Entertainment federal election 2021: Peter Altmaier (CDU) requires personnel realignment of the Union

10:10  28 september  2021
10:10  28 september  2021 Source:   spiegel.de

Altmaier wants more chip factories in Germany

 Altmaier wants more chip factories in Germany The microelectronics is considered key technology of the future. The Federal Government has ambitious goals here. It's about billions in investments. © dpa Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU). Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier also wants to significantly expand the production of important microchips in Germany in the face of delivery bottlenecks. The aim is to obtain more technological sovereignty and reduce dependencies, the CDU politician said on Wednesday in Berlin.

After "crashing defeat" of the CDU in the election Economics Minister Peter recommends Altmaier his party a "dose of humility" - and occurs after against candidate Armin Laschet.

  Bundestagswahl 2021: Peter Altmaier (CDU) fordert personelle Neuaufstellung der Union © Bernd Thissen / dpa

Shortly before the inaugural session of the new parliamentary group of CDU and CSU calls Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) without undue delay personnel realignment of his party - and recommends it after the debacle in the general election a " portion humility. "

"We have suffered a crushing defeat of," said Altmaier the "Rheinische Post". "We lost a lot of swing voters. Which then must also determine our future performance and our preparation for the coming period. "

Security flaw exposed in Germany, followed by criminal investigation

  Security flaw exposed in Germany, followed by criminal investigation A tech scandal is unfolding in Berlin, involving Germany's ruling Christian Democratic Union party and a young IT security researcher named Lilth Wittmann, who uncovered a major vulnerability in a campaign app.Armin Laschet, chairman of the German Christian Democratic Union, CDU, addresses the media during a press conference at the party's headquarters in Berlin, May 17, 2021.

He would have preferred a clear government order for the Union, Altmaier told the newspaper. "It is now more difficult. Therefore, we must quickly talk about the content and personnel structure of the CDU for the future "

Altmaier had in the struggle for Union candidacy for chancellor, the CDU chief Armin Laschet and CSU chief Markus Söder made strong in the spring for Söder. , Now, he said, "I have made my position clear at that time. Both in the Federal Board and Armin Laschet. It's not nice when you see at the end that their own fears were exceeded by reality "

Röttgen. Are personnel decisions are taken to other

Altmaiers party colleague Norbert Röttgen warned, however, against an immediate personnel after the election defeat to seek renewal. "We can not put in parallel to negotiations on a government its own internal competition under way," the North Rhine-Westphalian parliamentary deputy told the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger". he added

Merkel party learns to campaign again as election looms

  Merkel party learns to campaign again as election looms With Germany's Christian Democrats (CDU) trailing in the polls ahead of an election next week, grassroots party members are resorting to an activity that had almost become redundant under Angela Merkel: campaigning. The centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) are currently leading in the polls, with the conservatives in a position they have become unaccustomed to after 16 years of Merkel: second place. "I didn't expect it to be so close," says Hans-Georg Friedrichs, a longtime CDU activist in Bremen. "Laschet doesn't have the advantage of already being well-known. He's had to make himself known.

Overlooking the party leader, "Armin Laschet is the elected CDU leader and the common candidate for chancellor. These decisions are to be made to others. "Röttgen was inferior Laschet earlier this year in the race for the CDU chairman.

Röttgen now warned his party also about to lay claim to the leadership of the future government. "The SPD nearly strongest force has become. This is not a situation in which we could register a claim. Who would create such a presumption in the day had already taken the first step in that direction, not to govern in the end. "

Laschet hopes despite the historic election defeat next to a Jamaica coalition , so a possible alliance with the FDP and the Greens under his leadership ,

According to the preliminary results of the election, the SPD improved to 25.7 percent. The CDU / CSU fell to 24.1 percent. The Greens put on 14.8 percent and the FDP to 11.5 percent. AFD slipped to 10.3 percent, the Left to 4.9 percent. Thanks to three direct mandates won but the left remains according to their second votes result in Bundestag.

in the Union are gone hard on Monday the first critic with the party and Laschet into judgment . "It's wrong decisions have been in the past, content type, in government and in the human formation," said Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer on the causes of the poor election result. Even during the election campaign there were errors. "If we continue as before, I'm very worried, what is left in four years." CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak announced a "clear and unsparing analysis" of.

CDU: Lashing from all sides under pressure .
between the Union parties deepens the ditch, listening to two ministers and demanding the boys, "out of the old think" to come: the CDU boss, who now wants to initiate a new preparation, Device increasingly in turbulence. © Sean Gallup / Getty Images On Thursday Armin Laschet has suggested that withdraw from the CDU chairmen. Lashing from all sides under pressure on CDU boss Armin Lashet grows the pressure to quickly put the course for a personnel new beginning in his party.

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