Entertainment Seth Rogen Says He's Finally Comfortable Admitting That He Doesn't Want Kids

02:20  13 may  2021
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Seth Rogen says it's not a 'coincidence' that he hasn't directed a movie since 'The Interview' and the subsequent Sony hack

  Seth Rogen says it's not a 'coincidence' that he hasn't directed a movie since 'The Interview' and the subsequent Sony hack The actor also admits to The New York Times that he was "gun shy" after all the controversy that surrounded the release of his 2014 comedy.But those big swings can lead to consequences, and Rogen believes that's what has happened due to the controversy surrounding "The Interview," the 2014 comedy the pair produced and directed.

And Seth Rogen revealed that he and wife Lauren Miller aren't planning on having kids . The 39-year-old actor said : 'She doesn ' t want kids . She wants kids less than I do,' he said during a virtual appearance on SiriusXM' s The Howard Stern Show on Monday. Howard tells Seth : 'I was thinking of you and your wife, I don't know if you ever wanted to have kids or not ' to which the actor shakes his head and says no. The host continued: 'I'm glad you don't have kids because you are into so many things.

Seth Rogen reveals that he has chosen not to work with Seth Rogen and James Franco have been regular screen partners in the past but that looks to be over now. Seth Rogen admits he ' s cut ties with former collaborator James Franco following the sexual abuse allegations made against the actor.

Seth Rogen wearing glasses posing for the camera © Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller are happy just the two of them.

The Knocked Up star opened up about finally being comfortable admitting that he doesn't want kids during his recent appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

"I wouldn’t be able to do all this work that I like,” Rogen told host Howard Stern, explaining that people have always asked him how he does so much and he felt "uncomfortable answering" because the answer is because he doesn't have kids. "It's that I don't have kids."

He also added that his wife is on the same page, "I would say she wants kids less than I do."

George Lucas once refused to let Seth Rogen on his spaceship

  George Lucas once refused to let Seth Rogen on his spaceship The Knocked Up star related the tale on Conan O'Brien's podcast.According to the Knocked Up star, he and his producing partner Evan Goldberg had a meeting with Spielberg in 2012 and were surprised to discover that Lucas was also present. Talk turned to the then-prevalent concern that the world would suffer an apocalypse before the end of the year and Lucas' apparent obsession with the possibility that that might come to pass.

Seth Rogen has started his own grassroots campaign to get President Trump out of the White House — and it revolves around sending Twitter direct messages to the politico’ s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. The Neighbors 2 star, 34, realized that the younger Trump is following Despite all his political posts, last year Rogen talked about how he needs to stay out of the fray, reasoning that he won’ t be able to really sway anyone with his opinions. “I listened to a thing on NPR that basically explained that it’ s impossible to change people’ s minds, and that in order to actually change someone’ s mind, they have

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When asked if it would have been a deal breaker if Miller wanted kids, he replied, "I think I couldn't wrap my head around it, but she's just like, 'no.'"

"Which is great," he added. "We have so much fun. I don’t know anyone who gets as much happiness out of their kids as we get out of our non-kids. We’re f*cking psyched all the time. We’re lying in bed Saturday morning, smoking weed, watching movies naked - if we had kids we could not be doing this."

Rogen and Miller tied the knot in 2011. The two celebrated their 9-year wedding anniversary and their 15th year as a couple back in October 2020. The Neighbors actor posted a photo of the two at an arcade in their wedding attire, along with a sweet note.

"Happy anniversary to us!! I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to find the perfect partner to go through life with. After 9 years married and over 15 years together, I love @laurenmillerrogen more every day," he captioned the pic. "Here’s me beating her at video games at our wedding."

Stanton lifts Yanks to 2nd straight walk-off over Nats, 3-2

  Stanton lifts Yanks to 2nd straight walk-off over Nats, 3-2 NEW YORK (AP) — Giancarlo Stanton hit a game-ending single off Brad Hand in the ninth inning, and the New York Yankees beat Washington 3-2 Sunday for their second straight walk-off win over the Nationals. Hand (2-1) walked Tyler Wade and pinch-hitter Aaron Judge starting the ninth, a day after walking his first batter and blowing ninth- and 10th-inning leads in a game New York won 4-3 in 11 innings. DJ LeMahieu hit into a forceout that left runners at the corners, just beating a throw to first to avoid a double play.Stanton lined a slider into left field for his 24th RBI this season and was mobbed by teammates at first base, just the fifth hit of the game for the Yankees.

Alexander admits that he needed help: “I don’ t think I would have been able to get out of it myself.” Although the medical world is divided as to whether internet addiction actually exists, Online Gamers Anonymous offers a 12-step programme to help compulsive players to wean themselves off games such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest and Final Fantasy. He suggests that parents often fail to tackle the addiction because they think that “if little Johnny is sitting in his bedroom playing on the internet, he ’ s not outside with all the dangers of drugs or alcohol; he ’ s not out there with all those rough kids ”.

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Last month, Miller celebrated her husband's 39th birthday by posting a silly photo of him on Instagram.

"Today is my favorite day because it’s the day my all-time favorite thing on the whole planet was born. Happy Birthday to the love of my life!!!" she wrote.

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Meanwhile, Rogen is promoting his new book, "Yearbook," which is filled with wild stories, including an encounter he and Judd Apatow allegedly had with Tom Cruise, when they were invited to the Mission Impossible star's Los Angeles mansion to talk comedy.

"There was this very weird period, where he had had his child, but no one had seen his child and there was genuine speculation as to whether the child was real," Rogen told Stern of Cruise's daughter, Suri, who he shares with ex-wife, Katie Holmes, in that same interview. "I remember meeting this baby, being like, 'This poor baby doesn't know she's like the most talked about person on the planet.' Which is a lot of pressure."

James Franco Acknowledged: Seth Rogen no longer wants to work with him

 James Franco Acknowledged: Seth Rogen no longer wants to work with him in an interview with the Sunday Times and published this weekend, the actor Seth Rogen explains not wanting to work with James Franco, targeted by complaints for "behavior Inappropriate or sexually abusive ". © Agency / Bestimage James Franco Acknowledged: Seth Rogen no longer wants to work with him friends accomplices from the friendly delirium express released in 2008, SETH ROGEN and James Franco will not pass / more their holidays together. ..

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He didn’ t know where to begin. Finally , he managed to ask: 'What on earth do you mean? You’re not suggesting I’m a bully, are you? How am I like Frank Rice?' In the changing room that afternoon after football practice, Damian, Chris and Will were discussing the game. Will had fallen over the ball at one point, and Damian was just about to make a joke about it when he stopped himself. Am I allowed to say something like that ?' he thought to himself.

He also recalled Cruise allegedly trying to talk to him about Scientology, crediting Apatow for intervening and changing the subject.

For more on Rogen, see below.

Seth Rogen Makes Fun of Home Buyers While Watching ‘House Hunters’ (Clip)

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Seth Rogen Makes Fun of Home Buyers While Watching ‘House Hunters’ (Clip)


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