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01:55  15 november  2021
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In France, Trump-like TV pundit rocks presidential campaign

  In France, Trump-like TV pundit rocks presidential campaign PARIS (AP) — A survivor of the terrible journey to Auschwitz remembered how the youngest wailed. There were 99 children squeezed among 751 adults gasping for air, crazed by thirst and hunger, aboard convoy No. 63 that departed Paris at 10 minutes past midday on Dec. 17, 1943. The 828 murdered at the death camp from that trainload alone included 3-year-old Francine Baur, her sister Myriam, 9, their brothers Antoine and Pierre, 6 and 10, and their parents Odette and André. All born in France, their French citizenship proved worthless under France's wartime Vichy regime that teamed up with the country's Nazi occupiers and their extermination of Jews.

En visite au salon du Made in France ce dimanche 14 novembre, Eric Zemmour a maintenu ses propos polémiques. © MYLENE / ABACA deoche via Reuters - Deroche Mylene / Abaca visits at the Made in France Show on November 14, Eric Zemmour maintained his controversy.

At the moment of France commemorated the sixth anniversary of the attacks of 13-November, Éric Zemmour provoked a new controversy by visiting the Bataclan and involving former President François Hollande.

There persists and sign. In visit to the Made in France show this Sunday in Paris, Éric Zemmour reiterated his remarks held on the margin of the commemorations of the attacks of 13-November. "I got to the reality of François Holland's policy and his predecessors that I maintain," reaffirmed the polemicist at the microphone of our journalist Valérie Gas . "And I maintain that to pay tribute to the victims, it is also to stop just lamenting, to light candles. You must also explain what we will do. " Faced with the "war of civilization" that he believes see, Éric Zemmour says, "You have to stop going to bed".

"shame to you": Eric Zemmour abused by protesters when it comes to Biarritz

 © Agency / Panoramic / Bestimage "Shame to you": Eric Zemmour Malmented by protesters when his coming to Biarritz the promotional tour Eric Zemmour agitates. Passage on the Basque coast this Tuesday, October 26, the decried polemist was received by the hoshes of several hostile protesters: "Shame to you," they chanted in front of the dedication room, reveals the Parisien ... Eric Zemmour. did not really receive the expected welcome.

The one who prepares his candidacy for the presidential election on Saturday night in front of the Bataclan concert hall, where 90 people were killed on November 13, 2015 by a terrorist commando. François Hollande "knew that there would be terrorists and did not protected the French and made a criminal decision to leave open borders," he said before the press. Friday, already, during a trip to Bordeaux, he had argued that "power was aware of the danger and he preferred that French people die rather than preventing" migrants "from coming to France."

Video: In front of the Bataclan, Éric Zemmour accuses François Holland to have taken \ (BFMTV)

these comments caused indignation. First aim, François Hollande was severely high against "unfounded, indecent and unworthy" statements. "The terrorists of November 13 came from Belgium, they are Belgian or French," said the former president this Sunday on Radio J, reminiscent of the measures taken to "control external arrivals" to the European Union. "It is indecent to be in front of the Bataclan, to speak of the war of civilization before the building itself" by taking again "the very language of terrorists," he also noted.

Zemmour in Nantes: Violence during a demonstration against the coming of the essayist

 Zemmour in Nantes: Violence during a demonstration against the coming of the essayist © Valery Ax / AFP Several hundred people gathered in Nantes this Saturday to protest the arrival of the candidate for the presidential election Eric Zemmour for a Zenith Meeting of the city. Hears have erupted between sympathizers and opponents of the polemicist requiring the intervention of the police. It's a coming that was not the taste of all the Nantes.

"Word of Saltimanque"

The Prime Minister then, Manuel Valls, denounced "lies (...) whose sole purpose is to sow doubt and hatred". Among other elected representatives of the presidential majority, the Vice-President of the National Assembly Hughes Renson has described Éric Zemmour's speech of "Saltimate Saltimanque and unworthy of our country". "Nobody wants to hear this type of purpose in a moment of meditation," said Minister Delegate to Citizenship Marlène Schiappa.

Marion Marshal, Niece de Marine Le Pen and Friend of Éric Zemmour, said for his part to have believed "at any time that there was the intentionality of François Hollande to cause the death of anyone. , While blaming him with a "criminal irresponsibility". The acting president of the National Gathering, Jordan Bardella, criticized him a "form of indecency" by Éric Zemmour with his statements before the "martyr place" of Bataclan. He said, however, that François Hollande had a "responsibility" in the "rise" of terrorism because of his migration policy.

"The victims of November 13 will not be the Step of Éric Zemmour," reacted the Life for Paris association in a statement. "He decided to do what no politics had dared so far: to keep political comments in front of the Bataclan for one evening of commemorations," she writes.

Application of Eric Zemmour: "One can not govern by fracturizing and dividing" .
© Europe 1 Victory of Valérie Pécresse at the Republican Congress of the right, presidential election, Application of Eric Zemmour ... invited to Jean-Pierre Elkabbach Sunday morning, Florence Portelli, Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Region and spokesman of Valérie Pécresse, mentioned the vision of the right for 2022 while returning to the controversy of the candidate Eric Zemmour.

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