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who visits the cinemas of AMC Entertainment in the future, can pay his cinematic ticket with Bitcoin. Other crypto currencies should be accepted soon. And the push into the cryptovelt should not be completed with it.

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• AMC Entertainment wants to accept Bitcoin and other Kryptos

• Also Doge-Acceptance is being exploited

• AMC boss brings NFTS into conversation

in the summer announced the US cinema chain AMC Entertainment that BitCoin is accepted as a means of payment by the end of the year end for movies and concessions. And other crypto currencies should follow: Already soon, AMC Altcoins like wants to accept ethereum , Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash , such as the boss of the company, Adam Aron, on Twitter confirmed:

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts: You Likely Know @Amctheatres Has Announced We Will Accept Bitcoin for Online Ticket and Concession Payments by Year-End 2021. I Can Confirm Today That When We do So, We So Expect That WE Similarly Will Accept Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. pic.twitter.com/ukcfyqotoj

- Adam Aron (@ceoadam) September 16, 2021 AMC rises deeper in crypto feeds An

with the acceptance of crypto feeds, the combined operator apparently responds to increasing demand from own customers. And the company also brings the company into the boat in a row: AMC boss Aron has felt on Twitter, whether the Dogecoin originally designed as a fun currency should also be accepted as a means of payment at AMC. "I sincerely want to hear your opinion," said the company manager on the platform. "I hear from many in my Twitter feed that we should also accept Dogecoin. Do you think, AMC should check that?" So Aron continues.

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The answer to the question is quite clearly: more than two-thirds of the survey participants decided on "yes, sure, does that!", While only 16 percent evaluate this step as a "futile trouble".

I Sincerely Want To Hear Your Opinion, Via This Twitter Poll. By Year-End 2021, AMC Will Take Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash for Online Payments. I Hear from Many On My Twitter Feed We Should Accept Dogecoin Too. Do You Think Amc Should Explore Accepting Dogecoin?

- Adam Aron (@ceoadam) September 21, 2021

Aron was surprised by the great encouragement that his Tweet triggered under users. His Dogecoin Tweet had been the contribution that was most frequently reteweted, most of the comments got and also most likes. The AMC boss then promised his company's focus on the possibilities of crypto currencies.

Your Passion for Dogecoin Is Impressive. Tuesday's Dogecoin Tweet What My Most Retweeted, Most Replied, Most Liked Tweet Ever. It's Been Read 6.0 Million Times, More Than The Population of Any of 31 U.S. States! Write This Down: Amc's Focused on the Opportunity of Cryptocurrency. pic.twitter.com/hjpys4jubled

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- Adam Aron (@ceoadam) September 24, 2021 Is AMC goes one step further?

But it may not remain that cinema visitors can pay their cinematic tickets in the future with digital currencies, according to the company, the company wants to get even deeper into the cryptovtogelt and loses the possibilities of non-fungible token (NFTs). - bitcoin action with plus 500 - that's how it works. 72% of private investor accounts lose money if you are using this provider CFDS . You should carefully check if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. - This market segment is an option of business diversification for many companies, including AMC Entertainment obviously deals with possible options in this area.

"Some ideas have appeared," Aron said to CNBC. NFTs to add to its own business model would create a "real value" for investors of his company and the company itself, so Adam Aron continues.

and apparently the CEO has already developed ideas as NFTs could be used at AMC: "One of those I particularly likes to make NFT cinema memorial cards". He hold this for a "really smart idea", after all, his cinema chain has 50 to 100 major theatricals in the year. The introduction of cinema card NFTs could promote business and "mean something for us and our customers".

To what extent this suggestion is ready to say is not known. But the most recent events show: AMC works on an adaptation of the business model - probably against the background that streaming giants such as Disney + and Netflix have become a serious competition for film theater.

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