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17:00  28 july  2021
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The Mistral Rock Park, the "Puy du Crazy Provençal", opens its doors

 The Mistral Rock Park, the © Dr. in Provence, a new historical theme park has just opened: Rocher Mistral. The estate of 400 hectares, surrounded by Garrigue, houses the Château de la Barben, renovated after months of work. He proposes to the spectators an immersive experience in the history of the building and the region, thanks in particular to actors. It is already nicknamed the Puy of the Provencal crazy.

Culture, patrimoine, bien-être....La randonnée à thème fait un carton © Marina Le Gall Hannibal / Wind of Forests Culture, Heritage, Well-being .... Theme hike makes a cardboard Walk, but not only! More and more walks in nature come around a particular theme. The goal ? Provide new experiences and rediscover the territory.

The hike is on the rise: 18 million French people practice it regularly. It is even the first sporting activity during their holidays *. "While we are constantly in front of screens, driving, more and more sedentary, the hike gives the body moving and allows to disconnect", assures David Le Breton, sociologist and author of "walking life, a quiet art of the Happiness "(Ed. Metalia). After the successive confines that limited the outings, the French rushed to the trails to take the air, find the contact of nature.

Fighting back against the age of manufactured ignorance: Resistance is still possible

  Fighting back against the age of manufactured ignorance: Resistance is still possible Republican attacks on "critical race theory" are part of a larger right-wing strategy. Resistance is crucial People hold up signs during a rally against "critical race theory" (CRT) being taught in schools at the Loudoun County Government center in Leesburg, Virginia on June 12, 2021. The term "critical race theory" defines a strand of thought that appeared in American law schools in the late 1970s and which looks at racism as a system, enabled by laws and institutions, rather than at the level of individual prejudices.

Walking is conducive to discovery

It is also the perfect opportunity to make them discover something else. It is the meaning of the hikes declined around a theme. One two in one who knows a real success in the mountains, on the edges of the sea, in the countryside or in town: theatrical hiking, meditative, around the heritage or gastronomy ... "Walk put the senses in awakening, evacuates fatigue and stress, promotes concentration and all this is suitable for discovery, Assures Brigitte Soullay, President of the French Hiking Federation , which has 240,000 licensees and who saw the attendance of his website Double 2020. While most walkers have already traveled the trails around them, they are fond of novelties, and want to renew their eyes. "

Latino heritage sites including a park, river and bodega need preservation, group urges

  Latino heritage sites including a park, river and bodega need preservation, group urges Seven sites crucial to Latino heritage and history are in need of preservation, according to the Hispanic Access Foundation report.Latino Heritage Scholars, part of an initiative of the non-profit Hispanic Access Foundation, say the seven sites they’ve picked embody the contributions of Latinos to the nation’s identity and narrative.

Gallery: An exploration of the design for all at the Cognac Martell Foundation

  Culture, patrimoine, bien-être....La randonnée à thème fait un carton

Discovering the territories

Many tourism offices also propose to discover their territories, such as the "Oenorandos", in the Hérault , a course through the vineyards and local vineyards, or "via cass'mos", a loop in the heart of the three valleys of the verse, lot and the famous where works of art invite to contemplate the landscape. "The walk is a fun way, light, to become familiar with culture, history, heritage, subjects that may seem serious, Analysis David Breton. It is a great way to democratize these practices." And finding a form of escape and change of scenery without crossing the borders. "The French have a strong interest in the local, Assure Charlotte Rynne, chef of product hiking at Decathlon. To accompany them we launched the" Outdoor "application , which lists 5,500 marked courses, but also increased hikes, with texts or audio, and theme courses, animated by a guide or a specialist: Rando drawing, cheese or sophrology ... "What's occupy this summer, with a light foot! * French hiking federation; ** IPSOS survey for travel with us, May 2021

Marseille: The Mistral Rock, "Puy du Crazy Provençal", pursued by France Nature Environment

 Marseille: The Mistral Rock, assigned for an infringement of a large colony of bats and a construction without a license, the Rock Mistral denounces "an ideological opposition" © Alexandre Vella / 20 minutes The Château de la Barben, by theme "Rocher Mistral" is located 20 minutes from Aix Dura Lex, Sed Lex - Assigned for an infringement of a large colony of bats and a construction without License, the Mistral Rock denounces "an ideological opposition" after the lights of the spectacles and guests of its inauguration , the

"Contemporary forest art, a great idea": bamboo, 23 years old

Last year, I left the Paris region for the Meuse. On TripAdvisor, I discovered windows of forests , a hike in the woods, between Bar-le-Duc and Verdun, punctuated by a hundred facilities of contemporary art. Each is like a little surprise that you have to look for. I found this awesome principle because in ride, walkers have time, can admire the facilities without the crowd of museums. An idea that we should develop!

"fasting and walking, ideal for getting out of everyday life": Isabelle, 63 years old

with my husband, we appreciate the holidays combining nature, physical activity, and well-being. After a meditation stay in Iceland, we spent a week of fasting and hiking in the Drôme, supervised by specialized animators. Crazaway on trails in the midst of beautiful landscapes made us a good good. And allowed not to think about hunger! It is an ideal setting for getting out of his daily life, starting and doing good.

Woman Dies in Arizona Desert After Hike With Cop Who Has History of Lying .
Angela Tramonte had been in Phoenix for less than 24 hours when she was found dead on a hiking trail last Friday. Now her friends are asking questions about her relationship with an off-duty cop who was with her that day—and who has a documented history of lying. Tramonte, 31, had flown into the city to meet with Dario Dizdar, an off-duty Phoenix Police Officer, fire officials told The Daily Beast on Monday. Friends said the pair had been speaking online for two months, and that it was the first time they met in person. Dizdar began a hike with Tramonte Friday afternoon, but kept going when Tramonte became tired and “overheated,” fire officials said in a news release.

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