Entertainment Valérie Damidot: what are its relationships with her two children?

13:45  18 january  2022
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Valérie Exalted Pécresse in Lille, it may be a detail for you ...

 Valérie Exalted Pécresse in Lille, it may be a detail for you ... But not for Marc Beaugue. At a public meeting in Lille, the LR candidate at the Elysee chained the gestures and the shock phrases. dynamic frame It is heard from here. It is imagined, in any case. "Hello LillllllLLEeee! Or, perhaps, "how are you, liiiiiiil? December 10, Valérie Pécresse continued his post-primary triumphal tour LR in the North.

Valérie Damidot : quelles sont ses relations avec ses deux enfants ? © CYRIL MOREAU / BESTIMAGE Valérie Damidot: what are its relationships with her two children? Valérie Damidot will count on the presence of her two children to celebrate as it should be his 56 years, Tuesday, January 18, 2022. Accomplice and fusion, the bubbly host has a special relationship with Roxane and Norman.

This Tuesday, January 18 is a day of celebration for Valérie Damidot. The most sparkling breath interior decorators today its 56th candle. For this special occasion, the former host M6 Deco will be filled with gifts and love from both children. Always smiling and dapper on camera, Valérie Damidot the is definitely his son Norman (26 years) and her daughter Roxane (28) . Although very discreet about his private life, the actress can be very talkative and touching citing his son and daughter . "We are a family highly symbiotic. So when one of the family members was a project dear to his heart, we're all behind him. I am proud to have children like that , and I'm sure they are proud of their mom, "she confided to our fellow Disney Co in 2014.

Children are hospitalized with Covid at record numbers in the U.S.

  Children are hospitalized with Covid at record numbers in the U.S. Covid warning symptoms in children: The number of children hospitalized with Covid and omicron variant is soaring nationwide.According to an NBC News analysis, at least nine states have reported record numbers of Covid-related pediatric hospitalizations: Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as Washington, D.C.

Very close and accomplice with her two children, Valérie Damidot has some difficulties to see them grow . In an interview with Gala, Thursday, May 13, 2021, companion Regis Viogeat is back on the difficult start of his eldest daughter family cocoon. "It was weird. I needed to redo very quickly decoration of his room, I felt it was abandoned. After things are set up," she said. His two offspring having taken off, former participant of Dancing with the Stars raved enough about adults that have become his children . Very proud of her son, Valérie Damidot is as much of his great daughter . "She never gives the case. It's like that, since she was little. She goes to the end of things, even if it has scared," she acknowledged with admiration Gala.

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"Happy New Year": Valérie Pécresse ensures that GIMS is "sorry" to have created a controversy

 © Figaro Live controversy around Gims: "These remarks, that's all I fight", Regrette Valérie Pécresse A simple Instagram video posted on Saturday, January 1 by Master Gims, and at the end, a political controversy. In this " Story ", the leader of the assault sexion requested his nearly 3 million followers to stop with " the" Happy New Year "," New Year "". " Leave me, you know that I never answered that, and you continue to send me until January, February ," he begged.

is love, these two children from his first marriage make him perfectly. When she was invited to the microphone of the show Culture Media, broadcast on Europe 1 Thursday, August 27, 2020, Valérie Damidot was surprised by tender message from his youngest . " I want to tell you that I love you, because it is important . And also I'm really proud to do this play with you (Gwendoline, ed.) I think it's wonderful" . If she tried to hide his emotions, 's mother family has been touched in the heart by tender words of his son Norman . A love that is certainly all the best gifts in the world for Valérie Damidot.

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The Kärcher group asks Valérie Pécresse to no longer use his name

 The Kärcher group asks Valérie Pécresse to no longer use his name © SIPA The Kärcher group asked Tuesday in Valérie Pécresse the "immediate use of all use of his mark". Last week, the LR candidate announced his intention to "come out of the Kärcher of the cellar" to "clean the neighborhoods". It is a symbolic term of the Sarkozy years that has been put back on the front of the stage by Valérie Pécresse.

Valérie Damidot: who are his children Roxanne and Norman? The

sense of creativity is a family affair. If Valérie Damidot no shortage of ideas for decoration, her children were just as innovative in other areas . At 28, Roxane leads a brilliant illustrator career. A profession that dreamed of exercising his grandfather. "I did children's books including Agathe Lecaron, worked for Jean-François Traps ...", she said during an interview with Gala. In parallel, the young woman has launched a brand Jnapleg clothing.

Meanwhile, Norman rather the direction of show. If he wanted was embarking on a career in journalism, the youngest of the family was finally headed to the scene. Known as Apache stage name he released his first rap in 2016 on the YouTube platform. An artist at heart, Norman also follows the drama lessons at the Cours Florent. A course that allows him to land roles theater, notably in the room Gwendoline (2020) where he played opposite her mother.

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Presidential 2022: Valérie Pécresse proposes to tax the estate up to 200,000 euros .
The candidate of Republicans wants to delete the rights of inheritance "for 95% of the French". © provided by FRANCINFO a boost for the heirs. Valérie Pécresse, the Republican candidate in the presidential election, proposes whether she is elected to exempt taxes the estate up to 200,000 euros per child, she details in an interview at Figaro published on Sunday 23 January. "I suppress the duties for 95% of French", assures Valérie Pécresse.

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