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15:35  24 january  2022
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These 3 issues will clobber Democrats in 2022

  These 3 issues will clobber Democrats in 2022 Democrats have not just paved a pathway for a Republican sweep; they have provided a superhighway. President Biden is also hurting his party as he is increasingly viewed as unable to perform the duties of his office and is suffering withering polls. He is a millstone around the necks of Democratic candidates, especially those running in toss-up districts.Nine months is a long time in politics; things could change. But if the elections were held today, Democrats would indeed be clobbered.Liz Peek is a former partner of major bracket Wall Street firm Wertheim & Company. Follow her on Twitter @lizpeek.

no matter which table, heading or collection you also see, the men's team of JSG Erft 01 is in all matters the measure of all things. It is by no means exaggerated if you use the vocabulary "perfect" in connection with the year 2021 of the Kreisliga B-Ligist. The autumn master took the full score, shot 41 goals and just took two goals. In the scorer list of the Kreisliga B, nine of the ten best players carry the ERFT-01 jersey.

Der größte Coup misslang gegen Erftstadt: Beinahe hätte es die JSG Erft 01 in den Mittelrheinpokal geschafft. © Tom Steinicke The biggest coup failed against Erftstadt: Almost it would have made the JSG Erft 01 in the Middle Rhine Cup.

A very special sports year for the average 19.6 years old gentlemen of the JSG also finds coach Stephan Reimer: "There is no second team that is so successful and at the same time so camouflage. The boys play from friendship despite many lucrative offers of financial strength together. "

Jan. 6 anniversary points to bigger fights ahead for democracy: ANALYSIS

  Jan. 6 anniversary points to bigger fights ahead for democracy: ANALYSIS The Jan. 6 anniversary points to bigger fights ahead for democracy: ANALYSIS Donald Trump’s presidency seemed to be fizzling in almost “poetically perfect” fashion, Kaine would later say, with Trump’s followers engaged in a horrific assault on democracy that might expose the movement for what Kaine and many others long believed it to be.

All this can be explained with the many years of composite of the successful 2002 year. Four players of the senior team, which had launched last year in the A-youth district league and for the seniors, have played together since the Bambini. The result is an incomparable community in addition to the place: "There is no group formation for us. We are a family, and the guys are like sons for me. "

So it was no problem for the juniors, after the surprising departure of Reimer predecessor Torsten Tef's addition to playing every Sunday in the district league B. Partly for the troupe in English weeks in the way of the pandemic already scarce schedule four times a week a mandatory game. "Of course that was a tremendous stress, also mental," allows the JSG coach to review the time.

Camille Lacourt shares photos of his "journey" Family

 Camille Lacourt shares photos of his Camille Lacourt has published some pictures of his family on his Instagram account. © SIPA This Monday, January 2, Camille Lacourt offered his subscribers a glimpse of his holiday return with his small recomposed family. The former swimming champion has published on his Instagram account a panel of photos on which Jazz appear - his older daughter born of his relationship with Valérie Bègue - Alice Detollenaere, his companion, and Marius, their first child.

The 53-year-old was the proud to create it in 2020 with louder 18-year-olds to the semi-final of the cycle cup. The JSG was credited from the second round with the VfB Blessem and the SV Womenberg a higher-class club from the other from the competition. The highlight was the success of the great favorite and defending champion TuS Zülpich, which was beaten after extension 2: 1. In the end, only the lot prevented participation in the Middle Rhine Cup.

that higher-class clubs are high-loss and wagging with "thick envelopes" with "thick envelopes" is not a big surprise. It is important to the coach, however, that the success of the team is based on the collective and no one player is greater than the team.

If someone is going, the club has a clear philosophy: "We put on the youth and values ​​that do not buy it for money. If someone leaves us, the next youth player is already waiting for his chance. "That was not always like that. For years there was no connection between the seniors and the youth. However, the JSG has succeeded that the youth players also have a perspective in the senior sector and want to become part of the family. Re-pointed to the goals Stephan Reimer distinguishes: "We want to have fun. For me, the ascent does not matter, because I would even train with a descent. "

Democrats torn over pushing stolen-election narrative .
Senate Democrats say they share President Biden's concern that the results of the 2022 midterm elections may not be legitimate because of restrictive voting laws passed by GOP-controlled state legislatures and the empowerment of state-level officials allied with former President Trump. But the senators are torn over how hard to push a stolen-election narrative ahead of the November election in which Republicans are expected to make big gains in Congress.

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