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Britney Spears Felt Her Conservatorship Was an 'Oppressive and Controlling Tool Against Her' in 2016: Report

  Britney Spears Felt Her Conservatorship Was an 'Oppressive and Controlling Tool Against Her' in 2016: Report According to the New York Times, a probate investigator concluded that Britney Spears' conservatorship remained necessary after speaking with the singer, her doctors and her conservators five years agoOn Tuesday, The New York Times released a report citing sealed court documents from 2016 in which the newspaper quoted from records, transcripts and reports from conversations between Spears and a probate investigator in her case. The documents - which the outlet said provide only a "snapshot" of Spears' "sentiments and situation" - were meant to remain confidential.

John Carpenter created with " Halloween - the Night of Gray " 1978 one of the largest horror milestones of all time - in the past However, for 40 years, however, was continued on every conceivable way, so that even diehard Michael-Myers fans like to drop a chapter under the table. David Gordon Green brought with " Halloween " three years ago, however, once again really momentum into the series - and that ideally also holds two more films.

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on October 14, 2021 it goes on with " Halloween Kills " before the cult revival with " Halloween Ends " (Kinostart: 13 October 2022) then to be terminated for a year later. Whether this is really the end of Serienkiller Michael Myers, remains to be seen. At least Jamie Lee Curtis is now pretty sure that she is "Halloween" after almost 45 years.

Britney Spears' Conservatorship Battle, Explained: How It Came to Be and Why She's Speaking Out Now

  Britney Spears' Conservatorship Battle, Explained: How It Came to Be and Why She's Speaking Out Now The singer is expected to address the court on June 23. ET's breaking down everything you need to know about the ongoing legal case.The 39-year-old singer is expected to appear remotely before a judge on June 23 to address the court directly. This will mark the first time in years that Britney will speak in court about the conservatorship, which has been extended until September 2021.

"Halloween Ends": The end for Laurie Strode?

Curtis once celebrated its breakthrough with the carpenter classic and has returned to row since then. In addition to " Halloween II ", which seamlessly connects to the predecessor and in which the Laurie Strode, played by Curtis was made short-manner to Michael Myers' sister, she also returned to " Halloween: H20 " and " Halloween Resurrection " Back - until it reappeared in the continuation of "Halloween" 2018 faded all the Sequels again and was destroyed again. After two other films, it should now be one for all times.

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"I would say that from what I mean About the next movie [Anm. d. Red.: "Halloween Kills"] White, I believe that it will be the last time I games you, "says Jamie Lee Curtis in conversation with i. At the same time, the 62-year-old also reveals that this should not mean that their figure dies. Rather, it was due to the emotional construction, give the David Gordon Green and Co. Laurie Strode in the upcoming films. It just feels like a great and above all right end.

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa wins GOP primary in NYC mayor's race

  Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa wins GOP primary in NYC mayor's race Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa won the GOP mayoral primary in New York City on Tuesday, though he faces low odds of winning November's general election.Sliwa was declared the winner over restaurateur Fernando Mateo with an over 40-point lead with nearly 70 percent of votes tallied. Both candidates waged bitter campaigns centered around support for law enforcement amid a rise in violent crime in the city. Sliwa, who founded a group of volunteer crime fighters without any legal authorization, cast himself as uniquely qualified to reverse the spike and said he would hire 3,000 more police officers.

"Halloween Ends": Even the end for Michael Myers?!

The film title of the next "Halloween" film suggests a kind of degree any more than clear. But will "Halloween Ends" really the end for the series - and thus for cult killer Michael Myers?

It would of course be possible that the title in the end is actually also program. A short look into the past of the franchise, however, lets doubts - and true fans the hope. After all, the original was also planned as a solo film until a second movie was pushed shortly afterwards, and with " Halloween III " then even a horror anthology with independent showers was considered, which should mean the end of Michael Myers. However, the "Halloween" film without the masked killer did not go well with fans, so myers simply came back in the next movie.

and also Myers' "death" in "H20" and the subsequent, underground "resurrection" did not change the fact that it came to a revival in the form of an remakes in 2007. And in order to finally set up the Timeline Chaos the crown, then the (after all really strong) film came from David Gordon Green. So, no matter what in the future is still on Michael Myers: If the right idea comes around the corner at the right time, we will see the slasher icon sooner or later again!

John Carpenter promises a lot of dead in "Halloween Kills": So what has never seen! ONLY OBLEST However, we can look forward to "Halloween Kills", in which loud

John Carpente R expects a brutal slasher highlight, as you have never seen. We are curious!

Britney Spears Calls Out Her Family, Including Sister Jamie Lynn Spears, in Scathing Post .
"My so-called support system hurt me deeply," Britney Spears captioned her Instagram post on Saturday, July 17, in which she blasted her family members.The pop star—who recently slammed those "closest" to her for not speaking up about her 13-year conservatorship sooner—took to Instagram to directly call out her family members, including her father, Jamie Spears, and younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

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