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11:15  15 january  2022
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He founded the "Team Caution" in the pandemic, but now Bayern's prime minister wants to change his hard coronacurs - and plans to relax loosening.

  Markus Söder kündigt Kurswechsel in Corona-Politik an © Daniel Karmann / Picture Alliance / dpa

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder , otherwise advocates particularly strict corona measures, apparently plans a change of course. He wanted to pursue a "wider approach" in the Corona Policy , because the company expects politics more than ever new regulations, he said the " Münchner Merkur ". It would no longer be enough to look at the situation only medical and virologically. We also need to pay more attention to the social and social component. "And added:" I've been thinking about the turn of the year. "He had" deep teachings "from the past two years."

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The company is not split into two equal parts, but she was shared. There is "a small group of lateral thinkers with very abstruse arguments, a large group of very cautious people«. But there is also another group to seek stronger efforts, the CSU chief said: "People who simply unsettle and fail. We have to talk to you again. Because not everyone who is skeptical is a coroneal deepness, conspiracy theorist or right-wing radical. "

Listening to the first step to heal. He wanted to seek the conversation with the critics. "We have to realize that society expects more from us than just adopt new regulations every day. In the future, we have to justify what we do. "

Inserts as a way" Out of this coronal loop "

He wool" Team Caution "and" Team eye size "bring together. However, against the right-wing radical scene, which attempts to destabilize democracy, one must continue hard. "Hatz and Hatze need to fight".

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Söder also holds on a general vaccination requirement. They do not just hang together with the new Coronavianity of Omikron. All future mutations should also be overcome to "get out of this coronal loop", "and finally more freedom to have. Free and carefree from Corona to live, only go over the vaccination. The duty is therefore better »as a permanent hundreds of individual rules and regulations in all areas of life."

At the next Prime Minister Conference on January 24, they should be considered to reintroduce the rules and, for example, to talk to the Bundesliga about it again spectators in the stadiums.

for Bavaria announced Söder to allow in the medium term again to occupy every second place in cultural events. A lockdown should only give it from a far higher incidence than 1000. The assignments should play a role in the intensive care stations.

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