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Ben Barnes Explains How He Plays a Sexy Wizard General in ‘Shadow and Bone’

  Ben Barnes Explains How He Plays a Sexy Wizard General in ‘Shadow and Bone’ The ‘Westworld’ actor on why he originally turned down the Netflix fantasy series and what changed his mind.What was your original impression of the role of General Kirigan?

The Shadow and Bone team put in a lot of work to bring those empowering themes to light — and make everyone comfortable on set. While Mei Li was a “bit” nervous knowing how “vulnerable” other actors can be in these situations, every nearly movement in the encounter was written in the script Her hookup with Kirigan is abruptly interrupted due to deadly chaos in the Little Palace . With Kirigan out of the study, Grisha mentor Baghra (Zoë Wanamaker) appears to shatter Alina’s lovestruck bubble. It’s here that Alina finds out the man she was just about to sleep with is the historical Darkling, who

Updates and open casting calls for Season 2 of Netflix's " Shadow and Bone "—plus audition tips from casting directors and current cast members. In the war-torn fantasy world of Netflix’s “ Shadow and Bone ,” based on a beloved series of books by Leigh Bardugo, an orphan discovers she possesses the power to manipulate the elements as she takes on evil forces that threaten her homeland. If you feel like you have some special abilities of your own and would like to unleash them in an audition, keep in mind that the new show—whose eight-episode first season premiered April 23, 2021—has so far only

Twelfth grade English teacher Kaari Aubrey said she and her students at Collegiate Baton Rouge often talk about current events — including efforts across the country to ban diversity education and what is being characterized as "critical race theory" in schools.

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Louisiana is one of many states where legislators have proposed bills to bar educators from teaching “divisive” concepts like white privilege and racial equity. The bill has faced heavy opposition in the state, but Aubrey said she and her students are still concerned.

“A lot of students expressed really wanting to feel like their teachers care about them as people, not just as students. I believe you can’t really care about a person unless you take their full identity into account,” she said, noting that most of her students are Black. “We’re basically saying that students are not allowed to learn in the context of themselves. It’s very disturbing.”

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On 2nd October 2019, the cast list for ' Shadow and Bone ' was released, announcing Jessie Mei Li would play Alina, Ben Barnes would play General Kirigan and Freddy Carter would play Kaz Brekker, amongst other series regular and recurring role announcements. However I have one complaint, at times the show is so dark you cant see what is happening, especially in the season finale battle scene. I'm talking Game Of Thrones battle of Winterfell dark, hence the 9. Other than that this is just as good as Witcher and Stranger Things, another success for netflix.

Shadow and Bone is an upcoming fantasy streaming television series developed by Eric Heisserer and 21 Laps Entertainment for Netflix that is scheduled to premiere on April 23, 2021.

A cluster of bills that aim to prohibit teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools have popped up in the last year. Lawmakers behind an Idaho bill said critical race theory “tries to make kids feel bad,” and in Tennessee, legislators accused such practices of “promoting division.” Meanwhile, a Rhode Island bill bans teaching the idea that “the United States of America is fundamentally racist or sexist.”

Conservative leaders have been accused of using the decades-old academic term — initially intended to recognize the systemic racism inherent in American life — as a catchall for anti-racism and diversity efforts.

The proposed policies mimic former President Donald Trump’s September memo ordering the Office of Management and Budget to stop funding training on critical race theory for federal employees, calling it a “propaganda effort.”

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The Little Palace is a place where appearances matter. As someone who looks like an enemy of the state, Alina faces stunning ignorance and insidious attacks on her character. Alina's half-Shu backstory changes allow Shadow and Bone to explore racism and classism, as well as the intersection between the two. Like all adaptations, Netflix cuts some elements of the original Shadow and Bone story to shorten screen time. Unlike most adaptations, however, those cuts don't cripple the story. Cutting content is a delicate art. The best adaptations eliminate small, standalone story elements that can be

The latest effort is Shadow and Bone , an adaptation and amalgamation of Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grisha trilogy, which provides the main storyline of the Netflix series, and her Six of Crows follow-up, which gives us the second plot strand. When one of the lesser crewmen loses his nerve and lights a lantern in the darkness, the winged monsters duly descend and start shredding the ship and everyone therein. Until – wait, did I mention? There have long been rumours throughout the Grishaverse that a rare being known as a Sun Summoner would have the power to destroy the Fold, were one ever to be

Around the same time, he condemned the "1619 Project," a Pulitzer Prize-winning 2019 New York Times report led by reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones that holds America was truly founded not in 1776 but in 1619, when the first enslaved people were brought to the colonies. Educators embraced this message and began utilizing the project and looking for resources to teach a more holistic history of the country.

Trump rebuked the project as a "warped, distorted" portrayal of American history. Both the memo and this attack sparked the commission of the "1776 Report," meant to combat the contents of the "1619 Project." The countrywide uprisings in the wake of George Floyd's death only fueled the matter, with pundits debating the nation's fraught history of racism. Thus, although President Joe Biden reversed Trump's initial ban in January, the seed had been planted.

Jonathan Chism, assistant professor of history at University of Houston–Downtown and co-editor of "Critical Race Studies Across Disciplines," said the sudden prevalence of these bills is "alarming."

How 'Shadow and Bone' author Leigh Bardugo made sure she didn't get 'locked out' of the Netflix adaptation process - and what it was like to film her cameo

  How 'Shadow and Bone' author Leigh Bardugo made sure she didn't get 'locked out' of the Netflix adaptation process - and what it was like to film her cameo Insider spoke with the author of the Grishaverse books, now a hit Netflix series, about where a TV adaptation can go wrong, and avoiding that trap.Though she and "Shadow and Bone" showrunner Eric Heisserer didn't have a clear roadmap for the adaptation process from the start, Bardugo says one of their first conversations was about how involved she'd be in the TV show's development.

Netflix’s adaptation of fantasy epic Shadow and Bone has a lot going for it, but articulating a sense of setting isn’t one of them. While readers of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books may be able to spot the difference between a Fjerdan and a Ravkan, your average viewer coming in cold might need a little help explaining the cultures The part of Ravka that is located west of the Shadow Fold and therefore cut off from Os Alta and Ravkan rulers, West Ravka has its eye on secession. Novokribirsk is a port city in West Ravka that sits on the coast of the True Sea, giving West Ravka its own strategic advantages.

Shadow and Bone does its best to match some of those moments when characters are inside the Shadow Fold.) Production-wise, it's a beautifully made show, with the best visual touch beyond the effects being the costumes designed by Wendy Partridge, which lean heavily on Russian That's the real magic trick a show like this has to pull off — creating a universe that feels fresh to newcomers, without alienating them or feeling too confusing. Like so many things in life, the key ingredient turns out to be the people involved. And in the case of both the fictional characters and the cast and crew, the

"Any anti-racist effort is being labeled as critical race theory,” Chism said. “Many that are condemning critical race theory haven’t read it or studied it intensely. This is largely predicated on fear: the fear of losing power and influence and privilege. The larger issue that this is all stemming from is a desire to deny the truth about America, about racism.”

Video: Conservative media hyper-focused on cancel culture (MSNBC)

Critical race theory was born when lawyers, activists and legal scholars joined in the 1970s and ’80s to come up with theories and strategies to combat subtler forms of racism, according to “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction.” The concept seeks to understand racism and inequality in the United States by exploring and exposing the ways racism shows up as an ordinary part of everyday life. The school of thought — founded by academics including Derrick Bell, Alan Freeman, Richard Delgado, Kimberlé Crenshaw and others — builds on critical legal studies and radical feminism.

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"Critical race theory is a practice,” Crenshaw, a scholar and law professor at UCLA and Columbia University, told CNN. “It's an approach to grappling with a history of white supremacy that rejects the belief that what's in the past is in the past and that the laws and systems that grow from that past are detached from it.”

Critics of the theory have declared it a “harmful and divisive ideology” that “places group identity above individualism and creates a binary conflict between ‘oppressor’ and ‘oppressed’ in relation to race,” as one Foundation for Economic Education article put it.

Last week, Tennessee Republicans advanced a bill to oppose teaching about critical race theory in schools. The bill doesn’t name the concept but combats its tenets by prohibiting educators from teaching about white privilege. Before that, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed into law a bill accusing critical race theory of inflaming divisions and undermining the “unity of the nation.”

Many bills use similar language without explicitly naming critical race theory. Bills in Oklahoma and Louisiana say educators can’t teach concepts like “an individual ... bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex.”

The tension can be felt on the city level, too. In Southlake, Texas, a slate of school board and City Council candidates who opposed a diversity and inclusion plan for the Carroll Independent School District won in broad victories. Conservative candidates for two school board positions, two City Council seats and mayor won their races just months after the affluent, mostly white district introduced a proposal to combat racial and cultural intolerance in schools.

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"The voters have come together in record-breaking numbers to restore unity," Hannah Smith, one of the newly elected school board officials, previously told NBC News. "By a landslide vote, they don't want racially divisive critical race theory taught to their children or forced on their teachers. Voters agreed with my positive vision of our community and its future."

However, critics of the bills say banning educators from teaching about the nation’s history regarding racism does a disservice to students. The Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission has asked Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt to strike down a pending bill that would effectively prohibit teaching about the massacre in schools. The Organization of American Historians voiced a similar concern after Trump’s memo last year.

Even students are weighing in on the matter. One Boise High School sophomore urged the Idaho Senate Education Committee to reconsider the bill.

“As a student, I learn best when I'm allowed to teach myself," Shiva Rajbhandari said during committee testimony, KIVI-TV reported. "I love research projects and individual learning where I can go as in-depth as I want and make my own opinions about things and then share my findings and my reasoning with my class. This bill restricts that learning process."

Idaho state Rep. Steve Berch, a Democrat and critic of the bills, has said there’s no widespread evidence that teachers are even pushing the school of thought in classrooms.

Darius Benton, a communications studies assistant professor at University of Houston-Downtown and a contributor to the book Chism co-edited, called ban efforts disingenuous because critical race theory is not usually taught in K-12 public schools to begin with.

“It’s not really even in the curriculum. People don’t really engage critical race theory until graduate school and some undergraduate programs,” Benton, who used to teach in high schools, said. “Every time a particular group wants to maintain control, they restrict education. I hope that doesn’t become the case.”

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