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13:15  18 june  2021
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From Deal Frenzy to Decoupling: Is the China-Hollywood Romance Officially Over?

  From Deal Frenzy to Decoupling: Is the China-Hollywood Romance Officially Over? In the run-up to Chloé Zhao’s historic best director win for Nomadland at the 93rd Oscars, Disney began tiptoeing around potential land mines with regard to China, the director’s home country and the studio’s most important international market. “Please note in your ongoing coverage of Nomadland that Chloé Zhao is a Chinese filmmaker,” an executive […]A number of news outlets, including The New York Times, had mistakenly referred to Zhao as Asian American, but the bluntness and blanket nature of the proviso was conspicuous.

The doubling of the raw material costs and missing electronics chips will still be braked on the recovery of the auto industry according to a study by the management consultancy of Alixpartners. This year, about 83 million cars would probably be sold worldwide.

Ein Mitarbeiter arbeitet an der Karosserie eines E-Autos. Die Verdopplung der Rohstoffkosten und fehlende Elektronikchips bremsen derzeit die Autoindustrie aus. © Sebastian Kahnert / DPA Central Image / DPA An employee is working on the body of an e-car. The doubling of raw material costs and missing electronic chips are currently braking out the auto industry.

The record mark of 94 million cars reached in 2018 will probably only reach 2025. The profit margins are likely to reach a pre-crisis level this year, said industry expert Jens Haas on Friday. The reason is austerity programs, high state aids, "the avoidance of discount battles and the rapid recovery of the Chinese market».

Future of chip making to lean heavily on AI for spotting defects, says Applied Materials

  Future of chip making to lean heavily on AI for spotting defects, says Applied Materials For the first time, a machine learning program will tell a scanning electron microscope where to look closer for defects in a silicon waferAn optical scanner, Enlight, does a quick read of a chip wafer, at low resolution, calling out what may be defects. A scanning electron microscope, SEMVision, does a slower scan of only sections of the wafer, carefully classifying suspected defects as benign anomalies or serious defects. A machine learning classifer, ExtractAI, uses the output of SEMVision to identify more areas as worthy of closer review, and directs the SEMVision to take a look.

raw material costs increased by 92 percent

but raw material costs per vehicle were increased by 92 percent compared to the previous year to a record high of $ 3600. For next year, only a slight relaxation is expected. "However, a return to the pre-crisis level is not in sight," because there is a lack of almost all important raw materials, the study authors explained.

The chip scarcity will lead to a production failure of up to four million vehicles in Europe. «Currently, orders will be served by the end of 2020 in September of this year." This is increasingly lead to production stops in autofactics worldwide. With a relaxation of the situation, only 2022 is expected. For the study, they had evaluated the balance sheets of more than 300 automakers and suppliers.

Real Housewives from Different Franchises Hanging Out IRL

  Real Housewives from Different Franchises Hanging Out IRL Real Housewives from Different Franchises Hanging Out IRL

Video: Raw material deficiency endangers upswing in crafts (DPA AFX)

More and more electric vehicles

The share of electric vehicles will grow to 23 percent by 2030 worldwide, even 32 percent in Europe. However, E-cars are still up to $ 11,000 more expensive than comparable combustions, the distance will only slowly smaller. Without state subsidies, the sales targets could not be achieved, Haas said.

An important reason for the higher cost of e-cars is battery production. Forward China, China will expand its production capacity to 750 GWh by 2025. However, Europe gets up and will increase its capacity to 369 GWh. "Almost half of European production is located in Germany." The worldwide expansion will reduce costs.

Less Orders for Suppliers

A problem for the traditional suppliers of the car maker is that the autoconders need fewer components and also take more and more shares into their own hands. For e-drives, 2025 worldwide, 50 percent of the value added would be produced by manufacturers themselves or in joint ventures.

In the near future, the carmakers would also work closer to software development. «Manufacturers are currently struggling to collect enough experience in good time until the introduction of autonomous systems, but also in the development of software enough experience," explained the industry experts. «The was for Talents for the vehicle of the future will continue to tighten, as no longer only the big tech companies such as Google or Facebook on software developers are instructed, but more and more engineers need this department."

Your chips will be in short supply this July 4 .
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