could not bear the - partially negative attention. At Meghan he wanted to do everything, so she stays.

It would be too easy to say that you are to blame for you to leave the royal house. Harry is a traumatized man. He never overcome the sudden death of his mother. Meghan gave him wing. She has shown him that a life outside the golden cage is possible.

The Royal Family can never escape Harry

But his family can never escape the 36-year-old. There he is rooted. The death of Prince Philip brings the Royal Family together again. Without Meghan on his side, Harry can talk to the people who have shaped him and in the worst time of his life at his side. If his wife were there, the prince would possibly happen too fast in the role of the protector. Despite all this, what happened, a conversation can now take place on another level.

, certainly, the deceased has wished that his grandson is spoked with the family. Philip and Harry are very similar in their impulsiveness and their slope to the rebellion. Maybe the Duke of Sussex is therefore a favorite of the Queen. Elizabeth II will have known that Harry had to find his way first. But also that he would give everything as soon as he found him. Similarly, the Duke of Edinburgh in the first few years of her marriage. Nonetheless, Philip became a deeply loyal, loving and queen of a prince prayer. These qualities characterize his grandson alike - his loyalty is just Meghan.

'Breyer Retire' campaign looms over Dems' tenuous majority

  'Breyer Retire' campaign looms over Dems' tenuous majority Neither Democratic lawmakers nor President Joe Biden are putting overt retirement pressure on the Supreme Court justice — but his future is on everyone's minds.Justice Stephen Breyer is 82 and Democrats are a single Senate seat away from ceding control back to Republicans. It’s a familiar and uncomfortable bind for a party that barely nudged former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire the last time they controlled both the Senate and the White House — then watched the Supreme Court veer to the right.

In the next few days, Harry is needed. From the people who accompany him for his life. It is not easy to work up the past. Hopefully, the Sussexes like the Royal Family understand that you can have roots and wings at the same time.

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