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18:30  06 august  2022
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Quito - Ecuador has reported another success in the fight for species protection on the Galápagos Islands.

Der Galápagos-Landleguan - im Deutschen auch Drusenkopf genannt - ist ein einzigartiges Schuppenkriechtier, das nur auf dem Archipel im östlichen Pazifischen Ozean vorkommt. © provided by Tag24 The Galápagos -Landeguan - also called Druskopf - is a unique scale crawl animal that only occurs on the archipelago in the eastern Pacific ocean.

The landleguane, which had died on one of the islands more than a century ago, continued to plant naturally after their resettlement there, the Ministry of Environment said. The director of the Galápagos National Park, Danny Rueda, spoke of a "great performance" of the Tier protection programs. According to the Ministry of the Environment,

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had reported a US research mission at the beginning of the 20th century that there was no more Galápagos-Landeguane (Drusköpfs, Conolophus subcristatus) on the island of Santiago.

The British natural scientist Charles Darwin had reported in 1835 in his famous research from numerous land legues on Santiago. In 2019, the National Park administration brought more than 3000 Leguane from a nearby island to Santiago to restore the ecosystem there.

"187 years after Darwin we see a healthy population of land leguans with adults, young animals and newborns," said Rueda. This success confirms the hope of being able to save the local species by resettling.

Blick von der Galápagos-Insel Bartolomé auf die berühmte Felsennadel © provided by Tag24 Blick from the Galápagos Island Bartolomé on the famous "Pinnacle Rock" rock needle at San Cristóbal.

The Galápagos Islands have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978 because of their unique biodiversity . The island group, which is located a thousand kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, houses the largest number of endemic species worldwide - that is, species that only occur there.

she became famous by Darwin, who also founded his theory of evolution on his observations on the Galápagos Islands.

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