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13:25  11 june  2021
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The Season 2 Ted Lasso trailer presents a new problem for feel-good AFC Richmond

  The Season 2 Ted Lasso trailer presents a new problem for feel-good AFC Richmond Ted Lasso concluded its universally successful first season with Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond still finding hope in their relegation, but the official trailer for season two shows that climbing the ranks of English football will be a little tougher than anyone expected. Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is asked by the press about the club's "embarrassing streak of draws," and immediately, we're reassured that Ted can still quip with the best of them: "I've never been embarrassed about having streaks in my draws. You know, it's all part of growing up.

One of the first movies starting in the re-opened cinemas is the wonderful romance "Spring in Paris". He is about the departure and the promise of the summer. So from our present.

 Auf so ein Ding setzte sie sich nicht, sagt sie. Also schiebt er: Suzanne Lindon als Suzanne und Arnaud Valois als Raphaël. © - On such a thing, she did not sat down, she says. So he pushes: Suzanne Lindon as Suzanne and Arnaud Valois as Raphaël.

This is exactly the right movie for this moment, he is called "Spring in Paris", and he offers exactly everything the title promises. The city lights either in the morning sun or in the backlight of the late afternoon. In the bistros, people sit under colored awnings, they drink syrup with bubble and only think about a thing about: l'amour.

Addison Rae and More Stars Take Major Fashion Risks on the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet

  Addison Rae and More Stars Take Major Fashion Risks on the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet Addison Rae, Chase Stokes and more stars took a chance with their red carpet looks for the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards, but did it pay off? See for yourself.For years now, the MTV Awards have stood in stark contrast to black tie ceremonies like the Oscars. Stars tend to take advantage of the laidback vibe, sporting dresses and suits that err on the adventurous side, and this year's show is no different.

The cinemas open again, in the coming week first many program cinemas, on 1 July then follow the multiplexes. It's departure, starting, reboot. And that's why it is also in "Spring in Paris", on such a charming and serene way, with so much sensitivity and empathy, that you would like to leave immediately to live in the hidden side streets of Montmartre present here, where It is obviously only people who weigh each other and look and flirt and read and buy drinks with straw.

It's about Suzanne, she is 16, and as a friend asks her on a party, which score between 0 and 10 would give the guys in their class, she answers: "Everyone a five. "Suzanne is bored of the same age, she rather suggests a book when they start talking, and then she encounters Raphael, a 35-year-old Adonis, who is committed to the theater and seeing no sense in it, to say texts The other wrote. So he stands with cigarette in front of his Vespa, she is added, eye contact, shake, Paris in spring: "Do you have fire?" He asks. "I'm not sure if you really need it," she says. Of course, his Gauloise burns long.

10 things to be excited about at the movies this summer

  10 things to be excited about at the movies this summer After more than a year of uncertainty and ever-fluctuating release schedules, there will be a summer movie season. The blockbusters are back. The smell of popcorn is in the air. Summer movies have always been stuffed with calamity and cataclysm, but this year, the existential threat is also off-screen. The pandemic has brought extensive changes for the movies, which have clung to life the last 14 months mainly on small screens. Can moviegoing be resuscitated? This summer will be a profound test of survival, and not just for Vin Diesel. © Provided by Associated Press FILE - People line up for movie tickets at a reopened AMC theater in New York on March 5, 2021.

Now you could think that this will be such an unpleasant Lolita story, but that's exactly what happens, and that's why this movie is great, because he goes very different. Suzanne falls in love, but less in this man with a three-day presentation, but rather into the duty in itself, in the new one she feels and leases her through the streets. "Spring in Paris" is filmed feeling, visible romantic diffusion. It is a game with the vagueness, the indefinite; The celebration of all that brings one to smell flowers, smile and sighs.

turned him the 21-year-old Suzanne Lindon. She grew up with famous parents, the mother is Sandrine Kibberlain, the father Vincent Lindon, both belong to the acting nobility of the French author's cinema. Suzanne Lindon wrote the screenplay with 15, and it refers to "Paris, Texas" by Wim Wenders as inspiration. She now also plays the lead role in the production where she leads directed, she reminds of the young Charlotte Gainsbourg, and it is remarkable how timelessly this work works. There are no cell phones in the movie, there's only the affection, and that the shy Suzanne can offer their gallantes in this story, is also at their parents' house: their home is a warm, bright place full of bookshelves and understanding. The mother and the father take them into his arm when it is matter, but they are not oversour. They are just there.

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Suzanne and Raphael are not too close to each other, that's very important here. A kiss on the neck is the most intimate, they literally dance around each other. When they are together, the film tilts, the performers then move like dancers, that is the choreography of interpersonal magnetism. Lindon stages the adherence to the growth as a skipping action, as moved to the sound of a growing melody.

In general, one sees the faces of each other often in close up, and the most beautiful is that very at the end. Suzanne sees Raphael. But she does not call him, she does not appeal to him. She just looks.

Soon the summer starts.

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