Entertainment Singing in Bercy with Ibrahim Maalouf: The nice Christmas gift of young people in the Great West

02:02  30 december  2021
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Ibrahim Maalouf en répétition avec 150 enfants des maîtrises du Grand Ouest. © West-France Ibrahim Maalouf in rehearsal with 150 children's masters of the Great West.

Repetitions with a mask, very rare concerts ... The sanitary crisis considerably disrupts the activities of children's choirs. The trumpet player, who occurs on Saturday at the Vendéspace with 150 masters of the Masters of the Great West, also invited them to participate in his Parisian concert on December 20.

not easy to sing with a mask, but they do it. With all their heart, and it gets along. On the scene of the Vendéspace, where they will occur on Saturday, December 4th in front of 2,500 people, the 150 Masters of the Masters of the Great West (1) enjoy their rehearsal with Ibrahim Maalouf , a week before the big day. Venus of Nantes , Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre ( Vendée ), but also from Brittany, the children watch the top departure of the trumpet player.

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"Choir leaders, you look at me? It's gone ... " What's Wonderful World Melody, driven by the voices of young singers, it's really Christmas before the time. In this wet-le-captive room, near La Roche-sur-Yon , where it occurred in 2019, Ibrahim Maalouf highlights how valuable the moment: "With COVID, we did not have The more the opportunity to meet, while it's so important, especially for musicians. Because it's the collective practice that makes us really love music.

Litché, Louis et Marthe chanteront samedi 4 décembre au Vendéspace mais également le 20 décembre à Bercy, au côté du trompettiste Ibrahim Maalouf. © West-France Liqué, Louis and Martha will sing Saturday, December 4 in Vendéssepace but also on December 20 in Bercy, alongside the trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf.

The musician has brought his daughter from Strasbourg, "so that she can enjoy like these young people with this sharing, meeting. When we find ourselves alone in his room to play, it's quickly sad. What we love is to share. For all these masters, which is beautiful, it is precisely the fact that they find themselves ... "

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" Sing with a mask, it's a little more tiring "

Director of the IMV, the musical institute of Vendée, Gervais Morillon explains: " It's true that it's a bit complicated for us right now. For this exceptional concert, since the children are vaccinated, we hope to make them sing without mask. On a daily basis, they adapt with a lot of good will for rehearsals, but it must be said, singing with a mask, it's a little more tiring.

Martha, 12, is a singer in IMV, the Musical Institute of Vendée. Sing with a mask? She sighs: "It's complicated, but we have no choice. The coming concert this Saturday gives him back to him: " is our first and it's amazing. Just watching all these seats, it's impressive. There will be many people !

Louis, 13, and litter, 12 years old, are also very impatient of this first contact with the public. The representation will not be the end of their collaboration with Ibrahim Maalouf. All smiles, the artist explains: "I found it so much a shame to be together for only a concert ... I offered them to come on stage in Bercy, for the concert of December 20 . It was not obvious to organize, but thanks to the managers of the masters who mobilize for these children, it will be able to be done and it is wonderful to say that we will be able to see again.

(1) These are the masters of the Musical Institute of Vendée, the PERVERIE (Nantes), the Cathedral of Nantes. Singers of the master's degree in Brittany are also associated. Note: The concert on Saturday, December 4 is complete.

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