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The Smelly farts is a series of accounting scandals that resulted in the insolvency of Wirecard , a German payment processor and financial services provider that was part of

Wirecard ’ s former boss has been arrested on suspicion of falsifying its accounts, after the German payments firm disclosed a US.1-billion financial hole and questioned whether trustees had actually held money on its behalf. He now stands accused of misrepresenting Wirecard ’ s accounts and of market manipulation by falsifying income from transactions with so-called third-party acquirers, the Munich prosecutor ’ s office said earlier. Two people familiar with the matter said state prosecutors were also considering issuing an arrest warrant for Jan Marsalek, a board member fired on Monday.

The Munich Manager is said to be washed together with the fleeting ex-wirecard boardman Jan Marsalk's funds and invited investors.

Der Zahlungsdienstleister war 2020 in die Insolvenz gerutscht. © DPA The payment service provider had slipped into insolvency in 2020.

The Munich prosecutor has raised in the financial scandal for the payment service provider Wirecard charges against a former close familiar of the fleeting ex-wirecard board Jan Marsalk . It raises the businessman V. 26 cases of intentional money laundering, the particularly serious fraud and violation of the accounting obligation.

It is the first indictment in complex to the former DAX Group slipped in the bankruptcy - if it does not concern the core of the billion-heavy fraud, which led to the collapse of Wirecard . First reported about the Süddeutsche Zeitung .

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German prosecutors said Wednesday they had rearrested former Wirecard Chief Executive Markus Braun and arrested two board members on suspicion of "commercial fraud.” Munich prosecutor Anne Leiding said the company' s chief financial officer and its former head of accounting were those newly Prosecutors have urged others who participated in the massive fraud to come forward in exchange for leniency should they be convicted. Merkel chancellery' s contacts with Wirecard under scrutiny. German Chancellor Angela Merkel' s office had repeated contact with representatives of the now insolvent

Munich prosecutors also decided against an immediate raid of Wirecard ’ s headquarters on June 18, the people said. After discussing the logistics with local police, they postponed this by two weeks due to a lack of resources. The premises were eventually raided on July 1. As well as the prosecutors in Munich, several other institutions face questions over errors of judgment in the Wirecard case. Wirecard ’ s auditor EY, Germany’ s financial regulator BaFin, financial reporting watchdog FREP and German auditor oversight body Apas, as well as anti -money laundering authority FIU, are all under

In the proceedings against V., this confused wirecard funds "should have transferred via investment in German start-up companies in the legal economic cycle. The whole thing should be passed through the company IMS Capital, in which V. worked in responsible position.

V. was therefore involved at the latest from 2019, "to delay assets from the Wirecard Group in the amount of more than € 22 million and to disguise the incriminated origin of the assets from the Wirecard Group based on an installed money laundering system," says the Public prosecutor.

with him behaved according to Marsalsek, the former Libyan intelligence chief O. and another business partner.

V. In this regard, a part of the wirecard-contaminated assets does not invest as agreed, but have used around eight million euros for private purposes, including its house construction and investments in its own investment firm. However, there are chatting curves that suggest that the uses of the funds were agreed with Marsalk. further chats also document that V. has broken a dive by the Wirecard Scandal and Marsalsks with the ex board. .

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Singapore prosecutors called the company’ s failed legal manoeuvre “an abuse of process” and questioned its willingness to co-operate with the probe. Wirecard has said on several occasions that the FT has relied on fabricated documents. At the same time it has sued the FT in German civil court, alleging misuse of company secrets and seeking damages. Germany’ s financial regulator appears to have been sympathetic, imposing an unprecedented ban on short selling bets against Wirecard for two months this year. Investors and regulators are left to consider a question of credibility.

Show articles. Currently reading: Wirecard : inside an accounting scandal . Wirecard ’ s suspect accounting practices revealed. Wirecard critics targeted in London spy operation. They called in Singapore-based Rajah & Tann, which sent in a team of former prosecutors . The job of his finance team was to oversee the figures put together by the various Wirecard companies in the region, then supply the accounts to head office .

The defender of V. wanted to comment on the contents of the indictment and only confirmed its entrance.

V. and Marsalk got to know each other more than 20 years ago and were not only interconnected business, but also met privately. Intern at Wirecard V. Somehem was considered the "narrow friend of Jan". He invested for Marsalk for years of money and rented a villa for Germany's most popular man in the Munich Prinzregentenstraße, which served as a retreat.

About the now also insolvent company IMS Capital he made for wealthy private individuals company investments, mostly in start-ups. Among other things, Capital was the largest shareholder of the online supermarket GetNow and also participated in a manufacturer of Corona rapid tests. One of the main investors at IMS should have been Marsalk, which could have contributed a higher double-digit million amount. Marsalk is also intended, although without the official role in IMS, have decisively determined what happens there with figures at

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The prosecutor ’ s office declined to comment, as did the court that would need to approve any arrest warrant. Former chief executive Markus Braun, who was arrested in Munich on Monday on suspicion of misrepresenting Wirecard ’ s accounts and of market manipulation, was released on Tuesday after posting Wirecard ’ s new CEO James Freis, a former financial investigator at the U. S . Treasury and compliance chief at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is holding crisis talks with a consortium of 15 banks led by Germany’ s Commerzbank. With Wirecard having failed to file audited financials, they could call

Wirecard ' s former boss has been arrested on suspicion of falsifying its accounts, after the German payments firm disclosed a .1 billion financial hole and questioned whether trustees had actually held money on its behalf. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz told Reuters on Tuesday that lawmakers should decide quickly how to tighten regulation following the Wirecard scandal , which had exposed lapses by both auditors and regulators. Bafin' s investigation into Wirecard ' s financial reporting is now complete, said a source familiar with the matter.

official financiers of IMS Capital were two Turkish companies controlled by O.. O. should be heard in the possible process against V. as a witness.

The public prosecutor sees escape danger from V. According to Handelsblatt Information, and wanted to put a currently exposed arrest warrant against him again. The Higher Regional Court Munich dismissed the application but apparently.

In the main complex by the billions-heavy fraud scandal at Wirecard, the prosecutors of Munich I are currently working under high pressure at an charges against the former board leader Markus Braun. This should be charged in the first quarter of 2021.

More: Wirecard and Marsalk: New tracks lead to Turkey.

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