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15:56  28 october  2021
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Conservative Koch network disavows critical race theory bans

  Conservative Koch network disavows critical race theory bans DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — As conservative political groups mobilize to ban in schools what they call critical race theory, one prominent backer of Republican causes and candidates is notably absent. Leaders in the network built by the billionaire Koch family say they oppose government bans and efforts to recall school board members over teaching about race and history in schools. While they note they don't agree with the ideas at the center of the fight, they argue the government bans, now enacted in 11 states, stifle debate essential to democracy.

with a Christmas present of her husband Samuel Koch (34) started her career as a singer: actress Sarah Koch (36, "Storm of Love) published on October 29th Debutalbum "bitter sweet dark light". At its side, her husband, who gave her "the shubser" for her new project, was always about to tell in the interview with the news agency Spot on News. What she is particularly grateful for five years of marriage And why sometimes stuck growth in the fear sometimes, the 36-year-old also tells.

Sarah Koch veröffentlicht am 29. Oktober ihr Debütalbum © Sven Serkis Sarah Koch published on October 29. Your debut album You are mainly known as an actress. How did the desire to publish a debut album ?

Sarah Koch: The dream of a separate project has long been in my head around. But a my own album? I? I've always been so scared before singing, long thought it could be Nic HT? Then also self-written and composed? Crazy! Crazy, what happens, if you dare to these nasty small beliefs that you have been around for years. Because the music has always been part of me. They rediscover them to fall in love with and to make what I like to hear, love and fully listen to my heart, was a beautiful journey. In the fear, our greatest growth often places. This has become my debut album to my light from the darkness.

Koch-aligned leaders oppose Critical Race Theory ban, saying government bans are censorship

  Koch-aligned leaders oppose Critical Race Theory ban, saying government bans are censorship Leaders affiliated with Koch Industries, famous for backing conservative political candidates, decided not to support a government ban on critical race theory being taught in schools, the latest in the splintering between establishment GOP figures and more populist Trump supporters. © Provided by Washington Examiner Even though Koch-affiliated leaders do not agree with the teachings of critical race theory, which holds that U.S. institutions are inherently racist, they said it was not the role of the government to control what is taught in school, arguing that silencing the topic would harm the debate needed for democracy.

Your husband Samuel has actively supported you with your new project. How was your cooperation?

Koch: He gave me the shoveer in principle. He gave me a songwriting day for Christmas almost three years ago. Today he laughs and shakes his head when I always come back with new songs or the next video shoot is in the starting blocks: "Sarah, it was just a Christmas present". His belief in me was quasi my match for my light. And when it comes to the preparations for shooting, my husband is the man. I can be quite anxiety bunny, which concerns calls in strange people. Samuel does that with joy and I am unbelievably grateful. Best combination.

They celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary this year. How do you look back on the first years of your marriage? What are you mandatory for each other?

Koch: For common growth. For our difference and the acceptance of the wishes and interests of the other. But the teasing, which arise. They have a lot of fun.

Koch network slams 'using government to ban' critical race theory

  Koch network slams 'using government to ban' critical race theory Leaders of the political network built by the Koch family are slamming conservatives they accuse of using "government to ban ideas" on critical race theory. "Using government to ban ideas, even those we disagree with, is also counter to core American principles - the principles that help drive social progress," Evan Feinberg, executive director of the Koch-affiliated group Stand Together Foundation, told The Associated Press in an interview published Wednesday. Critical race theory, particularly in schools, has become a major focal point for Republicans heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

They process fairy tales and literary figures on their album. What fascinates you? Which ones did you do especially and why?

Koch: In fact, I found "Hänsel and Gretel", "the Sterntaler", but also "the girl with the sulfur woods" has always been incredibly exciting and touching. You now reading them again in adulthood, gave me a completely new look at these stories. I also privately deal with the topic of personality development and have seen: the old fairy tales give good information on topics such as self-love, fear or let go. These are topics that have employed me over the last few years.

In the music videos, you have brought a great actor to the side. Why was it so important to them in addition to the music, also the videos greatly staging?

Koch: Because I can link my two passions, acting and music. I worked myself quasi for the rolls themselves, which I would like to play rather than waiting until they ring at me at the door. I create films in the way I look at them and occupy the people with whom I like to games. Unfortunately, our profession is not protected. That's why it was important to me to have real actors on board, even for the little roles. I find it is an unbelievable added value and I am unbelievably grateful to my almost small ensemble.

Which private and professional plans do you still have this year?

Koch: In November, our self-produced radio play to our children's book "The Cuddly Animal Command" appears. A huge family project with beautiful songs. And of course, we both speak and sing a role myself: Samuel is Horst of the shark and I speak the role of Ha-Tschi. On board, my brother Oliver with his partner Elisabeth as Eduard of the donkeys and Floki are the flute, as well as Tobias Master, who is among other things the German voice of Brad Pitt as the narrator.

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