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A new memoir by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei honors his father's poetry and politics

  A new memoir by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei honors his father's poetry and politics Chinese political dissident and artist Ai Weiwei has published a new book called "1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows." He took the time to discuss with The World's Carol Hills what it was like growing up as the son of a dissident poet.Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei walks by his work "Life Cycle", a migrants' boat made of bamboo, during a press preview of his new exhibition "Rapture" in Lisbon, Portugal, June 3, 2021.

Wrapping gifts can be fun, but it gets tough when you're trying to wrap a ball or other circular objects. They don't have edges, so it's hard to know where to fold your paper without wrinkling it or making the present look awkward and How to Wrap a Round Gift . Download Article.

· 7 Genius Gift Wrapping Paper Trips And Tricks 1. Save those toilet paper rolls.. Take an empty cardboard toilet paper roll and cut it down one side so it becomes a 2. Check the packaging for the square footage.. · Gift Wrap Wrapper . We hate it when our perfectly adorable wrapping paper gets frayed, creased, or ripped at the edges while still on the roll. To prevent this, try this crafty trick : Cut a lengthwise slit in an empty wrapping paper tube, and wrap it around the roll of paper you’d like to protect.

The one can make it better, the others worse: the speech is packed by the gifts. Here comes an idea how to pack cylindrical gifts Beautiful

So packt man zylinderförmige Geschenke schön ein ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto So you pack cylindrical gifts beautifully an iStockphoto

Whether scented candles in the glass or gifts in a round can: Pack cylindrical gifts nicely, can be challenged. But do not worry! There is a simple method with which the problem can be released lightning fast and easy.

How it works

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The instructions for this we have discovered on an Instagram channel. And that's how it works:

initially measure sufficient wrapping paper - the object should be fully wrapped fully and to be available upwards and below. Now wrinkle the wrapping paper from the long side above and below once, so that an elongated rectangle is created. Then turn the paper 90 degrees so that the short side is in front of you and then hit the paper up, so it has a square shape. Then wrinkle this square again in the middle - in the end, the paper should be so directed so that they have the same big, narrow rectangles in front of them. The rectangles will then be cut there where the top of their gift is, with a scissors cut. Place the gift in the middle of the paper now, hit the paper on the bottom and wrap the object completely with paper. Fix the wrapping paper on the bottom with adhesive tape. Then it goes to the top: Take a narrow rectangle after another, fold it in the middle and hit it back to the outside of the gift, so that a triangle form arises. This repeat with all rectangles that overlap. At the end you do not even need sticking tape, as they simply fold the last rectangles and clamp the other rectangle under the paper and fix it.

Therefore, you should not throw wrapping paper in the paper tone

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