Entertainment "The Masked Dancer": All secrets revealed? These stars stuck under the costumes - here the complete list

20:46  12 january  2022
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chris marks (dance with stars): his completely crazy exchange with the doctor who diagnosed him with AIDS

 chris marks (dance with stars): his completely crazy exchange with the doctor who diagnosed him with AIDS the sword lighthouse of dance with the stars told the conversation he had with this doctor who thought that He had AIDS. © France 2 Chris Brands (dance with the stars): his completely crazy exchange with the doctor who diagnosed him with AIDS Monday 13 December, Chris Brands and his companion Jaclyn Smith were facing Faustine Bollaert in it starts today 'Hui on France 2.

is only sleeping again, then starts on Pro.7 the second episode of the first season of "The Masked Dancer". In the format, an offshoot of the success show "The Masked Singer", secret celebrities in XXL costumes, point on stage dance performances. A rate team and the viewers have to cudgle who hides under the masks.

  „The Masked Dancer“: Alle Geheimnisse enthüllt? DIESE Stars stecken unter den Kostümen – hier ist die komplette Liste © Provided by Berlin Kurier

In the net, meanwhile, since last week, who is the stars under the masks - and in the largest council group on Facebook you have quite clear ideas ...

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Dixie d'Amelio & Noah Beck: Has the Tikok couple separated?

 Dixie d'Amelio & Noah Beck: Has the Tikok couple separated? In the summer of 2020, the Tiktok Stars Dixie d'Amelio (20) and Noah Beck (20) and Noah Beck (20) finally publicly public. Previously, the rumor bed boomed weeks, the two being observed at step and kick. Noah Beck was only considered a good friend of Dixie. Finally, she had to process the separation of its then Boyfriend Griffin Johnson (22).

Already in the past seasons of "The Masked Singer" established a corresponding council group in the network thousands analyzed here the performances and the evidence, layers with their Guesses to the stars in the costumes usually properly. In the associated "Masked Dancer" group group is only 3000 rates rays active. But they also have clear assumptions.

In the costume of the sheep, either moderator Jörg Pilawa or TV star Kai plum should be stuck. In the RateTeam, the tendency went to Jörg Pilawa, because in the show the advisable celebrities were briefly heard the original voice of the star in the sheep. At the dancing monkey, who convinced the audience with a cool performance, most advice believe in the Youtube star Julien Bam or actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht.

OANA NECHITI & ERICH KLANN: Do you tell your baby's gender?

 OANA NECHITI & ERICH KLANN: Do you tell your baby's gender? mid-October shared the former " Let's Dance " stars Oana Nechiti (33) and Erich Klann (34) overjoyed with: Sohnemann Nikolas (9) If gets a sibling ! Whether Nikolas can look forward to a sister or a brother, the couple did not want to reveal so far. But now Erich could have given a decisive notice. © Instagram / Erichklann Erich Klann Your Browser Does Not Support This Video In his Instagram story, he soon took his fans with his fans on shopping tour.

in the figure "Maximum Power" could either dance coach Detlef D! Soost or musician Eloy de Jong stuck - but also the name of Evli Jared Hasselhoff has already fallen. And who is in "Zottel"? In the fantasy face with thousands of fringes, some presenter Rebecca suggest me. Exciting also the assumptions in the colored pencil: the dancer convinced in the first show with a glamorous medley, could be singer Oliver Petszokat (Oli P.), but some suggested "Nonsense Comedy Club" star Thomas Hermanns in costume.

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and who is the mouse? Here, many ex- "GNTM" winner Sara Nuru or singer Lena Meyer-Landrut. So far, it is only guesses, even if some hints would fit well with the stars. There are more evidence and appearances on Thursday at 20.15 clock on Pro.7.

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© Instagram / Therealhunzram Michelle Hunziker Michelle Hunziker (44) and Tomaso Trussardi (38) are freshly separated. The beautiful entertainer and the attractive fashion heritage appeared like the perfect dream couple. 2014 married the two magnificently in Tomasos Family Villa in Bergamo. There were two cute daughters: Sole (8) and Celeste (6). In all the ten years of their relationship, Michelle Hunziker and their Tomaso lived largely scandal-free.

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