Entertainment norbert tarayre (top chef) victim of a pneumothorax: her incredible reaction from her family thinking he was going to die

22:35  14 january  2022
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during an interview with the leisure magazine to appear on Monday 17 January on newsstands, Norbert Tarayre, former top chief candidate, came back on this pneumothorax of which he was a victim. A health problem that worried a lot of his family.

Norbert Tarayre (Top Chef) victime d’un pneumothorax : son incroyable réaction auprès de sa famille pensant qu’il allait mourir © Gwendoline The GOFF / PANORAMIC / STARFACE Norbert Tarayre (Top Chef) Victim of a pneumothorax: its incredible reaction to his family thinking he was going to die

the electric battery emptied the batteries. Indeed, Norbert Tarayre is known for the fact that he never holds in place, who always has a smile and cooking excellent dishes. But a few months ago, the former candidate of Chef had a difficult moment and was afraid of being no longer part of this world. Victim of a pneumothorax last May, the chef saw his life parade and even granted his last wishes to his wife and children.

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It is returned to this event in the recreation columns to appear on kiosks on January 17th. "I made a pneumothorax. The lung tab fucked the camp, 6 centimeters took off. It's like you felt something moving in your body. I thought it was a cardiac arrest" , he informs before evoking the tragic moment: "I played it to the American, to do my goodbye to my children. I spun the codes of the blue cards and the passwords To my companion abi. She started crying because she did not care about my fric ". In the end, and fortunately, Norbert escaped. But doctors had to take care of him for several weeks so that he can get out unscathed.

"I was told that I was going to make me a hole in the ribs. I told the doctor that if we touched my body, I stubborn it. So we did not make a hole in the ribs . I stayed slammed three weeks and the lung was recollated ", he continued before making sure that now, everything seemed to go: " It does not move anymore. I am a buffalo ". But this complicated period has even forced it to "calm" in everyday life and review its plans. "I could not continue television, theater, children, restaurants and consulting contracts. It hurts my heart, because I love the theater, but I had to stop" , "he regrets before concluding: " I will already devote myself to my children, my family and my little projects, selfishly. I'm lucky, I have a companion that follows me. But we will do Attention, this-time, not to be too absent ".

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