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15:05  25 november  2021
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What are the best French series of 2020-2021 according to criticism?

 What are the best French series of 2020-2021 according to criticism? © CanalPlus Their production, diffusion, or even promotion has been strongly impacted by the pandemic. Yet, they have also been a comfort for the spectators in this period marked by chaos. The Association of Series Reviews rewarded, on October 26, the best cathode fictions of June 1, 2020 to 31 May 2021.

The role L'étreinte (Canal+) : le retour au cinéma d'Emmanuelle Béart dans un premier rôle © Moby Dick Films Embrace (Canal +): the return of Emmanuelle Béart in a movie starring Emmanuelle Béart is all plans embrace, a first feature film signed Ludovic Bergery where the actress plays a widow who seeks to reclaim his life and desires. Emmanuelle Béart

slowly regaining the spotlight after using it a long time away. The daughter of Guy Béart singer is more towards the theater, including the director Stanislas. Become very rare in the media, and choosing sparingly his roles in movies (his last appearance in Wonders in Montfermeil date of 2018 and before that, she was shot in 2014 yellow eyes crocodiles), the unforgettable interpreter Manon sources and A heart in winter, will be the casting of the mini-series Syndrome E (expected on TF1 early 2022) and in the next film Mikhael Hers, 's passengers night, alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg and Noée Abita. Tonight on Canal +, regaining the top billing in the film The embrace, released in theaters in May 2021. It embodies in this first feature actor and director Ludovic Bergery , Margaux, who has just lost her husband and left Provence to return to live in his childhood home near Versailles. Faced with loneliness, loss of landmarks and the obligation to start over from scratch, it embraces this challenge head on. The fifties enrolled at college to follow German literature studies. She quickly tied contact with a group of young students, and approaches Aurelian ( Vincent Dedienne ), which hides the other his homosexuality.

Denis Villeneuve on ‘Dune’ Success and the Road to ‘Part Two’

  Denis Villeneuve on ‘Dune’ Success and the Road to ‘Part Two’ Since his American debut in 2013, no other filmmaker has risen to prominence as quickly as Denis Villeneuve. From Prisoners and Sicario to Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, each one of his films has been met with widespread critical and audience acclaim, as well as admiration from his peers. The 54-year-old Villeneuve is routinely mentioned in the same breath as Christopher Nolan, and he’s one of the few contemporary filmmakers that Nolan himself has openly championed. In 2016, this amount of cachet paved the way for Villeneuve to fulfill a lifelong dream: adapting Frank Herbert’s Dune (1965).

"Margaux reminds me full of women"

Emmanuelle Béart was immediately seduced by the role offered him the director, to the point of answering "present" without even knowing that his character would live in history. "Ludovic Bergery told me the story of this woman, and I did not want to read the script. It was the first time in my life I had the desire to work well. What seduced me in how Ludovic told me about the movie was that I could call it "a moment of absence." on no to oneself, and thus to the other, without aggressiveness, without specific claim . Margaux experiencing a form of wandering and at the same time total and absolute possibility to open up to the other since it is dispossessed of itself. Each meeting is possible, without a priori. Margaux makes me think full of people, full of women who, because something dramatic happens in their lives, have the opportunity or how dangerous all over again. we all know of times in our lives when all of a sudden, we loses his bearings while we lose what we founded. There is a great loneliness in it " she told in the press release. The actress, who has completely abandoned his character, is overwhelming. A film

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France: The "yellow vests" are three years and the farms of the movement are always there .
© Pascal Guyot / AFP it was three years ago. "Yellow Vests" block fuel deposit in Frontignan on December 3, 2018 (image illustration). Three years ago, tens of thousands of protesters dressed in yellow vests had mobilized throughout France to demonstrate against an increase in fuel taxes. This November 17 marks the beginning of a movement that brought together, for months on the roundabouts and in the events, those called "yellow vests".

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