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22:36  07 january  2022
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Despite the latest price fluctuations: Tom Lee Traut Bitcoin Exponential growth to

 Despite the latest price fluctuations: Tom Lee Traut Bitcoin Exponential growth to December was so far a blood-red month for Bitcoin investors. However, despite recent discounts, Tom Lee Bullish remains for the Cybercoin. © Provided by Finanzen.net Spencer Platt / Getty Images • Bitcoin with Weak Month December • Tom Lee Nevertheless, with further price rise • Investors should be invested After a very successful crypto shandel year 2021, the month of December proves as a stumbling block For cyberdeals such as Bitcoin & Co.

The descent for crypto feeds continues. Within a few days, the crypto market has lost massively value. How can this be explained?

For the Bitcoin, the first week of the new year starts everything but good: the course fell rapidly. On Friday morning, the Bitcoin notes much less than $ 42,000 - as deep as since September no longer. For comparison: In November 2021, the crypto currency was about $ 67,000, the previous record value.

not only the bitcoin has been on descent for months. The entire crypto market has always slipped into the minus since the weekend. Within days, more than 200 billion dollars were destroyed to stock market value, show data of the CoinmarketCap analysis platform. Meanwhile, the market capitalization of the entire crypto market is listed in under two trillion dollars.

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Gemini to Offer Services in Colombia Under Gov't Sponsored Program One of the largest crypto exchanges in the market, Gemini, has recently announced that it will start offering its services in Colombia through a special government-sponsored pilot program.

In the world of crypto currencies, strong price fluctuations are not uncommon. Hardly any asset class is so volatile. "The recent price decline is not normal consolidation," says Analyst Timo Emden from the RESEARCH INSTITUT EMDE RESEARCH. He leads the losses with Bitcoin and Co. on the logs published on Wednesday logs of the US Federal Reserve Fed.

This considered to raise interest rates faster than first planned to get the appealing inflation under control. The prospect of a more restrictive monetary policy burdenes the stock markets - especially tech titles - as well as crypto currencies. "Krypto investors have not priced a faster exit from the loose monetary policy - and reacted with sales," Emden's interest in the Bitcoin investors.

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 crypto currencies: can buy savings bank customers soon with one click bitcoins? The IT specialist of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe works on a wallet for crypto currencies, which should be usable via the payment app. However, it is still unclear how the individual institutes are on the push. © dpa savings banks could make customers cryptocaries easier in the future. The savings banks are not known as the driver of digitization. But now S-Payment, the mobile payment specialist of the savings bank group, a push that has it: has its own Krypto Wallet.

Krypto advocates see protection against inflation in Bitcoin and Co.. They look at him as a kind of digital gold. In fact, there are some parallels between the assets. The limited offer of the Bitcoins makes him interesting for many investors. Because the digital currency is limited to a total of just under 21 million coins, talk to her the status of a value store. However, the Bitcoin has hardly any inflation experience in his still young history. So if he is really a secure harbor for the money, remains questionable. In the current expansion phase, it turns out exactly as the opposite.

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Bitcoin course could continue to sink

Krypto investors should now continue to observe whether "the Fed succeeds in stopping inflation "Says Emden. Increasing interest in the interests should further burden the courses of the digital currencies.

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Your Journal Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Market Ask anyone what Cryptocurrency is, you will get tons of answers stating the popularity of Cryptocurrency. And recommendations to the top currencies to buy. Along with, well, a small proportion of people who still think Cryptocurrency is an illegal gambling house with masters making money out of their customers.

and again, analysts exit exorbitant courses forecast. Even a few weeks ago, analysts estimated the price target of Bitcoins to $ 100,000. Even the US large bank Goldman Sachs predicted a massive value for growth for the current year. However,

Krypto Expert Emden does not believe that the Bitcoin will achieve such spheres in the near future. "The latest reset confirms the downward trend of the past months," he says. Investors should set themselves that the bitcoin course could still fall on the $ 40,000 mark.

In uncertain times, investors generally at first remove money from risky systems - and that burdens crypto currencies. Another price decline to up to $ 30,000 but Emden keeps unlikely. Meanwhile, crypto currencies are established in the world of finance. Blockchain technology is asked in more and more areas and look after it is supportive.

Note: This post first appeared on 06.01.2022.

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