Entertainment Mats Hummels: Is it the new girlfriend of the footballer?

11:50  08 september  2021
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Woman GOGELT Name of your new friend - immediate separation!

 Woman GOGELT Name of your new friend - immediate separation! The Internet is curse and blessing at the same time. Infinite many info are just a few clicks away. Unfortunately often those who could not have discovered better. © fizkes / iStock woman in front of calculator, horrified on the screen staring Curiosity killed the cat curiosity is the cat's death. In the present case, Gottsdank nobody died, if you make the relationship externally.

Mats Hummels should already have a new relationship after the alleged separation from his wife Cathy - but that really is true?

Mats Hummels: Jetzt meldet sich seine neue Freundin zu Wort! © Defodi Images / Getty Images Mats Hummels: Now his new girlfriend speaks about word! Mats Hummels: Does he have a new girlfriend?

After his surprising marriage-out , the rumor cuisine started pretty quickly to be bubbled and different media claimed Mats Hummels already had a new girlfriend at his side. The speech is of table tennis player Lisa Marie Straube, which suddenly gets attention from all sides. After putting your Instagram account in the meantime, it is now publicly visible again and is followed by just under 43,000 followers: inside.

MeUnier and Brandt return to the course of the week from the insulation Back

 MeUnier and Brandt return to the course of the week from the insulation Back BVB coach Marco Rose must also give up in the Supercup against FC Bayern Munich on Tuesday on five primary forces. However, improvement is in sight. © Imago Images / Thomas Bielefeld almost survived the isolation phase: Julian Brandt. BVB also in the Supercup without CAN, Hummels and Guerreiro still elated from the clear 5: 2 success About Frankfurt Borussia Dortmund has started preparing for the Supercup against Bayern on Sunday. On returnees, BVB coach Marco Rose may not hope until then.

Who is Lisa Marie Straube?

The new flame is allegedly about the Regionalliga Table Tennis Player Lisa-Marie Straube . The 21-year-old should also live in Dortmund and have already been spotted when walking with the BVB player. Accordingly, both have to know each other through common friends and already strive for an serious relationship.

Whether the rumors really vote is not known. Finally, Mats and Cathy Hummels did not pretend to the speculation. The television orerator made a statement over your manager compared to "RTL" : "You're fine, but you do not want to say anything about the headlines." Supposedly, the pair wants to avoid an rose war and instead try to find a harmonious agreement. An important decision, which mainly concerns its common son Ludwig , lives with the Cathy alone in Munich. So it remains to be seen when the two share their relationship status with the public.

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 Bundesliga: BVB: wobbles Delaneey deal with Seville? The negotiations between Borussia Dortmund and the FC Seville over a transfer of Thomas Delaney are apparently stalled. A BVB quartet around Mats Hummels returns to the training business. Also: The BVB is today visited in Freiburg. All news and rumors can be found here. © Provided by Spox Thomas Delaney stands at the FC Seville on the note. Here's more news and rumors around the BVB.

Lisa-Marie Straube: She posts pretty eye-catching embassies

After putting her Instagram account in the meantime to privately, this is publicly visible again and is followed by just under 43,000 followers: inside. There she now turns up again and again and posts small but pretty eye-catching embassies . What's the " Colorful " reported, Lisa Marie Demille in her Instagram story recently suspicious words: "A heart that loves, is always young. " Whether the 21-year-old is due to the age difference of eleven years between her and its alleged partner Mats Hummels? Maybe!

Even under another feed post, the athlete makes a clear hint and writes in English: "Do not believe so fast everything you hear. Lies travel faster than the truth #honestjournalismDead". Especially with the Hashtag used, she plays on the current situation in which it is located since the separation of Mats and Cathy Hummels was officially confirmed. Whether soon the truth about the relationship or non-relationship of the two comes to light? We are curious!

Hummels is missing in Flicks's first squad - Wirtz and Götze?

 Hummels is missing in Flicks's first squad - Wirtz and Götze? On Friday, Hansi Flick will announce his first squad as a DFB chef coach. Below will be after kicker information BVB defense chief Mats Hummels. Candidates are Florian Wirtz, also about a return of Mario Götze is speculated. © Imago Images / Jan Hebner Not included in the upcoming international matches: Mats Hummels.

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Mats Hummels on Dating App Spotted

Yes, Fact! Despite all rumors around a new girlfriend, Mats Hummels was caught in flirting on the net. As Cosmopolitan.de experienced exclusively, the footballer has been on the celebrity dating app "Raya" for several weeks, which is also referred to as a dating app of the rich and famous, as a celebrity app or as a celebrity app. You can imagine "Raya" as a kind of "Tinder for Stars and Influencer". Also celebrities like Wincent Weiss or Lena Corks were already here.

The reasons for marriage-from

as the boulevard newspaper " Image " describes it, there are three reasons for marriage between Mats and Cathy Hummels after 14 years relationship.

separation reason: Remote relationship

Since 2019, the couple led a long distance relationship. While he played at BVB and moved to Dortmund , she continued to lived with her Joint Son Ludwig in Munich . Everyone lived, so picture, his life in the respective city.

separation reason: career

he footballer and she influencin, presenter and book author. Careers, who demanded a lot of time from them and possibly only made a little time for each other.

separation reason: public

Cathy and Mats Hummels are not the first celebrity couple in football that separated. Bild-show boss Janina Kirsch therefore has a guess: "The question arises: can not handle successful footballers so well with successful women in the limelight?"

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