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11:40  11 june  2021
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Next Corona Case on Schalke - Seven Players fall against Hertha from

 Next Corona Case on Schalke - Seven Players fall against Hertha from The PCR test series On Tuesday, the next Schalke professional has been positively tested on Covid-19. He is the total third player in which currently a positive corona finding is present. The game against Hertha is still not in danger. © imago images Home game not in danger: Schalke plays against Hertha on Wednesday. The newly affected Schalke actor is in strict isolation within the quarantine training camp.

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On Thursday evening Schalke had announced that the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Jens Buchta will leave the body. In an interview, the controversial chairman talks about its consequences, the path taken, which must be maintained - and that the club will soon be represented by "a strong personality".

Auf Schalke werden dieser Tage personelle Weichen gestellt | Soccrates Images/Getty Images © Provided by 90min on Schalke, these days are made of personnel course | SOCCATES images / Getty Images

On Thursday evening, Schalke 04 has surprisingly announced that Jens Buchta will leave the Supervisory Board after the General Assembly next Sunday. What many clubs would be a boundary message, ensures something explosive in Gelsenkirchen.

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 Schalke, News and Rumors Today: Liverpool Will not buy Kabak, fans symbolically say goodbye to the club - everything to S04 According to England, Liverpool does not want to commit the borrowed Ozan Kabak not to be firmly committed by S04. All news about Schalke on Sunday. of FC Schalke on Sunday. All new developments around S04 of today are available here. In addition, you can read the events of the last days around the Bundesliga relegation here again.

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After all, Buchta was not only a member, but according to the Tönnies-Aus also chairman. He was controversial among the fans. The one approached his attitude in the Causa Ralf Rangnick. His clear edge against this supposed pressure from the outside. Others again threw him an unprofessional blockage and deception.

In the interview with the WAZ, he spoke about the background of this decision. For example, in the control panel, it has been "positive structural decisions", "but in the end, the descent remains": "For this, I carry a joint responsibility as a chairman of the Supervisory Board. I take this responsibility and take the consequence of it."

# S04 update: Dr. Jens Buchta leaves the Supervisory Board of FC Schalke 04.

The farewell from the body follows the general meeting on 13.06.2021. More here ⤵️

Dramatic Cut at Schalke

 Dramatic Cut at Schalke Schalke 04 will adopt ten players and three employees at his initially last Bundesliga performance. © Provided by sport1.de Dramatic Cut at Schalke Schalke 04 is adopted at his for the time being last Bundesliga performance equal to ten players and three employees. The contracts of Benjamin Stambouli and Bastian Oczipka end with the descent. In addition, the expiring contracts of Rio World Champion Shkodran Mustafi, Nabil Bentaleb, Steven Skrzybski and Alessandro Schöpfi will not be extended.

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- FC Schalke 04 (@ S04) June 10, 2021

With the financial distress of the S04, this decision has nothing to do. On the contrary, Buchta referred to the important turnarounds on this question: "Gigantism, great plans that cost more money than we have, may not exist in the future." He does not worry about the association as such, "but this path we have chosen now must be continued". If it deviates from it, he would actually worry.

In addition, the 58-year-old spoke of a "very difficult personal decision" - after all, he was a member of this important committee for 15 years. His successor is decided in the constituent meeting under the General Assembly.

Buchta announces: "Face for Schalke" and at the same time Jobst successor,

was particularly interesting, however, was a point that has nothing to do with his decision. Re-addressed to the high staff turnover, especially in the Executive Board, he explained: "In the board area, the plan of the Supervisory Board is not one to replace Alexander Jobst [Peaching Board Marketing and Sales], but to find a face for Schalke in his successor. "

Huntelaar calls conditions for Schalke-remaining

 Huntelaar calls conditions for Schalke-remaining Klaas-Jan Huntelaar calls its conditions for a whereabouts at Schalke 04. The future squad plays an important role. © Provided by sport1.de Huntelaar calls conditions for Schalke-whereab Schalke 04 makes a dramatic cut! At the end of the season, a total of ten players will leave the scarce , among others the World Champion Skydran Mustafi and Nabil Bentaleb. However, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is not to belong to the tapers who would like to hold those responsible.

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Alexander Jobst verlässt Schalke nun auch vorzeitig | INA FASSBENDER/Getty Images © Ina Fassbender / Getty Images Alexander Jobst leaves Schalke now early | Ina Fassbender / Getty Images

Buchta Next: "This should be a strong personality that represents the club outwards and at the same time perceives the tasks as the Executive Board for sales and marketing." On the one hand, this should be an idea that will be discussed very controversially among the fans and members. On the other hand, these ideas sound as if you already have a personnel in mind.

What exactly with the "face for Schalke" is meant and how to interpret the representation to the outside, thus remains open for the time being. Maybe it will give more information on Sunday, if the outgoing Buchta will stop and guide the general assembly.

Buchta leaves Supervisory Board of FC Schalke 04 .
Schalke 04 needs a new chairman of the Supervisory Board. Jens Buchta will leave the committee after the General Assembly next Sunday. © imago images has announced his retreat: Jens Buchta. General Assembly on Sunday "I was allowed to serve the S04 for many years on the Supervisory Board in various functions for many years. I enjoyed that, and I do not want to miss this time," said Buchta: "But she was also - just in the last twelve months - Very intense and demanding.

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