Entertainment Secret Story: this very heavy secret that production preferred to decread for fear of reactions (VIDEO)

19:10  17 september  2021
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Secret Story : ce secret très lourd que la production a préféré recaler par peur des réactions (VIDEO) © Capture C8 Secret Story: This very heavy secret that production preferred to recall for fear of reactions (video) in full Issuing 6 to 7 on C8, Benjamin Castaldi made an astonishing revelation on Secret Story he presented during the first 8 seasons. The production would have refused an important secret, fearing the reaction of viewers.

This is not the first time that Benjamin Castaldi reveals secrets on the scenes of the emission of reality TV Secret Story , of which he was the featured presenter from 2007 to 2014. at the beginning of the year, He had assured in not touch my post! that drug and alcohol circulated in the house of secrets . An info that was then denied by Dominique Duforest, better known as voice, which explained that production regulates the maximum alcohol consumption, giving only a glass of champagne in the evening. Thursday, September 16, it is in the emission on 6 to 7 , broadcast on C8, that Benjamin Castaldi made a new revelation on the scenes of Secret Story .

Floods sweep cars into sea, damage homes in northeast Spain

  Floods sweep cars into sea, damage homes in northeast Spain ALCANAR, Spain (AP) — Spain’s northeast town of Alcanar took toll Thursday of the damage to homes and businesses caused by flooding produced by intense rain that fell on large areas of the country. Residents said that they were fortunate that no lives were lost when over 250 liters per square meter (45 gallons per square yard) were dumped on the town between midnight and 6 p.m. on Wednesday. “We had to get upstairs to our apartment and then leave it all in God’s hands,” said Rosa María Sancho, the 67-year-old owner of a restaurant on the Alcanar boardwalk.The flash flooding quickly turned streets into swift rivers that swept away all in their path.

The Buzz of Father Matthew

The C8 show came back on the best moments of the number of not touch my post! of the day before. One of the sequences of Thursday, September 16 returned to Father Matthew, very present on Tiktok, who made the buzz after explaining that, according to him, nothing says in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. The TPMP columnists were unanimous and greeted Father Matthew's risk. " Since it's in the Yonne, the offices, there are twice as many people" , " Gilles addende . If the diocese of Father Matthew has not yet made a decision on a possible sanction, the Conference of the Bishops of France recalled via his Twitter account that it disapproves of some of his tiktok videos that " denature the message of the Church ".

GM cutting production further due to chip shortage

  GM cutting production further due to chip shortage General Motors is cutting production at eight of its plants in North America because of semiconductor chip shortages.The company announced on Thursday that it is adding or expanding downtimes at eight of its plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico because of the chip shortages, according to CNBC.The majority of the cuts will last for two weeks, CNBC reported. Production of the Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 full-size pickup trucks in Indiana and Mexico, however, will return after a week of being idle beginning Sept. 13.The Chevrolet, GMC midsize pickup trucks and vans in Missouri and the Chevrolet Trailblazer in Mexico will be impacted by the production cuts.

An evolution of the

mentalities by reacting to this sequence, Benjamin Castaldi has made a huge revelation on the very first season of Secret Story . He explained that one of the secrets of the time had been refused. " in the casting, it was planned to have a homosexual defrocked priest . Today, I think it would have been assumed, that we would have done, but at the time, we n 'At the end of the casting ", explains the presenter of the 6 to 7 . The old presenter of Secret Story was even at the origin of this refusal because he had " afraid of this secret , for bad reasons obviously, but at the time I think we do not have was not "loans. Ludivine Retory has on its side very well understood this decision that could have created the controversy in 2007, date of the first season of Secret Story .

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