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12:35  20 january  2022
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Four environmental fights to watch in 2022

  Four environmental fights to watch in 2022 With Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) dashing Democratic hopes for major climate change and environmental legislation, pressure is increasing on the Biden administration to take significant regulatory action. The administration was already poised to impose stricter environmental rules, and has made progress reversing a number of Trump-era environmental rollbacks. But, with the apparent end of the climate and social spending bill, these regulations will carry even greater weight as the administration seeks to live up to its climate commitments.And they're sure to be closely watched by potential critics on both sides of the aisle.

against the attacks which aim to undermine the European construction carried by the illiberal regimes and those who defend the primacy of French law, Emmanuel Macron multiplies the proposals, but It often lacks allies.

Editorial of the "World". At eighty days of the French presidential deadline, the European Parliament has despite himself, despite himself, Wednesday, January 19, theater with a Franco-French electoral joy. Several deputies, at the forefront of which Green Yannick Jadot and the RN Jordan Bardella, fell the President of the Republic, who came to defend in Strasbourg the priorities of the French Presidency of the European Union. The show shocked the other MEPs, but revealed how much the two subjects - France and Europe - will be inextricably linked in the countryside.

Opinion | A Lawless Coup Isn’t the Real Threat to Democracy

  Opinion | A Lawless Coup Isn’t the Real Threat to Democracy Republicans are moving rapidly to cement minority rule — and the Constitution is to blame.In the past year, the Republicans have used their control over state governments to gerrymander congressional districts in their favor, all but ensuring a GOP majority in the House in 2022. They have made it harder for citizens, disproportionately of color, to vote. They have made it easier for Republican officials to sabotage the administration and outcome of elections. Many fear that Donald Trump and his thugs could overturn the results of a free and fair election in 2024, as they failed to do in 2020.

A Strasbourg, Macron brings together the French presidential campaign to the European Parliament

ELU President in 2017 by posting a strong European belief, Mr. Macron wants to capitalize on this acquis. Five years marked by the health crisis, the climate urgency and the rise of international tensions have demonstrated, beyond the games, that Europe was the right level to protect themselves from a dangerous world. From the revival plan to immunization policy, the EU has overcome its divisions, to be reactive and support Member States.

But during the same period, marked by the American decline, the rise of China and the aggressiveness of Russia, its vulnerabilities, particularly in terms of defense, proved to be revealed. By evoking "the return of tragic", emphasizing again on the construction of a "European sovereignty", Emmanuel Macron broke up with his optimism of five years ago. Its Europhilie is in the diapason of the concern of the French.

Eric Zemmour wants to delete the SRU law, on the quotas of social housing

 Eric Zemmour wants to delete the SRU law, on the quotas of social housing © Europe 1 guest on Europe morning Thursday, the presidential election candidate Eric Zemmour returned to his proposal to delete the law SRU on solidarity and urban renewal. He felt that she nourished immigration who touches herself all France, even rural. Guest of Special Device Presidential Election Thursday on Europe Morning, Eric Zemmour returned to its proposal to delete the SRU law relating to solidarity and urban renewal.

Total turnaround

His opponents, too, have evolved. He is no longer a one to argue the exit of the euro or question the treaties. Since the inflammate debates around the Maastricht Treaty, in 1992, it is a total turnaround, a point marked by the EU, which has changed its policies where Brexit plays for the moment as a repulse.

Why the exit of the euro is no longer a political slogan

the battle is not won. It is played more insidiously around the rule of law, "our treasure", that Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and part of the right seek to call into question by defending the primacy of French law on European law, especially in immigration, become the big fixing abscess. This is where the fears who nourishes populism, there is the fracture in the Union between liberal democracies and illiberal regimes like Hungary.

Emmanuel Macron took note of this offensive that aims to undermine the interior European construction, but it does not have all weapons to reduce it. If he is at the forefront of the fight for the defense of liberal democracy, if he now proposes to integrate the right to abortion and the protection of the environment in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, It does not advocate the dialogue with Viktor Orban.

What to watch for as the Supreme Court reviews challenges to Biden's federal vaccine mandates on Friday

  What to watch for as the Supreme Court reviews challenges to Biden's federal vaccine mandates on Friday The Supreme Court on Friday is set to review emergency challenges to two federal vaccine mandates announced by the Biden administration last year. The first measure being considered is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandate targeting private companies with more than 100 workers that requires employees to be vaccinated or tested regularly and wear masks. The second measure is a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services vaccine mandate that requires inoculations for all healthcare workers employed by operations that receive specific federal funding.

Emmanuel Macron wants to register the right to abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

A common asylum and immigration policy would reduce tensions, but the advanced French presidency are limited . It is the Achilles' heel of the French president: he has a great ambition, keeps new proposals on the table, but often lacks allies to make them realize them.

These are these allies who have been lacking to support his failed dialogue initiative with Russia in 2019. In the current highly tense context on Ukraine, Mr Macron rebuks an attempt: to develop "between Europeans and with NATO" Proposals for de-escalation and submit them to negotiation with Moscow. A too vague proposal that will probably face the reluctance of the most Atlantist allies

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