Entertainment Why do we do "good ripaille" when we delight a feast?

20:13  17 june  2021
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 photo - Sharon Stone cracks her fans: this dress that will delight ten years after © action press / besimage photo - Sharon Stone creates her fans: this dress that will delight ten years after on Instagram This Thursday, May 20, Sharon Stone shared a photo on which she wears a Valentino dress. The 63-year-old actress had worn for the first time this piece almost 10 years ago. Some rooms do not lose their superb, especially those from the collections of Valentino House.

Dans l'émission d'Europe 1 © Gaumont Buena Vista International in the emission of Europe 1 "Historically yours", Stéphane Bern leans every day on the roots of an expression of everyday life. Thursday, he is interested in the origins of the gourmet turn "make good ripaille", promise, after having eaten well and drank, to have the skin of the belly well tense.

Stéphane Bern offers every day, in historically yours with Matthieu Christmas, to discover these expressions that one uses on a daily basis without necessarily knowing their origin. Thursday, to open us the appetite, the animator of Europe 1 returns to the gastronomic and Dutch roots of "good ripaille".

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When comes the moment of supper, there are two schools. That of David Castello-Lopes : a house soup and a glass of water. And that of Olivier POELS : we organize a parade of foxing, calves, roasts, sausages, pates of deer and piglets. In short, as in the movie the visitors with Christian Keyboard and Jean Reno, we do "good ripaille"!

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scratching the incrust and flat bottoms

once is not Custom, this greedy expression comes from the Netherlands. In Dutch, there is a verb, "Rippen", which gave French "Riper", which meant scratching. In the 16th century, the formula "make ripaille at someone" to say that we had been invited and that we took advantage of the generosity of the hosts. We find the idea of ​​scratching a meal.

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At the time, it was the soldiers who were most often ripailling in people. We imagine that no one dared not protest too much when soldiers were invited to your home. These, often in force position, did not hesitate to abuse by finishing all the dishes and to scrape the ramp. We still find the idea of ​​scratching.

Château Haut-Savoy de Ripaille

Another complementary origin is probable. In the 15th century, the former pope Amedee VIII is freshly widowed and inconsolable. He withdrew near Lake Geneva in a priory with the meditation and chastity program. Fortunately, it can be bombing in an orgiastic way. The place is renowned for that. It is the ripaille castle in Thonon-les-Bains, a place that you can always visit today. We can even rent parts ... and do ripaille.

in Spain, we say today "entrepar", or fill the guts. In Brazil, it's "Panced Panqua", fill the belly. Before going good ripaille, remember what Coluche said: "At my grandmother, before eating, everyone was praying. Must say that the food was disgusting."

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