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16:35  22 july  2021
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53-year-old woman dies hiking through Grand Canyon during extreme heat

  53-year-old woman dies hiking through Grand Canyon during extreme heat Michelle Meder of Hudson, Ohio, became "disoriented and later unconscious" while hiking down the Hermit Trail on Saturday.The Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center received a report at around 1:15 p.m. Sunday that a backpacker was experiencing heat illness on the Tonto Trail near Monument Creek, the Grand Canyon National Park said in a news release.

The strong heat make their return, we already have trouble, as humans, to bear them then we dare to imagine what our animals can feel. Here are some tips and info for more vigilance and give you ideas to refresh your pet.

  Comment rafraîchir son animal de compagnie par fortes chaleurs ? © iStock

animals like dogs and cats do not sweat, they only have the surface of their pads to evacuate the water, which, you imagine it well, can take longer than for a human . When your animal is stale or saliva, it is the sign that it does not necessarily go well and that the heat begins to weigh. Your vigilance must be increased and remember that we support temperatures that will not necessarily be for your pet.

What is a heat dome? Extreme temps in the Pacific Northwest, explained

  What is a heat dome? Extreme temps in the Pacific Northwest, explained To call this heat wave "unprecedented" does not do it justice.Behind the misery is a weather phenomenon known as a heat dome.

Being out of

some signs should put you the chip in the ear to help you understand that your pet goes wrong. If he goes to a lot of salivate is that he lacks air and if he is better and that his breathing is accelerating is that we must act and quickly. The heat can go so far as to cause vomiting to your dog or your chat and his tongue can even become blue, synonymous with poor blood oxygenation ... Be provident and do not let your pet happen so far.

Privilege outings at sunrise or sunset

This may seem logical but it is important to remind it. Do not go out your animal at the hottest hours of the day or between 11h and 16h and rather prefer the outings to sunrise and sunset. It is important to note that the heat of bitumen can burn it the pads and that it may catch a sunburn on the truffle, eyelids and ears ...

49.5 ° C: Absolute heat record in Canada, at least 134 deaths in five days

 49.5 ° C: Absolute heat record in Canada, at least 134 deaths in five days © Jeff McIntosh An irrigation canal at Chestermere, in the Canadian province of Alberta. dozens of people died suddenly in recent days in the Vancouver area in Western Canada. An overmortality directly attributed by the authorities to the canicular temperatures that reached 49.5 degrees on Tuesday, an absolute record for the country.

How to refresh it?

Do not hesitate to fill a gourd when you walk in a walk to hydrate dog vote. You might think that the mouse would allow him to have less hot but you would make a big mistake doing that. On the contrary, its hairs and sub-hairs allow to protect it from the rays of the sun. If you are missing the time of a day, remember to fill several water blocks for your animals and favor the croquette pâté. Indeed, the pâté contains more water and allow your pet to be better hydrated. Be careful that says not to brutally change his diet at the risk of causing digestive problems. The Tom & Co brand markets a refreshing basket that you can use when the strong heat will be felt to relieve it. It is available at the price of 43.99 euros and allows a refrigerated cooling effect. Finally, never let your dog in your car the time to go for a few shopping. You risk having a sad surprise by returning mostly by the heat ...

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People struggled to tap resources during Northwest heat wave .
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — People in Oregon struggled to get rides to cooling centers during the recent heat wave that is believed to have killed hundreds across the Pacific Northwest, officials said Monday, and staffing shortages prevented callers from reaching operators at an information line. State authorities are examining their response to scorching temperatures that broke all-time records across the region late last month as the American West struggles with a historic drought and climate change makes extreme weather more common and intense.

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