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16:45  11 june  2021
16:45  11 june  2021 Source:   auto-motor-und-sport.de

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in the USA has a vehicle whose wind turbine ensures propulsion, first test drives completed. Noteworthy: even speeds were achieved that were faster than the wind itself.

  Der Wind weht, das Auto fährt - Testfahrzeug mit Windrad für Turbinenantrieb © Screenshot YouTube / Veritasum

already serves wind, in the broadest sense, the movement of electric cars. At least when used as a renewable energy source for power generation, which is then in the batteries or with the help of "green" hydrogen can be produced for the drive of a fuel cell.

But also the wind itself can be translated into locomotion. If he meets a correctly set sail, he can accelerate boats at a sanitary pace. You can also transfer this to the mainland, as you can see at countless North sea territs.

South Dakota rocked again as a wind turbine plant shuts its doors

  South Dakota rocked again as a wind turbine plant shuts its doors John F. Kerry, the special presidential envoy for climate, said only months ago that those losing fossil fuel jobs in coal and hydraulic fracturing will find they have a better choice in jobs in either the solar industry or as wind turbine technicians. © Provided by Washington Examiner That was then. Now, a wind blade manufacturing plant located in Aberdeen, South Dakota has announced it is shutting its doors permanently in less than two months. The disappearance of Molded Fiber Glass will displace over three hundred workers and their families.

The element air as drive energy

Now comes a new facet. The American You-Tube Channel Veritizium has shown a wind turbine car in a movie post. On the El Mirage, a dried lake in the California Mojave desert, test drives took place.

A windmill on the single-wheeled, three-wheeled vehicle ensures energy. But it is not simply used the motion energy of the rotors to drive a turbine, the thing is a bit more complex. The windmill sets a pinion wheel in motion, which drives the turbine via a chain drive. It pushes compressed air backwards, which makes the test vehicle in motion. Thus, speeds should be possible, which are above the current wind speed.

Commercial intentions with this concept are currently not reacting. The idea with the wind drive could definitely call engineers on the plan, which with different translations have a force control in the interests.

This is how you deploy an absolutely massive floating turbine .
Orbital Marine Power says its tidal turbine is the most powerful in the world.Tugboats from the port city of Dundee delivered the 680-ton turbine to the islands. Tidal turbines are placed in tidal streams to generate power. Orbital calls its O2 the world's most powerful tidal turbine. "Orkney's blessed with some of the biggest and strongest tidal streams in the world, and so it's a pretty good proving ground," CEO Andrew Scott told CNET.

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