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16:00  22 july  2021
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Apple, defending its App Store, takes first swipe at new tech antitrust bills on Capitol Hill

  Apple, defending its App Store, takes first swipe at new tech antitrust bills on Capitol Hill The tech giant says some parts of proposed antitrust legislation could upend security on its iPhones and iPads.In a statement published early Wednesday morning to its site, timed to follow political newsletters that arrive before most of us eat breakfast, Apple made its case for its App Store business model, where the company exercises tight control over how apps are bought and downloaded to its devices. The App Store, which launched in 2008 and has nearly 2 million apps, is the only place iPhone and iPad owners are allowed to download programs for their devices.

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The Microsoft Store was not a great success under Windows 10. With the end customers, Microsoft makes a new startup and makes the Store an open platform that can accommodate any kind of application in the future. However, Microsoft leaves the store for companies and educational institutions.

The Microsoft Store for Business and Education is no longer supported under Windows 11, for Windows 10, it will be switched off in the first quarter 2023. The practically nobody will notice, because the number of users was extremely manageable. In most companies, the store was completely shut down.

The Most Important New Features in Windows 11

  The Most Important New Features in Windows 11 After leaks and rumors, we got our first look at the future of the platform. Here's what you have to look forward to this fall.You’d be forgiven if the new features in Windows 11 sound familiar. Microsoft is adding widgets, translucent windows, and window snapping. All of these features have been around for a while, but the Windows 11 approach looks, well, better. In fact, most of the new features seem to be designed around a theme of incremental improvement rather than wholesale overhaul (which is good, because we all remember Windows 8.

rumors around one end of the business store already existed early 2020 , and at the latest since the April 2021 has been removed to acquire chargeable apps, was obviously how the journey will end.

The "Returned Store" remains available for companies but still available if they want to serve them. About Microsoft Intune Admins can access the Store catalog and distribute available apps on request to the managed devices. Another important role should play in the future of Windows Package Manager. Via WinGet can be accessed on the public repositories, and companies can also maintain private repositories in which they store their own applications.

For more details see here: Evolving The Microsoft Store for Business and Education

Microsoft Edge receives improved PDF highlighters, new PWA features and more .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge gets a freehand highlight for PDF files, new features for better dealing with Progressive Web apps as well as various new guidelines that make life easier for administrators in companies. In the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, there are numerous entries that not only describe the function itself, but also reveal at the same time, for which version of Microsoft Edge is planned.

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