Entertainment nearly 175 million euros of aid paid "unduly" to companies related to COVID

03:51  22 january  2022
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China’s year of crackdowns: Party first, business second

  China’s year of crackdowns: Party first, business second Beijing’s crackdown on real estate, tech and education has shown it dictates the terms to private businesses.Beijing’s tightening grip on the economy came as officials stressed the importance of prioritising “high-quality” growth that benefits the general population over maximising gross domestic product.

The Belgian State intends to recover €420 million of unduly paid Covid -19 aid , La Libre Belgique reported on Thursday. The electronic Council of Ministers endorsed the budget notifications a week after the agreement reached on the federal budget. Those notifications show that fifty inspectors will be hired to carry out additional checks on the misuse of Covid -19 support measures. Five inspectors will be dedicated to the “self-employed” scheme and 45 to the “employed” scheme in terms of tracking down wrongfully paid out aid .

Nearly 23,000 “probably undue” payments to companies that have appealed to the solidarity fund have been identified by the Ministry of the Economy, for a total amount of 30 million euros , he said on Tuesday. This control and verification process has already enabled the State to recover 3 million euros of unduly paid aid . The government wants "to fight against all fraud so that a euro spent is a euro useful to the economy and not to fraudsters", underlined the cabinet of Olivier Dussopt.

nearly 175 million euros of companies have been paid "unduly" as part of the supporting devices created In response to the Pandemic of Covid-19, the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt said.

  Près de 175 millions d'euros d'aides versées «indûment» aux entreprises en lien avec le Covid © Eliot Blondet / abacapress.com

Nearly 175 million euros of companies have been paid "unduly" as part of the supporting devices created in response to the Pandemic of Covid-19, said the Minister of Public accounts Olivier Dussopt. "The control operation launched in 2020 led us to detect 8,000 files that can be fraudulent to our eyes," he details in an interview published Thursday night on the "Le Parisien" newspaper website.

Sale of emission rights brings 12.5 billion euros

 Sale of emission rights brings 12.5 billion euros The sale of emission rights for the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has given the state in the past 12.5 billion euros last year and thus a record. © Patrick Pleul / DPA Central Image / DPA The sale of CO2 emission rights has brought revenue to the State last year in the amount of 12.5 billion euros. main reason is the first sale of national emission rights (CO2 levy), which alone - as expected - caused 7.2 billion euros.

President within 30 days of the date of this memorandum recommendations on how the United States can: (1) exercise leadership at the WHO and work with partners to lead and reinvigorate the international COVID -19 response; (2) participate in international efforts to advance global health (i) The Secretary of State and the Secretary of HHS shall inform the WHO and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, of the United States’ intent to support the Access to COVID -19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator and join the multilateral vaccine distribution facility, known as the COVID -19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX)

Additionally, during the public health emergency related to COVID -19 declared under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act), section 3202(b) of the CARES Act and implementing regulations at 45 CFR Part 182 require providers of diagnostic tests for COVID -19 to make public the In issuing FAQs Part 43, the Departments noted that, as of the date of publication of that document, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had not yet authorized any COVID -19 diagnostic tests to be completely used and processed at home.9 However, since June 2020, when FAQs Part 43 were issued, the FDA has

"This represents 174.2 million euros unduly paid since the beginning of the crisis," adds the minister.

Between March and September 2020, the Court of Auditors had evaluated fraud at only solidarity fund (one of the supporting devices) at an amount of between 20 and 100 million euros. "In total, we have already filed 2,500 complaints with justice," detailed Olivier Dussopt in his interview in Paris.

The amount of fraud is relatively low compared to the overall cost of support devices

"The data we must take with caution, but we consider having recovered in 2021 more than 100 million euros from Indus under the solidarity fund, regardless of the year of completion of the control ". The amount of fraud is relatively small compared to the overall cost of the supporting devices set up by the State. "The emergency aid paid since the beginning of the crisis account for about 40 billion euros for the solidarity fund and nearly € 36 billion for partial activity," said Olivier Dussopt.

The Hierarchy of FC Bayern

 The Hierarchy of FC Bayern Kingsley Coman moves financially on a new level with his contract extension at the record champion. Who he has overtaken, who is still in front of him? The overview. © Provided by Sport1.de The Salaries Hierarchy of FC Bayern Kingsley Coman has arrived at the top salary class of FC Bayern Munich - almost in the most. The contract renewal of the winning the winner in the Champions League final 2020 was officially announced this Wednesday.

The Ministry of the Economy has thus identified 23,000 payments “probably undue» To companies that have appealed to the solidarity fund, for an amount of 30 million euros . The checks have already made it possible to recover 3 million euros of unduly paid aid . The solidarity fund helps businesses of all sizes who request it. Several times revised – the last change dating from last Friday with an aid to shopping centers forced to lower the curtains and to mountain businesses – this fund can benefit from aid of up to 10,000 euros or 20% of the turnover. business 2019 within the limit of 200,000 euros per

The lack of data further stymies efforts to ensure an equitable response to a pandemic that continues to unduly burden communities of color. But race and ethnicity information was missing for about 48 percent of people who received at least one dose of the vaccine, though the data on gender and age was nearly complete. “We must address these insufficient data points as an urgent priority,” Marcella Nunez-Smith, chair of President Biden’s covid -19 equity task force, said Monday during an administration coronavirus news briefing.

"I will maintain all sectoral aid as long as the health restrictions will be maintained," said Friday morning the Minister of Economy Bruno the Mayor on Public Senate. The government announced Thursday evening the lifting, in February, most of the restrictions taken to curb the epidemic.

mid-February are expected in particular the reopening of the clubs , the resumption of the concerts standing and the authorization of consumption in stages, cinemas, transport and standing in the bars.

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Paris has not lost its most expensive capital title in southern Europe. According to an study made by the Independent Casafari Cross-Border Real Estate Network, the price of real estate is higher than in Rome, Madrid and Lisbon. "In the fourth quarter 2021, a two-piece Paris apartment was posted on average at 437.650 euros, for a price for the m² of 11,760 € and sold in 2 months and a half.

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