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19:20  22 october  2021
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  COVID-19 vaccine boosters could mean billions for drugmakers Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans' protection against the virus. How much the manufacturers stand to gain depends on how big the rollout proves to be. The Biden administration last month announced plans to give boosters to nearly everybody. But U.S. regulators have rejected the across-the-board approach and instead said third shots of Pfizer's vaccine should go to people who are 65 and older and certain others at high risk from COVID-19.

Finden Sie hier auf einen Blick die aktuellen Quartalszahlen von Facebook.  © dpa find here at a glance the latest quarterly numbers from Facebook.

The most important thing on the quarterly figures of Facebook

Sales of Facebook should Analysts in Q3 to about 29.5 billion US dollars belaufen.Prognosen expect a profit of 9.2 billion US dollars .The EPS is estimated at 3.17 US dollars .

When Facebook released the quarterly figures to Q3 2021?

On October 25, 2021 Facebook held from 14 am Pacific Time, a public conference call to present the quarterly results. The associated reception interested can find on the website of the company.

forecast: How much falling sales and profits from Facebook in Q3?

Opinion: Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen confirms our worst fears

  Opinion: Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen confirms our worst fears Jill Filipovic writes that former Facebook's employee Frances Haugen's testimony about the social media giant before Congress Tuesday was "damning" and it reiterated accusations that have been heard for a long time. "The question now is whether American politicians will stand up to one of the most powerful companies in the world, or whether they'll continue to allow Facebook to rake in profits at the expense of the public -- because many of them benefit from the misinformation campaigns Facebook allows.

The data of the financial platform "Market Screener" According to 38 analysts expected on average, with sales in Q3 of 29.5 billion US dollars. Compared to last year Facebook would thus increase by 37 percent.

The net profit of the company is expected to reach about 9.2 billion US dollars. In Q3 2020 posted Facebook still a net profit of 7.9 billion US dollars.

What was the turnover of Facebook in the second quarter of 2021? in the second quarter 2021

Facebook generated total sales of 29.1 billion US dollars . Year on year, the Group thus increased by 56 percent. While advertising revenues were in the amount of 28.6 billion US dollars the lion's share of sales.

According to the company the amount of future advertising revenue is difficult to predict. Above all, the uncertainty with regard to the demand and the associated pricing for the advertising services would tarnish the forecasts.

How Facebook Forced a Reckoning by Shutting Down the Team That Put People Ahead of Profits

  How Facebook Forced a Reckoning by Shutting Down the Team That Put People Ahead of Profits Facebook's civic-integrity team, where whistle-blower Frances Haugen worked, pledged to put people ahead of profits. Facebook shut it down, but some former members are still honoring their promise.The “civic oath,” according to five former employees, charged team members to understand Facebook’s impact on the world, keep people safe and defuse angry polarization. Samidh Chakrabarti, the team’s leader, regularly referred to this oath—which has not been previously reported—as a set of guiding principles behind the team’s work, according to the sources.

addition, Facebook does with the more stringent data protection provisions of the recent iPhone operating system faced. users have since been actively agree to the tracking of online activities, which are likely to deny some consumers . This gives Facebook again less data for personalized advertising.

What was the profit of Facebook in Q2 2021?

In the quarterly report from July 28, 2021, the company reported an operating profit of 12.4 billion US dollars. Overlooking the sales, this results in an operating margin of almost 43 percent. The company's net profit amounted to about 10.4 billion US dollars. Diluted earnings per share were in Q2 2021 at 3.61 US dollars.

Historical quarterly figures of Facebook at a glance

quarter sales (billion)

net income (billion)

earnings per share (USD)

Q2 2021

29.1 10.4 3.61

Q1 2021 26.2 9.5

Q4 3.30 2020 28.1

11.2 3.88

Q3 2020 21.5 7.9

Q2 2020 2.71 18.7

5 2

1.80 Q1 2020

17.7 5.0 1.71

Q4 2019 21.1 7.4

2.56 Q3 2019


6.1 2, 12

Q2 2019

16.9 2.6 0.91

Q1 2019 15.1 2.4

0.85 source: company

especially in Q3 and Q4, the Group recorded in recent years a significant increase in sales and profits. The company said in the last quarter of 2020 recorded advertising revenues in record high of 27.2 billion US dollars.

to the annual report 2020 However, according to the average price dropped per ad on Facebook by about ten percent. Background of the impairment was the global decline in advertising demand. The latter fell due to the Corona pandemic, especially in the first two quarters of 2020 - and only then rose again.

Find the current price of Facebook shares , additional forecasts and analysts' expectations.

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