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NCIS Season 18: Gibbs will leaving the series with Marcie, played by the woman of Mark Harmon?

 NCIS Season 18: Gibbs will leaving the series with Marcie, played by the woman of Mark Harmon? Surprise, the 18 season of NCIS has just offered fans a nice meeting. In episode 11 broadcast on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 on CBS in the USA, Pam Dawber - Mark Harmon's wife, landed with the role of Marcie Warren. And while rumors suggest that the comedian could leave the series this year, should we expect soon to see Gibbs go to the arm of this new heroin? We have the answer. Attention spoilers. Gibbs has serious problems in season 18 of NCIS .

Emily Wickersham (NCIS, saison 18) : © CBS Emily Wickersham (NCIS, Season 18): "There are romantic things that arrive ..." Emily Wickersham evokes The season 18 of NCIS, and in particular the relationship of his character, Bishop, with that of Torres, who will evolve, for the greatest happiness of the fans.

While NCIS , whose future was threatened , has just been renewed for a season 19 , the previous one just started on M6. The opportunity for fans to attend the meeting of Gibbs and Ducky , to discover an appearance of the woman of Mark Harmon , or also to see a little more the father / son relationship of Gibbs and McGee . On the bishop side and torres also things move, as we had entrusted with the actor Wilmer Valderrama . His partner Emily Wickersham confirms it: There are romantic things that arrive ...

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Your Browser does not support this video NCIS ? "Not necessarily ", Answers Emily Wickersham Télé-leisure: What can the fans of

NCIS expect for Bishop in the 18 season?

Emily Wickersham: We'll see Bishop personal things. I love exploring the personal side of the character, outside the daily life of his work. There are also romantic things that arrive ... I have also shot a lot of action scenes, I love to cascades, be covered with blood and all that. But the most exciting for me is to develop the bishop and torres relationship. It's really funny!

Fans expect Bishop and Torres to go together. In your opinion, should the series meet their expectations?

(she laughs) no, not necessarily. I think the series must do what is good for the series and develop the characters in the most appropriate way according to the screenwriters. And the answer of fans to this is positive. There are many very funny things that arrive. The bishop and torres relationship has evolved from the beginning. She is the strongest in this season. This was great to explore that with Wilmer (Wilmer Valderrama, NDLR).

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"It is important to evoke societal topics in a series that affects such a broad audience", estimates Emily Wickersham The series often evokes societal topics, such as drug trafficking, for example. Does this aspect draw you?

Yes, I often talk about the screenwriters because I think it's important to evoke subjects of this kind in a series that affects such a broad audience. We can not do it all the time, but it's important that some episodes do it.

What impact do health restrictions have on filming?

We are not talking about COVID at the beginning of the season, but it happens later. On a daily basis on filming, it's weird, as for everyone. We are tested every week, the courses are arrows, everyone is hidden. There have always been rules on filming, but it's a big change. Everyone takes it very seriously, of course. At first, it was very weird. Especially during the repetitions, during which we carry a mask and a visor. It is difficult to hear what the partners say. But when we play, it's essential to feel connected. It's a challenge. It takes a little more time than before. But we come back to the challenge because we all want to be there. I feel grateful to be able to work, in this difficult period that we all go through, and to be able to offer an entertainment to people who are forced to stay at home.

The series has its 400th episode. How do you explain that she always has so much success?

I have always found great that this team, which I have not been part of since the beginning, is also popular even after as many years and episodes around the world. We must pay tribute to the work of the writers. I think

NCIS is comforting for many viewers, who have been attached to the characters for a long time. It is this magic that made this series has retained its popularity. I had to turn more than 150 episodes. But 400? It's crazy !

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