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15:05  11 november  2021
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In France, Trump-like TV pundit rocks presidential campaign

  In France, Trump-like TV pundit rocks presidential campaign PARIS (AP) — A survivor of the terrible journey to Auschwitz remembered how the youngest wailed. There were 99 children squeezed among 751 adults gasping for air, crazed by thirst and hunger, aboard convoy No. 63 that departed Paris at 10 minutes past midday on Dec. 17, 1943. The 828 murdered at the death camp from that trainload alone included 3-year-old Francine Baur, her sister Myriam, 9, their brothers Antoine and Pierre, 6 and 10, and their parents Odette and André. All born in France, their French citizenship proved worthless under France's wartime Vichy regime that teamed up with the country's Nazi occupiers and their extermination of Jews.

Eric Zemmour : voici pourquoi sa sécurité est renforcée © Laetitia notarianni / Bestimage Eric Zemmour: here is why its security is reinforced if it still has not formalized its candidacy for the presidential election of 2022, security has Strengthened around Éric Zemmour recently. What the Obs in his new number reported, see this Thursday, November 11th on the kiosk. But then, why now?

during each presidential campaign, candidates enjoy special protection. If it still does not formalize his candidacy, the security around Éric Zemmour has been strengthened since the beginning of the month , as reported by the Obs, in his new issue, to discover this Thursday 11 November kiosk. The weekly indicated that "the police officers of the Protection Service (SDLP), whose agents ensure the daily safety of the polemicist, seek to consolidate a new permanent team around him ." But then, why now? Simply because the presidential election is fast approaching and that the polemist could soon be a candidate.

"shame to you": Eric Zemmour abused by protesters when it comes to Biarritz

 © Agency / Panoramic / Bestimage "Shame to you": Eric Zemmour Malmented by protesters when his coming to Biarritz the promotional tour Eric Zemmour agitates. Passage on the Basque coast this Tuesday, October 26, the decried polemist was received by the hoshes of several hostile protesters: "Shame to you," they chanted in front of the dedication room, reveals the Parisien ... Eric Zemmour. did not really receive the expected welcome.

and as

the team presents around Éric Zemmour , " Everything must be ready D-Day ." His closer guard so wished to take any risk. so far, the numbers of the protection service intervened according to a rolling system to ensure the safety of the presidential candidate potential, is now the same team at its sides , "like that is Usually with the candidates best placed in the surveys or the most threatened, "said our colleagues.

  Eric Zemmour : voici pourquoi sa sécurité est renforcée © Provided by Gala Eric Zemmour gives a conference and dedicates its latest book, in response to the invitation of the Mayor of Chavagne-Chavagneux (Isère), Gérard.zemptte, November 5, 2021. Sandrine Thesillat / Panoramic / Bestimage Éric Zemmour threatened with a few times if there is still digging the gap with Marine Le Pen

, oscillating between 18 and 19% of the voting intentions according to the latest Harris interactive survey made for Challenges and Unveiled This Tuesday, November 9, Eric Zemmour also saw its strengthened safety due to the threats of which it was the subject of . Already protected by the police officers of the Protection Service in 2015, he benefited from a new protection in November 2020 , the period at which the polemicist received threats on the Internet. At the end of September, Éric Zemmour was once again threatened with death, this time in the street , while he was coming out of an appointment in Paris, recalled Obs. In order to protect yourself at best, the person concerned also decided to "

call on a private provider

", the ULREïA company, "led by the Vice President of the Manif for All", to ensure the safety of its Future Meetings, reported Obs in an article published on Monday, November 8 on its site. From now on, before each of its trips, Éric Zemmour " book a list of names and photographic boards " potential troublemakers , in order to prevent them from approaching it.

Zemmour: Ancient RN, radical activists ... which locally composes his party? .
The Party of Eric Zemmour, reconquest, now has its local referents. Among them, many come from the ranks of the national gathering or identity movement. © AFP.com/julien de Rosa Eric Zemmour, candidate for the presidential election, during a campaign meeting, on December 5, 2021 in Villepinte, near Paris A Villepinte, Eric Zemmour promised in front of an euphoric public a real political renewal.

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