Entertainment Nantes. The Breton Night back to the castle of Ducs

20:25  25 july  2021
20:25  25 july  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Travel to Nantes. Two trams relooked by a young artist

 Travel to Nantes. Two trams relooked by a young artist © West-France Artist Amélie Bertrand realized his works with stencils. Artist Amelie Bertrand has customized two trams as part of the trip to Nantes. They will circulate on lines 1 and 2, from Wednesday, June 30th. You may be able to board or see them go from Wednesday, June 30. This summer, at Nantes , two trams with the hyper colored coating will circulate on the lines 1 and 2.

Denez Prigent, chanteur breton, se produit au château des ducs de Bretagne à l’occasion de la Nuit bretonne. © West-France Denez Prigent, singer Breton, occurs at the castle of Dukes de Bretagne on the occasion of the Bretonnight night.

After two years of Covid-19, Château des Ducs de Bretagne hosted this Saturday, July 24, the new edition of the Bretonnight, adapted to the health context.

It was a return awaited by the amateurs of Breton music. Château des Ducs de Bretagne has hosted the artist Denez Prigent and the Quartet Talec-Noguet Quartet, Saturday, July 24, on the occasion of the Bretonnight, partner of the trip to Nantes.

A concert with reduced programming, adapted to the sanitary context with mandatory mask and sanitary pass at the entrance. This year, habits have changed: more than fest-noz, but a concert only, with limited programming and a seated audience.

After the occupation, a strike at the Graslin Theater in Nantes

 After the occupation, a strike at the Graslin Theater in Nantes © Loic Venance / AFP in Nantes in recent months, the Graslin Theater has been a focus of protest. A social movement can hide another. While the occupation of the Graslin Theater, in Nantes, ended on Saturday, June 26, , a strike took over. According to West-France , about twenty technicians used by Angers-Nantes Opera started on Monday a strike whose notice runs until July 16th.

Adaptation necessary on the artists side: "The idea was to have lost proposals while sitting, to avoid a frustration" , explains Maël Hugro, director of the new pavilion, partner of the trip to Nantes.

Galette and beer

Sweet music and walks at Breton rhythms who have not prevented some members from the public from improvising a traditional dance, typical of the Fest-Noz.

A taste of the world before for Luc, 59 years old, used to the night Bretonne: "It feels good to see artists on stage, to eat a pealette, to drink a beer ... life what! Like him, a little less than 500 people attended the concert.

near vitre. Bucolic Walk in the Bois-Cornillé Park .
© West-France Pauline de Malartic has received visitors in the courtyard in front of the castle. Pauline de Malartic, owner of the wood-Cornilli, offered a guided tour of the castle park, labeled Garden remarkable, Saturday 14. We tested "It's a watered home! exclaims Pauline de Malartic, while a downpour falls on the visitors. The owner of the wood-cornilli, near glazed ( Ille-et-Vilaine ) invites participants to take refuge at the winter garden, hearing the lull.

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