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brackets, racks and clasps are meanwhile everyday life, barely a teenager who works more without, and neuromuscular dentistry continues to develop in a rapid pace. Because we know today: An incorrect bite can cause a lot of discomfort through the permanent malfunction of the pine and head joints or the pressure on the nerves. A correction has a profound, it can influence the spine and all our attitude. From the land of beautiful white teeth, so from the United States, The Next Big Thing comes: The Non-Surgical Facelift in the Dental Office. In other words ...

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What the cosmetic dentistry reaches today looks more natural than most facelifts . Often without cut, with positive concomitants for health. Anyone who looks around the relevant websites will be amazed which changes, rejuvenations and beautifications through these treatments are possible. But one thing has to be said right: It takes patience, many units on the dental chair, and on some days you have to bite the teeth pretty. I wear my bite rails - why do the German designations often have to be so edgy? Aligners in English listen to much smoother - for 104 weeks and knows what I'm talking about when the pressure can spark very well with each newly adjusted pair.

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Why does the cosmetic dentistry work and where does it work?

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Even our teeth age, use, change their position and one or the other even falls out. Tooth wear often results from a disruption of the temporomandum joint. All this does not remain without consequences, because facial form, contour and proportions are changing thereby. Downloaded cheeks, sacking contours, wrinkled skin around the lips, bones and muscles that reduce - this sign of time counteracts rejuvenation tooth medicine, as well as congenital asymmetries, such as under or overbadden. Most of these malfunctions can be corrected without operational intervention.

cosmetic dentistry: The analysis

At the beginning of each cosmetic dental treatment is a thorough examination not only the teeth, but the whole head. It follows a 3D scan of the mouthroom with a subsequent subsequent analysis: What to do? The answer to this question is of course one another one. Time Missing Teeth need to be replaced, bridges built, sometimes teeth can be moved by means of transparent aligners. For me, the goal was to advance the jaw, so that the teeth become more visible. For this transparent plastic rails were made individually. Every six to eight weeks is a medical check and I get newly adjusted tooth rails.

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  Genetically modified mosquitoes have arrived in the US The first US release of genetically modified mosquitoes began in the Florida Keys this week, part of a plan to fight a dangerous invasive species. The plan was approved by local and government agencies, but some Florida residents and environmental groups are fighting mad.For the first 12-week phase, blue-and-white boxes containing about 12,000 GMO eggs developed by a US-owned, British-based company called Oxitec have been placed in six small areas of Ramrod Key, Cudjoe Key and Vaca Key. When water is added, the mosquitoes hatch, mature and enter the environment over the next week or so.

I mean my bite rails now so often and as long as possible. Of course, at night, but also during the day, even at work, if I do not have to lead official talks. To eat, I'll take you out of course. Whether I need a fixed retainer after completion of the treasure to stabilize the position of the teeth and thus concurrently the jawbone, will only turn out later. Unfortunately, our physical long-term memory ensures that everything often wants to move back into the old situation.

The Facelift Effect Behind the Dental Treatment

What I did not have to wait long during treatment was a taperful effect. Already after a few months became visible: the first signs of the nasolabial folds were hampered, the mouth looks more harmonious, the facial expression more relaxed. How long the procedure lasts and how much it costs depends on the respective starting situation. After two years I am short of my best smile. Whether it was all the rails and strapaces worth? Naturally.

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