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23:20  28 july  2021
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podcast. "It was a tribute to him": Jean-Michel Djian tells Edgar Morin

 podcast. © Jean-Michel DJIAN Journalist Jean-Michel Djian devotes a documentary to the sociologist and philosopher Edgar Morin. On the occasion of the hundred years of the Philosopher and Sociologist Edgar Morin, Journalist Jean-Michel Djian looked at his work, devoting him a documentary co-produced by Arte. A national tribute will also be rendered on July 8th. The opportunity to highlight the multiplicity of the fields of study of this researcher, who does not wish to be confined to boxes.

In this chronic downgrading of Frédéric Brunnquell are expressed French for difficult months who doubt the arrival of better days.

ARTE - Wednesday, July 28 at 10:30 pm - Documentary

Author and director of quality documentary films, Frédéric Brunnquell knows how to speak those who draw the devil by the tail and suffer from social contempt. In 2014, he had looked, through a documentary in three parts (middle class, lives on the wire), on these citizens for difficult months, long convinced that they managed to rise in society Thanks to their efforts and now doubt the arrival of better days.

Brunnquell had looked at kids from a Lens City (Pas-de-Calais) in great precarious (terril children). With its new documentary, it offers a new dive in the heart of what can be called small middle classes. Women and men who have a job, often poorly paid, and who fit not to be able to live decently.

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TV: "Children of the Tarm", between malaise and vital impetus

The strength of this film to the effective stylistic and musical sobriety comes from words, often very hard, pronounced by the three witnesses followed closely. Anne-Lise, caregiver in the south of France, fights with her husband, technician in aeronautics, to offer a decent life to their two daughters.

To become owner, the couple has heavily indebted. "We are in survival mode all the time. The middle class ? It was before. Now we are either at the top or down. And those from above want to push those from below, "says Anne-Lise, who, engaging in the municipal countryside of his village, tries the collective fight to make things happen.

"Meaning of the collective"

His very dark vision of a French company without mercy for the weak is shared by Vanessa. Single, former trilingual commercial, she left the north of the country nine years ago to redo her life in the south. Resuming studies, she became a psychologist in a medico-psychological center. His monthly salary after five years of graduate studies? 1,600 euros. "The company has become very fierce. It is not good to be weak or sick, "she says without hiding his anger.

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Anger that also lives stone, independent metal craftsman and adult trainer in conversion. While having custody of his teenage son, he continues to fight to combat social injustices. All his free time is devoted to the manifestations, the distribution of leaflets, at the meetings: "thanks to the movement of" yellow vests ", we found the meaning of the collective. Faced with Pierre, who is coming again to come to Paris to protest, his son is understanding: "He wants to fight, he must make him ..."


despised or ignored Socially, Anne-Lise, Vanessa and Pierre, everyone in their style, try to change things. But anger seems more and deeper. "Just taking care of the human, to make social, is not recognized by society. The most underpaid professions are those who take care of the human. Those who work in EHPAD or with the disabled have misery salaries, "says, disgusted, Vanessa.

How to get out? "The ruling class shows casualness, contempt and sufficiency in the face of more modest and less cultivated people," says one of the witnesses. The gap seems to widen, the small middle class cracks and time passes. Until when ?

middle class, the revolts of Frédéric Brunnquell (Fr., 2021, 56 min). ARTE.TV available until December 3rd.

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