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19:40  17 september  2021
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Next Target: VBL Ambassador - Nervally Leaves the Hertha

 Next Target: VBL Ambassador - Nervally Leaves the Hertha Football Bundesligaister Hertha BSC announces the official farewell to Esportler and Streamer Elias 'Eliasn97' Nerlich. In the future, the Content Creator will work together with the German Football League to strengthen the Virtual Bundesliga as a brand. © Hertha BSC Elias 'Eliasn97' Nerlich leaves Hertha BSC. His next goal is to further expand the VBL together with the DFL. Virtual Bundesliga is to grow Already in 2018 Berlin secured the talented esportler 'Eliasn97'.

For the first time, the 1st FC Cologne the players from the ESPORT team in the club itself are under contract and no longer only borrowed. This is a change that offers many opportunities. One of them: also internationally, the 1st FC Cologne is now represented.

Beim 1. FC Köln fest unter Vertrag: Tim 'TheStrxngeR' Katnawatos. © 1. FC Cologne / Tim Katnawatos at the 1st FC Cologne firmly under contract: Tim 'Thestrxnger' Katnawatos.

Players Switching SK Fest to Cologne

Accuracy is a virtue. Those who read quickly about the Tweet of Tim 'Thestrxnger' Katnawatos, could well be irritated: "For the new season I firmly change to the 1st FC Cologne" - for which he already the past season in the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship (VBL CC) completed. The magical word, admittedly quickly to overlook, is "fixed" in this context.

Marvel's 'Shang-Chi' jabs, flips Asian American film cliches

  Marvel's 'Shang-Chi' jabs, flips Asian American film cliches LOS ANGELES (AP) — Like a lot of Asian actors, Simu Liu has played the nameless guy who can do martial arts but inevitably loses out to a more skilled white guy. It was one of his very first stunt jobs. "Yeah, I took my paycheck and I went home. I didn’t really complain about it,” said the Chinese-Canadian actor. “But then, you look at the bigger picture and you look at the opportunities that are available to Asian performers. You see that yeah, past a certain point, there really isn’t that deeper representation.”Now, it’s Liu’s time to take out baddies and be No. 1 on the call sheet.

So far, the 1st FC Cologne in FIFA ESPORT SO: The EffeTh had shares in SK Gaming, which again had FIFA Esportler under the contract that lent them to the 1st FC Cologne for the national competition. This gave the picture that, for example, 'Thestrxnger' in the VBL CC and in the DFB Epokal played for the 1st FC Cologne, but for international tournaments but for SK Gaming. This concludes.

United Branding

"Today we say goodbye to our competitive FIFA division," Twittered SK Gaming on 16 September, whereupon both 'Thestrxnger' So Felix 'Flexxooo' Günther made her farewell to SK Gaming, for shortly afterwards to her Change to 1. FC Cologne to proclaim.

"I believe the difference for the players is not that big. For the effe, he is bigger: the firm commitment of the players leads to a branding that is now both nationally and internationally uniform," says Peter 'Petkus' Schwab opposite kickers ESPORT, the longtime Caster in the VBL CC at 1. FC Cologne.

Ben Affleck Pushes Man Away Who Got Too Close to J. Lo in Italy

  Ben Affleck Pushes Man Away Who Got Too Close to J. Lo in Italy Ben Affleck Pushes Man Away Who Got Too Close to J. Lo in ItalyOn their way out of town on Saturday, September 11, the Argo producer, 49, was spotted pushing away a man who got too close to the couple while attempting to take a selfie of the stars, according to photos published via Page Six.

With the integration of the new ESPORT team in the club, the Effzeh also meets the wishes of the DFB. He would like to hear - so it is heard from the scene - would see more ESPORT departments in the clubs, as the clubs borrowers from ESPORT organizations for national competitions borrow.

Changes in the squad

For the upcoming FIFA 22 season, the Cologne has also changed to decisive positions. Michael 'Xphenomenox' Gehrmann had already announced his farewell to SK at the end of July, including the coach and team manager under which players played at SK Gaming, Daniel Wagner, did not change to 1. FC Cologne.

as a coach Lukas 'Idealz' Schmegt was brought on board, he was finally working for VfL Bochum.

Denis 'Denis' Müller was committed to the German Champion in the VBL Club Championship 1. FC Heidenheim.

of wrote on Twitter: "To announce very proud that I have signed at the 1st FC Cologne. Can not wait for the new season and I will make my best to win as many titles as possible." He was at Leno Esports under contract and lent to Heidenheim.

"The Cologne can play around the title," says 'Petkus', who also considered a specialist in the scene, "The squad is strong enough for it."

And after the 1st FC Köln has the players from now under contract, it would even matter whether the title is concluded in the national or international competition: on the jersey would certainly see the Ceiling Bock.

Daniel Craig on bidding Bond goodbye in 'No Time to Die' .
NEW YORK (AP) — When Daniel Craig first got the gig, he felt like something had gone amiss. “You’ve got the wrong guy,” he told the producers. But Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson insisted. No, he was the one. He was James Bond. Craig, then a rising performer but far from the expected choice, never had any ambitions to play James Bond. He had assumed he was being strung along as part of a massive casting machine, one of dozens of actors screen tested. © Provided by Associated Press This image released by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures shows Daniel Craig, left, Ana de Armas in a scene from "No Time To Die.

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