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Calendar Netflix: New outlets Thursday, December 23

 Calendar Netflix: New outlets Thursday, December 23 France © Netflix Netflix Calendar: news outlets Thursday, December 23 Movies, series, documentaries ... What are the new content that Netflix offers two days of Christmas? Here's what awaits for Thursday, December 23. In patiently waiting Santa, Netflix has few surprises. To win the heart of millions of subscribers, the platform continues to unveil new products, be it movies, documentaries or animated series.

ten months after the broadcast of the second season, the Snowpiercer series is about to make its big return on Netflix in January . Check out all the info about the next season.

Created by Josh Friedman and Graeme Manson, the series SnowPiercer is an adaptation of the SnowPiercer film, the transpercenige of the director Bong Joon-Ho . Launched drum flying in 2020, she follows survivors who found refuge on a train in perpetual movement. Composed of 1001 wagons, he goes around the world at full speed. On board this gear, the war of classes and social injustices reign. But when a body is found emasculated in the third class of the train, the former police officer Andre Layton is responsible for investigating what happened. Broadcast on TNT in the United States and Netflix , the series is a real audience success. Before the imminent dissemination of the third season, a fourth season has already been ordered . But in the meantime, discover what it might happen soon.

Cobra Kai (Netflix): Will there be a season 5?

 Cobra Kai (Netflix): Will there be a season 5? © Netflix Cobra Kai (Netflix): Will there be a season 5? at the dawn of the exit of Cobra Kai Season 4 on Netflix, the fans of the series already want to know if there will be a season 5. Check out the answer! As early as December 31 on Netflix , it will be possible to discover the new episodes of Cobra Kai . The new season will resume following the events in the final episode of the third season.

SnowPiercer , Season 3 - Release Date

The next season will start on January 24, 2022 on TNT in the United States. The episode will be broadcast the next day on January 25, on Netflix. While the third season is approaching, a fourth season has already been confirmed by the US network TNT. " SnowPiercer has been an incredibly successful series for us, which continues to captivate the imagination of viewers, increase the hearing and maintain good listening odds," said Sam Linsky and Adrienne O'RIAIN , Co-responsible for the original programming for TNT, before continuing: " All our seasons embark on an emotional and unexpected adventure and the well-drawn intrigues will continue to evolve and remain relevant to the public. We are delighted to continue driving the train until the season four ".

Netflix: The news of the week from 7 to 13 January

 Netflix: The news of the week from 7 to 13 January © Sergei Bachlakov / Netflix © 2021 Netflix: The news of the week from 7 to 13 January What's new this week on the SVOD platform? Movies, series, documentaries ... Télé-leisure tells you all. Oyé Oyé is the new year! Also let us first of all, wish you our best wishes for the next twelve months. And 2022 start on the wheeled hats on the Netflix side.

SnowPiercer , Season 3 - Casting The Actors

Jennifer Connelly (Melanie), Daveed Diggs (Andre Layton), Sean Bean (Joseph Wilford), Rowan Blanchard (Alexandra Cavill), Alison Wright (Ruth Wardell), Mickey Sumner (Bess Till), Iddo Goldberg (Bennett Knox), Katie McGuiness (Josie Wellstead), Lena Hall (Miss Audrey), Annalise Basso (Lilah Folger Jr), Steven Ogg (Pike), Sam Otto (John Osweiler) and Sheila Vand (Zarah Ferami) will come back for the third season. On the other hand, not sure that Roberto Urbina (Javi) returns. His character was mutilated to death. For this new season, the cast is expanding with the arrival of Archie Panjabi , ex-star of the The Good Wife series.

SnowPiercer , Season 3 - Intrigues The second season ended with Layton and Ruth plotting to resume the train. With the help of Javier and Alexandra, they managed to return to snowpiercer. Now in charge of a train, consisting of ten cars, Layton rushes to a meteorological station to find Melanie. "

Located over seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland," snowpiercer "focuses on the remains of humanity, which live in a train in perpetual motion that goes around the world. Class war, social injustice and survival policy are played in this captivating television adaptation based on the famous series of films and graphic novels of the same name. Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean), the creator of Snowpiercer, appears in the two season, ready to resume the train stolen, creating a new struggle for power. This causes a hazardous break as passengers are divided between their loyalty to the Revolutionary Layton (Daveed Diggs) and to Mr. Wilford, who has a new train, a new technology and a game plan that leaves everyone guess. While Layton fight Wilford for the soul of snowpiercer ", can we read the official synopsis of the season.

Sandra Bullock says she'd be 'out in the cow pasture' 'if it wasn't for Netflix'

  Sandra Bullock says she'd be 'out in the cow pasture' 'if it wasn't for Netflix' Bullock praised Netflix for hiring actors her age and being "good to artists" in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Bullock said she'd be "out in the cow pasture" "if it wasn't for Netflix." Bullock added that the streaming platform "brings people together" with foreign hits like "Squid Game." Sandra Bullock told The Hollywood Reporter that she would be "out in the cow pasture" if Netflix didn't give roles to women of her age. Bullock recently starred in "The Unforgiveable," a drama film about an ex-con (Bullock) trying to re-enter society when the world doesn't forgive her for her crimes.

SnowPiercer , Season 3 - Turning The production started in March 2021 to end in July of the same year. Unlike the second season,

the sanitary crisis did not interrupted the turning .

SnowPiercer , Season 3 - Number of episodes The third season will be composed of ten episodes, broadcast each week from January 25 to March 29 on Netflix, at a time of an episode per week.

SnowPiercer , Season 3 - Teasers, advertisements On January 3, 2022, the TNT channel finally unveiled the official trailer of snowpiercer to give a little glimpse of what it awaits us.

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New to Netflix: The series one of the best sci-fi movies of all time is finally continues .
with 4.5 out of 5 stars in the. Belongs to the end time dystopia " Snowpiercer " from "Parasite" director Bong Joon Ho for us to the best.-Films of all time (and the next update also logs on our corresponding Genre Bestist ). Bong Joon Ho connects end-time drama, action movie and gloomy society to an equally intelligent as an entertaining masterpiece.

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